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I have waited for this day for so long! Finally, I have discovered the new delivery service dreams are made of. Uber Eats – Get your fave foods delivered to your door. All you have to do is go online to their website, type in your area and they will list the restaurants that they provide a takeaway delivery from. Now you can access your fave foods from restaurants that didn’t have a delivery service before. 

Most of us will know Uber as the cheaper taxi service that took the world by storm a few years back. It involves cheaper fares due to having people sign up to provide a taxi service in their area, therefore bringing down the prices significantly. There is of course, a vetting service where they have a background check and do an interview so you can sign up to become an Uber driver if you have a clean slate and a drivers license.

The same applies for the delivery service. It is a clever concept where you can sign up to become an Uber Eats delivery person. You go online and apply, therefore making the service accessible to all areas! This is good news for people who live in more remote areas, I guess!

It has taken off in a big way and is gaining popularity, for good reason. The restaurant owners can also sign up to participate in the delivery/takeaway service. It can all be done online at the touch of a button. It is pretty much a win-win for everyone.

I remember the days when we would be sitting at home craving our fave food and wishing for a service like this! We should have got onto it years back. I even remember someone saying they were going to set up a business to do just that! So now they can, by signing up for Uber Eats.

It would be a nice little earner for someone as all it requires is a drivers license and a car, a scooter or even a bike to get started. You can rely on sat-nav to get you to the right place so no hassle there. Just leave your phone on and wait for a job. Sounds pretty handy.

For the restaurants involved it is a no-brainer. Maximize on profits and without the washing up or paying staff to wait tables. Also leaving the restaurant tables free for incoming guests. If they don’t have a takeaway service, they would probably start considering. Since there are no major costs of employing a person for set hours or having a vehicle on the road, why not?

This is great news for those of us who like to eat our favorite foods in the comfort of our own home, have a date night in or just have the munchies and don’t feel like going out or dressing up, if needs be. Even MacDonald’s are in on it! 

I guess if you have a favorite restaurant you can always ask them if they’re interested in signing up for Uber Eats. Worth a try! It is such a great idea, I love the thought of being able to just order whatever I’m craving and wait for it to arrive to my door.

Apart from that, you can track your order while you wait. You can go online and check when you can expect your delivery, therefore leaving you time to run an errand, have a shower or arrive home, whatever, before it comes.

UberEats logo

You can browse local restaurants and decide what to try off the menu or discover new places. Again, great for the restaurants as free advertisement and great for us to help find new eateries. The website claims to deliver within 30 mins! Thats impressive.

Here is a bit more about the history and background of Uber Eats, discovered in 2014, in San Francisco. It was actually discovered by the founder of Uber who is also, interestingly, the founder of Stumble Upon. Info from Wikipedia here

According to reports, Uber Eats is the most successful part of the Uber business. With a global network of over 1.5 Million drivers, over 8 Million active users in the USA alone, it is easy to see why. 

Amazon are due to come in with a similar concept this year and it will be good to see some competitors as the prices will no doubt come down. The app is the most downloaded food app in US, Australia, France, Indonesia and Taiwan.

I myself only recently discovered the App online so it is still fairly new in terms of discovery. I think it is one to watch out for in your area. I don’t know if Uber Eats is available in your area, but hopefully you won’t have to wait long for it!

Why not download the App and see what’s available? Even if its not in your area yet, chances are it will be soon. Or you could always jump on the bandwagon and offer your services! Could be a nice little earner, especially if no one else is doing it. It will be handy to have anyway, in case you go away somewhere and are looking for restaurant delivery. Never know.

Here is the link to the main site and app download  >> UBER EATS

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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