Tried and Tested Bronzer, Contour and Highlighters


Here are my tried and tested bronzer, contour and highlighters. There have been a few hit and misses so hopefully this will help you decide which one to choose or which ones to avoid!

I hate spending money on beauty products only to find they don’t work or suit my skin. That is why I like to review them on the blog! So that you can have an idea of the better products and save your money!

This post contains affiliate links to the products I recommend. If you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, I make a small commission. I only recommend products I genuinely love. Thanks!

Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 mineral powder. This came with a really nice quality soft kabuki brush. It is designed to be an overall product but I found it too dark to be a foundation and only use it as a bronzer. It is a nice quality and stays on well. It was easy to blend and handy if you need a quick brush on tan. I liked it but only as a contour or bronzer. 

Bronzers, contour and highlighters

L’Oreal Glam Bronze Haute Tenue – FPS 10. I found the product too dark and therefore I couldn’t use it. It was also hard to blend or disguise so ended up having to re-do my makeup. I prefer a blendable bronzer and this one just seemed to stay put. I tried it a second time by lightly gliding it on but still wasn’t satisfied.

L'Oreal Glam Bronzer compact

MODEL co Luminosity Shimmer Stick. I had high hopes for this as it looked great on the model. It is a stick with a slight shimmer for applying to cheekbones and the contour of the cheeks. It didn’t work for me at all. It just stuck to my foundation and pulled it away as I applied it. I guess this is only any good for people who want to go bare faced and add some highlight to the cheekbones.

Model Co bronzer highlighter stick  Model Co bronzer highlighter and contour stick

Rimmel Kate Contour by Kate Moss. I love this product so much, i wear it all the time. It is my fave contour and it looks natural, does what it says and it is so easy to work with. It is a 3-in-1 contour, highlighter and blusher. All 3 work in harmony to give you a sculpted sun kissed glow. I am on my second one of these and they seem to last forever! Absolute bargain at £7 or less when they have a sale. Must-have item for sure.

Rimmel Kate highlight contour and blush palette

HOT Makeup 100% Happiness Bronzing Powder. I thought this was quite good but its not my favourite. I think the colour is a bit too dark for me but I would consider using it as an all-over bronzer for a self tan during summer. It does have a little shimmer to it which I liked.

Hot makeup bronzer

Chi Chi Real Minerals Blush. I loved this product and use it for special occasions. It is a loose mineral in natural pink. The texture is lovely and it is a gorgeous pigment. It has a little shaker so that you only use the right amount and I use a standard blush contour brush and swipe it across the apples of my cheeks. It has a lovely warm glow. I got this in a set of the full face mineral kit. I didn’t love their mineral foundation but this was brilliant! I would consider this as a bronzer as it has the colouring but only use on my cheeks rather than all over the face.

Chi Chi real minerals blush

Illamasqua Gel Sculpt. This gel contour was a bit difficult to apply. I received it in a Look Fantastic box and I have tried it a few times. It is a bit hit and miss because of the gel. I think if you apply it before applying your makeup, blend it a bit and leave it for a few minutes to set, it may work. However, I don’t really have time for fiddly things and this is a bit to high maintenance for me. I didn’t love it unfortunately. 

Illamasqua gel contour stick

Australis High Lights Mineral Face Highlighter. Rich in vitamin E and botanicals this highlighter really appealed to me. I got the shade Pearl and it is a liquid with a little pump. I got it on sale for half price but it normally retails for $21! I bought it in New Zealand as it is a popular brand there. Sadly, it is really hard to blend and didn’t work well on my foundation. I persevered but to no avail. Save your money.

Australis liquid Highlighter

Sleek Face Contour Kit. This is a cute little compact with a mirror and I enjoy using it. The highlighter is a golden shimmer but not too white or pinky which I liked as some highlighters are a bit OTT in my opinion. This is more understated but light reflecting. The contour takes a bit of practice as it is a little dark in the Medium shade but I have mastered it and will keep using it. Mainly for special occasions.

Sleek face contour and highlighter

Glam Bronze Blonde Harmony Duo Sun Powder by L’Oreal. This is a light and dark shaded compact for contouring. The lighter colour is still darkish and I love the darker bronzer. I enjoyed using this one and it is ideal for sculpting. It is easily blended and gives a healthy sun kissed glow. 

Loreal Glam bronzer duo

So those are my tried and tested bronzer, contour and highlighters. My top faves are the Kate by Rimmel and the Chi Chi Real Minerals blush/cheek bronzer. My second faves are the Duo Sun Powder by L’Oreal and the Sleek contour palette. Time to get your summer on!

What is your fave bronzer? Let me know in the comments 🙂

A Bientôt!

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