6 Important Parts of the House that Need Full Security


Learn the six important parts of the house that need full security and several techniques on how to secure these parts best.

Burglary still remains one of the most common property crimes in the United States. In 2018 alone, 1.2 million cases of burglary were recorded. The number of burglary cases, of course, has significantly decreased for the past 10 years. However, worrying about the security of your home and the safety of your family is still inevitable. With great advancement in home security, thieves have devised creative ways to sneak into anyone’s property. This is why having full security in your home remains a must.

With that, here is a list of the 6 important parts of the house that require full security –

  1. Front Door

You might think that sneaking in through the front door would be a burglar’s last resort, but believe it or not, most burglars enter through the front door most of the time. In fact, 34% of burglars enter through the front door in which 40% of successful break-ins are through forced entry and 32% are through unlocked doors. 

To prevent any possible break-ins, it is advised that your front door must be made of solid core. Unlike hollow core doors, solid core doors are very difficult to kick-in. Moreover, additional accessories such as deadbolts and strike plates will make your front door more secure and difficult for a burglar to open.

If you have additional budget, security cameras and motion sensors will greatly help in securing your front door. Security cameras are the number one thing burglars avoid. Motion sensors, on the other hand, will catch any potential intruder off-guard. 

  1. Windows

If a burglar fails to enter through the front door, chances are, the windows are their next target. Windows by nature are fragile and easy to break. However, there are some tricks and tips to prevent any intrusion through your windows

Window bars and grills are the most effective way in preventing any break-ins through your window. It prevents the burglar from entering your home even when the windows are already shattered.

If window bars are not your thing, there are other ways to make your windows secure. Additional window locks provide extra security, making it difficult for a burglar to open. Aside from this, you can fortify your windows using Plexiglass which is ten times stronger than regular glass. Electronic installations such as lights, security cameras and motion sensors will be useful as well.

  1. Garage

garage door

Thieves can be creative sometimes. In 2017, a thief robbed multiple residents in Sterling, North Virginia by entering through their garage doors. The thief has reportedly gained access using parked unlocked vehicles along the driveway and used the garage door openers inside. Clever, isn’t it?

With regard to this, it is advised to avoid clipping garage door openers inside your visors and to replace them with a keychain remote. You can also opt for a smart garage door opener that can open or close your garage door with your smartphone. Additional security measures you may utilize would be security camera installations, additional lighting and reinforcing your service door.

  1. Back Door

Just like front doors, back doors also need extra security. Back doors are one of the stealthiest places a burglar can enter to get inside your house since they can hardly be seen by your neighbors.

Installing similar front door safety features such as deadlocks, security cameras, motion sensors and alarms will help secure your backdoor. Metal back doors are also suggested instead of wooden ones as they don’t break easily when kicked or when brute force is applied.

  1. Second Floor Windows

If you think your second floor is immune, think again. Burglars will use every possible entrance even your second floor windows! Nearby trees or tools at their disposal, such as ladders, can be used by thieves to gain entry through your second floor windows. 

To prevent any break-ins through your second floor windows, first remove any potential tools that a burglar might use. It could be clearing the perimeter of your home with tools such as ladders, trimming tree branches near your second floor windows or planting shrubs around your home to prevent potential intruders from climbing up to your windows.

You may also reinforce your windows with Plexiglass or window bars to provide additional security if ever the burglar managed to climb up to your second floor. Security cameras, window locks and alarms will be useful too.


  1. Home Network

Even if you have a fully secured home, complete with all the necessary security installations, there is no certainty that you can no longer get robbed. With the new age of technology, thieves can potentially rob you even without physically entering your home by just hacking your home network.

To prevent hackers from tapping into your home network, here are two things you should do that most people neglect. First, change the default password of your router. Oftentimes, hackers know the default password of routers. If a hacker successfully accessed your router, they can also gain access to every device connected to that router. Second, update the firmware of your router. This is an important step in securing your router from potential hackers as it keeps the security features of your router up to date. 

Now that you have been equipped with crucial knowledge on how to secure the important and vulnerable parts of your home, it might be best for you to assess the present security of your home and create changes accordingly. Remember, it is best to act early than to be sorry later.

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