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An Interview with Erin Ross, founder of the Confidence Campaign

Hi Erin, can you tell us about the confidence campaign and how are you involved?

The Confidence Campaign is a campaign I started mainly with the idea of creating a graphic tee and tank that says “ I’m wearing confidence,” since i had never seen a shirt with that quote or that idea. I know that confidence and loving yourself is definitely something that women struggle with and I wanted to encourage women and young girls to love themselves for who they are and let their inner confidence shine through. I then began to think about my community and if there was a way to link the confidence campaign with a non-profit organisation. Harmony House came to mind since I have a friend who has worked for them for a while, and because of the amazing things they do for women and children who have been victims of domestic abuse. The Confidence Campaign became not only a campaign about promoting confidence in women, and young women, but also women who have experienced domestic abuse and have felt so low.

How do you think others can get involved?

I would love for others to help me with this campaign by either ordering a shirt to help or by donating to the cause. The other thing I think that we can do, is constantly think of ways that we can help our community. Are there things that you could do to help your community? Are there campaigns you could start for a certain non-profit?

 What can we do to help spread the word?

I would say educate yourself and find ways that you can do something in your community. I am so excited that I was able to start this campaign about confidence but also excited that I was able to link it to a great cause. Women need to be reminded how amazing and beautiful they are. If would be so extremely humbled and grateful if you were to spread the word about this campaign. We only have till June 20th to raise more money for Harmony House and I know that the money we raise will be used well! Share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or share it with your friends through email or talking. Any extra shares will help!

What is your blog about?

My blog is really all about life and the journey. I wanted to write about daily events and things happening in our lives to be able to look back on later in life, teaching and my students, relationships, DIY’s, Fashion and Decor/ Home styling- i have a lot of things that I enjoy and so I wanted to talk about all of those things. My goal is to always encourage and inspire my audience, while being authentic and completely myself. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way – share that with the world!

What do you do for a living?

I am a middle school orchestra teacher in Springfield Missouri. I have the awesome opportunity to impact hundreds of students and share my passion and love of music. I teach all 3 grades, so I get to see the students for all 3 years and watch as they grow and become amazing young adults. I also have my own viola/ violin studio out of my cute little apartment.

Do you think you will work with other charities in the future?

I sure hope to do more with other charities! I love helping others and trying to see the best in people and helping them see the best in themselves. I have been extremely blessed in my life and I want to always give back and pay it forward!

How can we stay updated?

Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/ or the Blog to check out what’s new!!!

Erin Hefta Ross- Facebook

erinruscel- Instagram

Mrs. Erin Ross- @ErrossMrs – Twitter

Can you tell us about the women we are helping by purchasing a teeshirt?

Yes, know that by you buying a shirt, you will be helping women and their families. Women who are at this shelter have fled from abusive homes and situations. Many of the women have families and have brought their children with them to get away from the abuse. On the website they have a couple success stories from women who have been a part of the program, finding shelter at Harmony House. One woman had been experiencing abuse for about 15 years and finally got away, or so she thought. She picked up her family and moved and began a new life. Everything seemed to be going well, but all of a sudden her abuser found her and it started up again. She called many shelters and had not gotten a response or was on waiting lists and once she finally got into a place, she had limited days to stay. As her time was coming to an end, she called the crisis line that Harmony House provided and talked with someone. She was able to flee to Harmony House to take shelter from the abuser. Harmony House gave her and her family a place to stay, got her kids signed up for school, gave her a case manager to help her set and make goals, helped her get a job and she and her family ultimately gained confidence and a new found strength. Pretty amazing things are happening there!

This is what Harmony’s House website says about their services:

Harmony House provides safe and secure emergency housing to families escaping domestic violence. Since 1976, our emergency shelter has offered women and their children the opportunity to rest and heal both emotionally and physically in a supportive environment. Each year, Harmony House provides shelter, case management, advocacy and other supportive services to more than 700 women and children. In addition to shelter services, Harmony House also offers outreach support, advocacy and prevention education services. It is our mission to help women break the cycle of domestic violence and live lives free from abuse.

Click here to purchase a tee shirt or donate to the cause for Harmony House 

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