30 Netflix Binge-worthy Shows You Have to Watch


I have compiled a list of 30 Netflix binge-worthy shows you have to watch. I know not everyone has Netflix but a lot of these shows are available elsewhere so check ’em out and see if you can binge on this lot. I do a lot of binge-watching on Netflix so I figured I would post my fave shows that are truly binge-worthy for you!

I hope you enjoy binge-watching this lot and please do let me know what your fave binge-worthy shows are in the comments. I love hearing your feedback!

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Breaking Bad – A chemistry professor with terminal cancer is desperate to secure his family with money before he dies. He decides to start a meth lab with one of his druggie students and the rest is their insane journey into the underworld. Definitely the most binge-worthy show I have ever watched. The plot is genius and the acting is out of this world. Apart from that it is completely hilarious in parts. We binged on this show so bad that if one of us watched it without the other we were outraged!! If there is one show you need to binge watch it is this!

Ozark – this looks like a weird sci-fi type series but it isn’t. A mob threaten to kill the main character and his family if he doesn’t do as they say after his business partners dodgy deal goes wrong. He proposes to make the Mexican drug lords millions in order to save their lives. The whole show is their crazy story when they have to move to Ozark (a lake in the middle of nowhere) with hardly any money! It was on Netflix a week or so before I even read the intro. One of the best and most binge-worthy shows on Netflix hands-down. Don’t be put off by the 1st episode as it is particularly violent at the start. It is a bit shocking but the plot is addictive and keeps you on your toes the whole time! Watched it day and night til the end!

Sons of Anarchy – a motor bike gang with some scary rivals and even scarier secrets. I will warn you this was seriously addictive. We had to wait for new episodes weekly when it came out so every night it was aired we were ready and waiting. Now the whole shebang is available on Netflix at your disposal. A rollercoaster of emotions make this a completely binge-worthy show.

Fargo – a brilliantly crafted series with top actors such as Ewan McGregor, Billy Bob Thornton and Kirsten Dunst sporting dodgy accents and a curious but genius plot the whole way through. Each season is a new story and the Cohen brothers directed it so it is a gripping and dramatic, well directed series with a funny story that turns crazy and manic at some points. Binge-fest guaranteed!

Revenge – another series that didn’t jump out at me immediately but as soon as I started into it I was hooked! The plot-line is fantastic and keeps you on tender-hooks the whole time! A well-acted and cleverly put together show that definitely doesn’t disappoint. Prepare to binge!

Happy Valley – hands down one of the best detective shows I have ever seen in terms of acting, plot and overall production. I was dying to watch this and they drip-fed it weekly which was intense! Luckily for you, series 1 and 2 are online so you can binge away to your hearts content. Stock up on everything, you won’t be leaving your gaff till its over!

Broadchurch – this is another murder mystery which is captivating and intriguing. Each show is a different murder but all focused in the one seaside town. The investigators are the main characters but everyone is a suspect and there are some strange goings-on. Complete binge-athon, again you won’t wanna leave the couch even to pee! Haha

The Killing – prepare to binge til this one is over! It is a gripping murder investigation series with an unlikely romance. I am not going to spoil it for you but this one is a proper Netflix binge-worthy show you have to watch. I stayed in and watched it back-to-back. Nuff said!

Marcella – the second series of this just came out recently. Anna Friel from Brookside plays the main investigator who has her own demons and the plot thickens every episode. Many twists and turns leave you gasping for more. Epic binge session involved. Addictive!

Dr Foster – remember Suranne Jones AKA Karen from Coronation Street? She is the main character, Dr Foster, whose husband has been acting oddly. She has no idea what is about to unravel and neither will you! This show is fascinating and captures your attention from start to finish. It is so realistic but the events that unfold are outrageous! Proper binge-worthy stuff. 

River – a brilliant series based on a detective who is seemingly schizophrenic. The murders and investigation are riveting and even more so the downward spiral of those involved. Grab your tissues for the end. That is all I’m giving away. No spoilers from me!

Line of Duty – a cleverly put together and well acted storyline makes this one of the most binge-worthy shows I have ever watched. The characters are so shady, you never know who is to blame! Love this kind of suspenseful drama where everyones a suspect or else its the person you least suspect. Prepare to binge.

The Fall – Jamie Dornan plays the perfect serial killer. This show had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Apart from the main characters obviously stunning appearance, the plot and acting was above and beyond my expectations. Gripping!!!

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Better Call Saul – after watching Breaking Bad I couldn’t wait to watch this series. It has 2 of the main characters from Breaking Bad in it so I had really high expectations. It was so clever and funny, I really enjoyed it and again had to wait for new shows to appear each week. The suspense killed me. Now you can binge-watch them all. Humorous and interesting plot lines with great characters will have you addicted. Gotta love Saul. 

