Hiking and Swimming at Erawan Falls, Thailand (While Pregnant!)


Hiking and swimming at Erawan Falls, Thailand was one of the most amazing experiences ever! I never dreamed I would end up holidaying in Thailand at 7 months pregnant. In fact, If you had told me before, I wouldn’t have believed you. For most people, Thailand does not seem like the ideal holiday destination when heavily pregnant. It is extremely humid, not necessarily the most sanitary (depending where you go) and is host to a wide range of foreign blood-sucking insects. However, the pros weigh out the cons by far.

It is a true paradise, the food is amazing and the people are incredibly welcoming and kind. We stayed in a really nice apartment complex near Erawan, since we really wanted to visit after seeing so many beautiful photos of the waterfalls. We decided to get a taxi from our hotel in Bangkok, stopping along the way to try the floating markets. It was so cheap, I think it only cost around 2,000 BAHT (roughly 20 quid) and our taxi driver was really helpful. He recommended our accommodation in nearby Kanchanaburi, The RiverKwai Bridge resort which turned out to be amazing. We had the pool to ourselves and it was very luxurious. We even had massages by the pool, it was really inexpensive and completely divine. Especially being pregnant.

Riverkwai bridge resort pool photo
RiverKwai bridge resort pool with massage area and wooden decking

Next morning we arranged to go on a tour of Erawan Falls and were collected with some others on a mini bus. Being pregnant, I wasn’t going to make it all the way along to the end of the hike but I was assured the first few levels of the waterfall track would be fine. I had acclimatised to the humidity at that stage thankfully.


                            Erawan Falls was really a beautiful place. It has to be seen to be believed. The photos don’t even do it justice! There are 7 tiers of main waterfalls.

After seeing plenty of swimmers enjoying themselves, I was dying to get in for a dip to cool off and enjoy. I decided I would get in on the next level as I had my bikini on me. Well prepared!

The waterfalls were epic! There were so many different kinds, it was really amazing to discover them at each level. It made the walk well worthwhile. 

We walked up a fair height, as you can see below! It didn’t feel like it was that steep but I was pretty chuffed I was managing so well, being pregnant and all. Phew!

I guess the views were my motivation so I just kept going. I made it up as far as the 5th level and we decided to chill there a while and rest. I knew the next level was the toughest hike so we had planned to skip that! Next time haha.

There are so many amazing waterfalls it is hard to believe they are all in the same place! 

It is quite touristy but I reckon if you go early in the morning it would be much quieter. Where I chose to have my swim was nicely secluded and serene though.

Here I am at Erewan Falls, with my very large baby bump!
Here I am at Erawan Falls, with my very large baby bump!
A scenic view of one of the many fabulous waterfalls at Erewan Falls, Thailand
A scenic view of one of the many fabulous waterfalls at Erawan Falls, Thailand
A tropical paradise. I couldn't resist to get in for a swim under this stunning waterfall!
A tropical paradise. I couldn’t resist to get in for a swim under this stunning waterfall!
Enjoying a relaxing dip in Erawan Falls, while pregnant

Ahh, it was a little slice of heaven there. Amazingly, I had the place to myself! My man took the photo of me without my knowledge and I was glad to have it for the memories. It was so incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. The water was just the right temperature and a cool refreshment from the humidity. I have to say I felt a million dollars after it!

Luckily it was mainly downhill from there and we had a meal arranged with the tour afterwards. There was a nice restaurant at the base of Erawan Falls, where we were able to chow down some Pad Thai noodles. Gotta love Thai food!

I highly recommend a trip to Erawan Falls if you are staying in Bangkok or nearby. It is only an hour and a half away by car and can be very cheap if you negotiate a deal with a taxi driver. If you go with a tour you will get certain discounts as a group too. Tours can be booked online or at reception of your accommodation and there are a good few different tours to choose from. We went with Kanchanaburi tours.

Note: Bring some light walking shoes, like trainers for the walk. I had on a pair of flip-flops but I knew to bring my trainers in a separate backpack and changed into them. Also remember to bring a towel and swimwear. You will be glad to have them.

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