100% Natural Acne Solution Kit


This 100% natural acne solution from Healtop includes a cleanser, spray mist and serum packed full of skin nutrients and acne fighting properties. Some harsh chemicals in the usual acne solution kits can be irritating on inflamed or broken skin so this is a wonderful alternative. I was delighted to discover a 100% natural acne solution as I had hormonal acne for many years and tried so many chemical-laden acne kits. It was only when I switched to all natural products that my skin actually began to clear up. Since switching to natural products, I have never looked back. I do still get the odd hormonal spot from time to time so I was keen to try out this natural acne solution.

The kit really appealed to me because it contains my 3 favourite beauty products. A cleanser, a facial mist and a serum. It just so happened that I was running out of my cleanser and serum and was searching for a 100% natural facial mist for summer. I love a good facial mist for the hot weather and I prefer the no fuss, less wastage application of the spritz as opposed to using a bottled toner and wasting cotton pads. I was impressed by the ingredients in each of the 3 products in the kit. I also recently had a breakout of a couple of spots on my chin which seem to re-occur so I was happy to try the acne solution kit.

Here are the ingredients –

Olive oil cleanser

Water, potassium olivate, sodium olivate, potassium cocoate, lavender oil, bitter orange oil, geranium maculatum oil and sandalwood oil.

Natural olive oil cleanser

Spray Mist

Water, salt, Essential oils: Cypress, lemon, Juniper, Palmarosa, clove bud, Cajeput and lavender.

Natural facial Spray mist

Serum –

Prunus amygdalus dulois oil, citrus aurantus, bergamia fruit oil, boswellia, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, juniperus communis fruit oil, boswellia carterii oil, eugenia caryophyllata leaf oil, thymus vulgaris oil, salvia officinalis oil, citrus medica limon.

All natural serum

Being a natural skincare lover, all of these ingredients appeal to me. I am well used to reading the ingredients on beauty product labels and it is refreshing to know, without even reading the label that these products have no nasty or harsh chemicals, are free of parabens, alcohol, Sodium Laurel Sulphate, artificial fragrance and synthetic ingredients. 

The brand are vegan and cruelty free so they tick all the boxes for me. I like to now that the products I’m applying don’t require my going online to research the ingredients or the brand ethics.

The olive oil cleanser gives a nice fresh clean without dehydrating the skin. Olive oil is a wonderful facial product and sandalwood is a well known acne fighting ingredient. 

The facial mist is nourishing and revitalising and helps calm irritated skin. It is great for minimising pores and feels refreshing on tired skin.

The serum is packed full of healthy, nourishing and skin clearing ingredients.

Serum on hand

The kit comes in a cute box with nice packaging and a leaflet explaining what the brand is all about – health and wellness with only natural and safe ingredients and a bit about their team of experts and their core values.

They have an online advice messaging service which is a really great assistance when you are unsure which products to choose based on your skin type or skin issues. 

Healtop gift box of 3 products kitHealtop skin clearing kit

So far I am noticing a definite improvement in my skin. My pores are shrinking and my face looks clearer. My spots have healed and there are no red marks left behind.

All in all, I really enjoy using the natural acne solution kit. It is called the Clear Face Kit if you are interested in purchasing it from Healtop.

They also have a blog section for some interesting reads on expert skin care tips including acne solutions as well as anti-ageing and more. Check it out here.

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