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I was surprised to receive my Look Fantastic June box this month as last month went by so quickly, I wasn’t even expecting it. I love when my pretty box of goodies arrives and its a complete surprise, yay! I am like a little child at Christmas opening my pressie haha. I tried everything in the last couple of days so here is my Look Fantastic June box review.

Firstly I will just say the box is beautiful as usual and I will be keeping it up with all my other gorgeous boxes on display in my room. They’re great for storing the free Elle magazines they give us free every month and I also use them to hold some of the products I receive too because I don’t always have time to use them up! Another thing they can be used for is organising your makeup or skincare into sections such as eye products, facial cleansers and moisturisers etc, there are loads of uses for them so I’m glad about that. Very conscious of my carbon footprint! I even keep the shredded paper from inside that protects the items so that if I need to wrap a present, it comes in handy. Thrifty!

I was really impressed with the Look Fantastic June box and it is brilliant value for money! It only costs £13 per month and it always comes with 6 products so you really can’t go wrong with it. It has the top brands and sometimes the sample sizes are huge. To be honest, the makeup products are usually full size so I am absolutely delighted with this beauty box. Here are the products (spoiler alert!) –

Elemis superfood facial wash tested on hand

Elemis Superfood Facial Wash

This is a generous sized 30ml sample. It is a smoothie of superfoods including wheatgrass, kale and nettle. It proposes to lift away dirt ad impurities while feeing the skin with essential nutrients. It freshens and revives, giving you a healthy glow. Well I had been reading about this in a magazine only recently and was impressed by the fact that it contains pre-biotics to balance microbiome. Avocado, broccoli and pumpkin peed oils are combined with a natural pre-biotic to help balance the skin’s precious microbiome. Apparently this type of skincare is the next BIG thing so I was excited to be trying this. I used it the last two mornings and I LOVE it! It is a runny gel consistency and it goes on and lathers just the right amount but its not foamy, which I like. It is a light green colour so that is obviously from the green ingredients and it smells lovely. My skin felt amazingly smooth after. I kept touching my face it was so soft! This one is definitely worth getting and I’m sticking with it. Highly recommend it.

Madara SOS mask tested on hand

Madara SOS Hydra Moisture Radiance Mask

This is a natural and organic face mask certified by ECOCERT. It is vegan and there are no parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or colours. I love the sound of this, it has rose water, sea buckthorn, flax seed oil, jojoba and nettle. It is suitable for all skin types and the texture is just divine. You only need a small amount and you apply it for 15-20 mins up to twice a week for optimal skin hydration. You can leave it on if you like, you don’t have to remove it. That is what I did and I definitely noticed the dry skin areas around my nose where no more after using it. Thumbs up to this! It is a smaller sample (12.5ml) but you should get at least 8 masks out of it since you only need a small amount. Happy with this one especially that fact it is organic.

Ritual of Dao body cream

Rituals The Ritual of Dao Body Cream. Again, this is a generous size sample of 23FL OZ/ 70 mls! The scent is ahh-mazing!!!!! The gentle fragrance of white lotus with Yi Yi Ren (an ingredient used in Chinese medicine) is addictive. I cannot stop smelling myself lol! Seriously guys, this is therapeutic and it is a beautiful product. I would definitely purchase this as I think I’m obsessed with the smell.  It reminds me of being on holidays in a relaxing zen spa somewhere exotic. You apply the rich cream in circular motions for best results. Feel like a primped goddess after using this. You will be smelling gorgeous and you skin will be soft as a baby’s bum. You have to try this!

Liquid Gold eyeshadow in tube applicator

Gold eyeshadow cream tested on hand

Studio 10 Liquid Foil I-Radiance. I do love a bit of sparkle and this is my fave colour. Gold! It is a metallic eyeshadow but it is in a simple to use applicator like a lip gloss. It has a silky mousse type of eyeshadow and the size is like full size. This will last ages. It can be layered for extra definition and perfect for party makeup. It blends really well and it is high quality for sure. I would normally shy away from this kind of applicator but this is a cut above the rest. It is so well pigmented and glides on without clapping at all. It is apparently crease-resistant. You apply it over the whole eyelid as one colour and it really looks great! I had a real glint in my sparkly eyes yesterday. I would even wear this out during the day, I think it is so pretty. You can blend it to make it more subtle and I just love it!

Fabulous fake tan

Vita liberata white cream tanning lotion

Vita Liberta Fabulous ‘Gradual’ Self Tanning Lotion. Another certified organic product so safe on your precious skin. This is another great size at 50ml. It can be used on face and body as a body lotion and it slowly intensifies with subtle colour to give you a nice tan. The best thing about it is that it has Odour Remove technology so it doesn’t smell! I used to hate the smell of the gradual self tanning body lotions for that reason so I was really keen to try this one. It deeply conditions your skin at the same time as building up a natural looking gradual tan. This does what it says and I will definitely go back to self tanning since using this. It is nice and natural and I look tanned and beach ready even though I am a milk bottle in reality! Haha love it. 

Christoph Robin Rassoul clayChristoph Robin Rassoul clay hair productHair wash Rassoul clay in pot

Christoph Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste with Rassoul Clay. This hair wash is really great for giving your hair a proper deep clean. It is an unusual mud paste but it lathers up brilliantly like magic in the shower. It definitely adds volume and bounce. The Look Fantastic team have suggested that if you have colour treated hair to use this as a hair mask 10-15 ins before rinsing to protect and preserve your hair colour. I was surprised to see it in the box as I had received it in this previous Look Fantastic Box and reviewed it before on the blog here too. The first time I got a product I had already received in a Look Fantastic box before. A great curl product too for adding that bounce and helping define your curls. It does make my hair a little frizzy but I tend to have frizz anyway so I just tame it with some serum or hair oil and it keeps its volume and bounce for a few days. 

Real chemistry day cream sample

I almost forgot there was a 7th product in this months box. It is the Real Chemistry essential day cream sample. It is a small 10ml size but enough for a few applications. Tried it this morning, didn’t love it. I have combination skin that has a tendency to get quite oily in hot weather. Yeah it was too oily I think for my skin type. Probably better for dry skin types. Will give it away to someone who might use it. I’m not going to count this as it is just a sachet and it isn’t even mentioned in the leaflet about the products in the box.

Look Fantastic June beauty box

All in all I was happy with every single product in the Look Fantastic June box so I’m naturally delighted! It is incredible value for money and all the products are genuinely wonderful and useful. For a 12 month subscription this works out at £13 a month with FREE worldwide delivery which is extremely good value. If you prefer to try it for 6 months it is £13.75 or 3 months at £14.50. If you decide you only wan the one box it is only £15 but I am so happy with my subscription so far. Check out a few of the previous boxes here –

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Those were just a few of my favourites but there are many more so check out the rest by searching Look Fantastic in the search bar for more. Anyway if you want to sign up for this monthly treat beauty subscription box, you won’t regret it! Here is the shop link if you want to browse > SHOP. Click on any of the links on the product reviews above if you want to buy the full sized products too!

Chat soon x

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I was really impressed with the Look Fantastic June box and it is brilliant value for money! It only costs £13 per month and it always comes with 6 products

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