Orange is the New Black – at first I couldn’t see what the fuss was but I continued watching after so many great reviews of it. I was glad I did and soon I was hooked. A very different kind of series and it delves right into the minds and personalities of the characters. Not for the faint-hearted at some points but strangely addictive viewing. I binged. A lot!

Sherlock – fantastic directing, brilliant effects and wonderful acting. Did I mention intriguing storylines? You will feel transported into the world of Sherlock Holmes but in the future and on steroids haha! I couldn’t get enough of the show at the time and binge-watched them all back to back.

Luther – Idris Elba is perfect for the part in this fascinating detective series. Well I do love a good murder plot! Especially when it involves a sexy investigator. Apart from those top points, it was compelling and addictive watching. I recommend locking your doors, turning off all distractions and bingeing on this!

Making a Murderer – ok if you haven’t heard of this documentary, where have you been? This is the most famous documentary I can think of and it involves a real-life man being framed for murder in the scariest possible way. I literally watched this for a whole week over Christmas and I was gawping for most of it. You won’t believe the atrociousness of it all. Season 2 on the way. Im saying no more, just go and binge-watch it if you haven’t. 

The IT Crowd – classic comedy fave of mine since forever. Always laugh out loud watching this so it is of course a binge-worthy show if you love belly laughs and tears of hilarious laughter. No matter how many times you watch it it stays funny, if not funnier than before. Graham Linehan, comedy genius at work. 

Cuckoo – hilarious laugh-out-loud crying laughing show. Another show I wasn’t sure would be that good until I started watching. Taylor Lautner (Twilight) surprises. Rachel arrives home from her year abroad with a new boyfriend, much to the dismay of her parents. The aftermath is comic gold. You will be so entertained you will binge. It has to be done. I cried laughing  a few times.

Mad Men – a brilliant award-winning drama depicting the life of a macho man, Donald Draper and his seemingly amazing life as an ad executive. The plot meanders through the highs and lows of his life and those of his family while delving into the lives of his associates at the company he works for. Set in the 60’s it is still very much a ‘mans world’ in the workplace so the women characters struggle but ultimately become empowered. Some dark moments, life crisis and addiction battles along the way make this a riveting show that is 100% binge-worthy!

Grace and Frankie – Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are polar opposites whose husbands are best friends. Their husbands announce the news they are actually gay and have been lovers for years. The two women are then forced to move in together at their joint holiday home. An unlikely friendship is formed and the result is hilarious. Two 60-something women starting out in life again and their trials and tribulations. They even start a dildo business! Gas.

Parks and Recreation – strangely addictive, I watched this after hearing about it and just laughed so hard. It is another classic comedy not to be missed. I found myself binge-watching this show because it was so uplifting and one of those feel-great shows that makes you laugh out loud. Who doesn’t love that kind of entertainment?!!

Suits – this was definitely binge-worthy for the first 2 seasons. I haven’t watched the 3rd yet but you will recognise Megan Markle. Great acting and interesting storylines make you wanna stay put for the next episode or 3. We watched the whole lot within a week!

House of Cards – Kevin Spacey plays a narcissistic president who only cares about winning. He will stop at nothing in his quest for power. His wife is his nemesis and they plot everything together while fooling everyone. Very addictive watching. I binged the whole 2 seasons but wasn’t overly impressed with season 3.

How to Get Away With Murder – if you like a murder mystery with a twist then you will love this. Without giving away to much, a bunch of law students and their college lecturer (Annalise Keating) are involved in a murder where no-one actually knows whodunnit. At the same time they have to prove innocence in preparation for college. A tricky scenario with challenging plots throughout. You will be glued to it.

The People v OJ Simpson – I remembered the scandal but I didn’t follow the story so I was intrigued to watch the full story, especially as it has been re-enacted and dramatised. Oooh this one was well worth the watch. You will notice the famous faces and of course the names ie. Kardashian whose Dad was made famous by the whole scandal. Real life murder and suspenseful court case. Check.

Narcos – I have to say I was put off by the first episode as it was a bit too violent and graphic. However, I soldiered on (fast-forwarded) and continued watching. I had heard so so many great reviews so I just had to suss it out. I was addicted in no time and it was compelling watching. I literally sat and binge-watched day and night! Addictive is an understatement I was holding my eyelids open with matchsticks!

Collateral – this is a 4 part series with Carey Mulligan as the lead female detective. It is an intense and full-on murder investigation that she won’t simply dismiss as a random act of violence. She delves deep into the dark side of the underworld to reveal a shocking revelation. Perfect for a binge-day when you have a few hours to kill at home.

Top of the Lake – set in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand at the top of a lake, this addictive series leaves you on the edge of your seat. I do love a good binge tv show and this was epic! Great acting and Nicole Kidman stars in the sequel China Girl. Elizabeth Moss play the lead detective specialising in sexual assault who returns home and has to face some of her own demons from the past. You have to watch the 1st part but don’t miss the sequel! 

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A Netflix bingeworthy tv show post. Prepare to binge!

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