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Throwing a party for the staff in your office might be an idea that has crossed your mind at one point. It’s a great way to boost morale and foster some friendly relationships between coworkers. Coming up with an idea is hard, there are just so many types of parties to choose from. How do you pick out one that is appropriate for the office? There are some ideas that are better than others. 


Breakfast isn’t exactly party time; people have only woken up and the coffee hasn’t yet started to work its magic. By the time you reach lunch, every person in the office has already set their sights on getting off of work and going home. The ideal solution would be to find something in the middle, which is why you can count on brunch to bring a cheerful addition to the office atmosphere.

Arrange a surprise brunch for your employees. While breakfasts and lunches focus more on the meal aspect of things, brunch is more like a casual and light meal that fosters communication and friendship. A chic place near your office might be the best place to take them out. Enjoying an hour out of the office while having a delicious meal is exactly what employees need to bolster their morale and productivity. Once they relieve a bit of that daily work stress, they can get back to work more invigorated than before. 

Quiz night

Quizzes bring out the inner nerd in all of us. Quiz nights are usually reserved for bars and chic cafés, but there’s no reason you can’t bring this quaint little event into your own office. Everyone likes showing off some of their obscure knowledge and competing against fellow coworkers. It’s lighthearted fun that will let you know if your coworker watches too many TV shows in their spare time. 

The topic of the night can be just about anything you can come up with. Movie and TV shows are some of the most popular topics you can pick. You would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t watch movies or TV shows. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can pick out a topic that is a bit more obscure or difficult. As long as it’s something that everyone is at least a tiny bit familiar with, you’re going to get it right. Some people might even see it as a good reason to do some research before the event. If you reveal the quiz theme beforehand, it would give people some room to put a little competitiveness in the game. 


Most physical activities are out of the question when it comes to festivities with staff. People don’t come into work wearing tracksuits and gym clothes, nor should they. You can’t expect everyone to be prepared for running or agile movements. Luckily, there is a sport that people of all ages and physical readiness can enjoy: bowling. It’s a casual and lighthearted sport that will entertain everyone at the office. 

There’s something about bowling that inspires teamwork and competitiveness. It’s simple enough that anyone can try and there’s even an element of luck in the game. This is the perfect recipe for a staff activity that will appeal to everyone in the office. A couple of hours in a bowling alley will make for an unforgettable experience that people will be talking about for many lunches to come.

Actually playing it isn’t even all that important. Throwing the ball takes only a couple of seconds, while the conversations and team celebrations take up most of the time you bowl. Team cohesion is built during the game and you end up with an office of people that can cooperate much better than before.

Cocktails for lunch

It doesn’t matter what time it is when you decide to have a party because it’s five o’clock somewhere! Cocktails are the perfect type of drink for socializing. They’re casual, bright, and colourful enough that they can be the centrepiece of a perfect party. You can consider them the show-offs of the beverage world. One of the many reasons people enjoy the idea of cocktails is that they are basically just fun and interesting recipes. Some of them are famed for their interesting and layered colours. Others have a gimmick that sets them apart. You have cocktails that are made by putting a while shot glass full of colourful drinks in another glass. Part of the fun is preparing them, but there’s a lot more to it than that. 

They can also pack a strong punch. The sweet taste often masks the amount of alcohol used, which another reason why they are party favourites all over the world. Best of all, the alcohol is optional! You obviously wouldn’t want your workers to be drunk during lunchtime while they’re at work. It might be a party, but it’s also important that the party doesn’t get out of control and lead to a loss of productivity. You also have to keep in mind that some employees might want to abstain from drinking alcohol for personal reasons. However, there’s no reason why they can’t enjoy a light, non-alcoholic cocktail with their fellow coworkers. 

cocktails - spritzPhotobooth pictures

Memories are fickle, but photographs last forever! Well, they don’t actually last forever, even paper is liable to decay after some time. Still, they last close enough to forever that it matters taking them. They say that a photograph says a thousand words. Taking a lot of silly photographs will certainly lead to a lot more chitchat around the office. It’s wonderful fun for everyone and they get to keep the memories and embarrassing photograph blunders for themselves. 

Not every office has a functioning photo booth to just take pictures with. In fact, it’s very likely that no office has one. Fortunately, getting a photo booth is easy enough if you know where to get them. There are lots of photo booth machines for hire if you don’t want to buy one. Places like Photoboothme even have specialized photo booths for corporate events and parties. 

If you pick out a party theme, you can make some interesting photo albums. Imagine if everyone dressed up in fifties clothing and you only shot old-time photographs with a grainy effect. It would make for a great office album. 

photo booth slotSecret Santa

Some parties can be done every week, but this one is reserved for that special time of the year. When you’re busy around Christmas and the New Year, coming up with a gift for all your close ones can be a difficult task. Some of them might include people that you work with at the office. Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow focus all your creativity on one gift? Luckily, secret Santa is one way you can re-shape the gift giving experience in the office.

People like coming up with clever ideas for gifts. Everyone wants to see a happy expression on their fellow coworker once they’ve received a special gift. Secret Santa makes the process a lot more interesting and mysterious. You don’t know who gave you that special gift, but you get to see the wonderful reaction to your own gift. It’s an all-around wholesome experience for the whole office and it will brighten people’s days during and after the holidays. 


Throwing a party is a monumental task. You have to organize everything from scratch because the office isn’t a club nor a pub. Luckily, if you have the creativity and dedication, you can make something that your employees won’t soon forget. 

Article written by Stella Ryne

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