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I love a good pop-up shop. They pop up out of nowhere and boom, your curiosity runs wild. You simply have to get a look in! To be honest I hadn’t even heard of a popup shop until just over a year ago when I started this blog. One of the first blog posts I ran with was an interview with Popmark, a pop-up shop specialist who explained to me in full detail how the concept works. Definition of a pop-up shop – A “popup shop” is a short-term, temporary retail event that appears in public areas such as shopping malls, parks and common areas, then disappears and often reappears elsewhere. Popup retail is the temporary use of physical space to create a long term, lasting impression with potential customers.

A pop-up shop helps brands to meet and greet their customers in a more upfront and personal way. The sense of surprise and intrigue plays a big part when it comes to creating brand awareness. It is something that sticks in people’s minds. A memorable experience that creates a sense of awe and wonder makes a popup shop a lucrative and clever move for big and small brands alike. They can either be advertised in order to create hype or simply appear out of the blue for the surprise factor. Either way, we love these inspiring pop-up designs.

Hey, even celebrities are using the inspiring pop-up design trend to advertise their newest ventures. I have put together a few of the best inspiring pop-up shop designs I have seen so far.

Check them out and tell me what you think!

Pantone Cafe        PANTONE

Pantone popup
Pantone are a paint company but they set up a cool coffee shop with their branding in connection with their paint sample cards. The result is genius. Everything down to the wrappers and napkins were branded the same with their vibrant paint colours, to grab the attention of passersby. The popularity of this pop-up shop reached hundreds of thousands due to the media coverage alone!

The Poundshop
pound shop popup carts
So the Pound Shop cleverly rebranded into something very hip and cool but their values and motto stayed the same.
Less cash more carry. Let’s face it, we all forgot about the Pound Shop at one stage. They came back with a bang!
This pop-up shop is one of the most popular and memorable. Simple but awesome!
Daft punk popup shop
daft punk pop up pics
Daft Punk are just so incredibly cool. Of course they would design an intriguing pop-up shop! I have been watching their videos in awe of them since the year dot.
They aced it – I knew they would.
Nike light up popup shop at night
Nike light popup
Nike have a fair bit of competition but they stay ahead of the game with the likes of this stunning light box pop-up shop.
How could you not go inside to explore? Genius.
katy perry popup shop
Katy Perry teeshirts in popup shop
Katy Perry is an incredibly savvy business woman as well as a huge celebrity talent. Did you know she broke the Twitter record for most followers ever?
Check out this post I wrote about her. Inspiring woman with an equally inspiring pop-up shop design. She is so cool I can’t even handle it!
Birchbox popup shop
Birchbox popup
Did you know that Birchbox was the pioneer of subscription boxes? Subscription boxes are huge news these days and they are how it all began.
Sadly, Birchbox revenue went down the last while due to serious competition, however, they will always be a well known and trusted brand.
Pop-up shops only re-inforce that. These are fine examples of inspiring pop-up shop designs from them. That is one way to stay ahead of the pack!
Chanel popup shop
Chanel popup design interior
What can I say? These photos speak for themselves. The calm serenity and clean design of the Chanel pop-up shop designs make me want to move in. 
Adidas popup shoebox design
Adidas popup shoebox design interior
Adidas have one of the coolest, most memorable designs of all. A giant shoe box! The interior just blows me away. Interior design really speaks volumes for the brand and image.
lancome pop up shop
lancome pop up shop Hog Kong
The L’ANCOME pop-up shop in Hong Kong airport is pretty in pink for Christmas. I just wanna dive in. Wonderful.
prada popup
prada popup
PRADA has to be my fave. That monochrome chequered tiles with the textured green glass and marble with those red accent chairs! Swoon.
lacoste pop up shop
lacoste pop up shop under construction
Lacoste really stands out, you can’t miss it and the giant exclamation marks are eye-catching – grabbing your attention saying come and see!
Choose love pop up shop
Choose love refugee popup
I love this pop-up and wrote about it a while back in this post. Dedicated to helping refugees, they display photos of refugee families and children, smiling and happy. They set up a table with all the necessities they need to survive in harsh conditions, where anyone can then purchase for them. An emotional experience provoking people to help where it is most needed. Fantastic.
Christchurch restart mall
Christchurch restart mall containers
After the devastating earthquake that ravaged Christchurch, New Zealand, the container mall was born. Metal containers create a mall which has grown and grown. Quite a cool set-up which ultimately popped-up out of the rubble.
Trendy and moveable. Necessity is the mother of all invention as they say. No truer words spoken. The Re:Start mall has just about everything you can think of, even a bank in a container! 
Are there any awe-inspiring pop-ups that spring to mind that I haven’t mentioned? Do let me know in the comments so I can add them to the list!
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  1. D
    July 12, 2018 at 9:21 pm

    I love this concept of a pop-up shop! I even thought of doing one for my handmade products and gift baskets but here in Cyprus it is not that easy to find a public place to rent out andit would also mean I would have to hire someone else as I have a full time job! Thank you for this post as it shows do many different and amazing types of pop-ups!

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