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Have you heard of facial oxygenation? The Geneo Personal Oxygenation Face Kit is on Indiegogo and people are going crazy over it! If you have ever had the facial you will know how amazing it is for your skin. Oxygenation is a scientific breakthrough. Here is a little bit more about it from the main site –

We say that Geneo Personal is REAL oxygenation because it is. Our TrueO2™ method utilizes something called the Bohr Effect, a known biological process. It’s a process of using CO2, which in turn stimulates a release of oxygen from your blood cells up to your skin’s surface. This physiological response is what makes your facial skin REALLY level up. AKA REAL oxygenation. Indiegogo


The Bohr Effect: Carbon dioxide causes oxygen to react and enrich the surface from within. Cool eh? Skincare science is amazing! The super cool thing about the Geneo Personal Oxygenation Face Kit on Kickstarter is that instead of having to spend a fortune on the facial at a beauticians, you can do this yourself in the comfort of your own home.

You only need to do the facial once a week and get this – it only takes 6 minutes! That is so convenient. 

Here is is a pic of the slick design and pastel colours. It is compact and handheld so you can bring it with you when you travel too.

Geneo personal facial oxygenation devices

Geneo Personal Oxygenation Face Kit includes the Geneo personal device, brush and supplies for 3 months (weekly treatments). 12 gel packs, 12 oxygenation packs and 3 face creams.

$169 (around 149 EUR) which is 43% Less than the standard RRP once released on the open market. Ships worldwide (Free shipping USA)

Perk also includes:
Geneo Personal Cleaning Brush, 3x Month Kit.
If you want to purchase one of the deals, here is a breakdown of the costs for the various Early Bird offers for the Geneo Personal Oxygenation Face Kit on Indiegogo – DEALS

$133,057 USD has already been raised by 404 backers (About €117,360 EUR) – That is 532% of the original $25,000 flexible goal so it is extremely popular. 

Here is an ad for the new product – which comes with a charge pod so no need for batteries.

Geneo Personal device ad


Step 1 is to exfoliate the skin and prep it for the oxygenation process.



Step 2 – REAL oxygenation releases oxygen stored in your face’s blood cells directly into your skin.
(based on a clinically proven technology from Pollogen’s professional devices).



Step 3 is the aftercare. Continue using your skincare products through the week as usual.

It will be able to absorb nutrients in creams better than before.

geneo personal devices

So far the Geneo Personal Oxygenation Face Kit has been getting brilliant feedback including mentions in The Mail online (Daily Mail) and Elite Daily. Professional beauticians are backing it too so that really says something. Sounds promising! Would love to hear your feedback.

Check out the video for more info here –

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