7 Simple Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues

The mornings are dark and gloomy.  When I leave my day job, it’s pitch black and I finally gave in and switched the heating on the other day.  Autumn or even winter is well and truly upon us, and I suppose this year I have been struggling to adjust to change of seasons more than any other years before.  I have caught some winter blues…
We had a great summer, and it was hard to go from shorts and t-shirts to raincoats and wellies but the last couple of weeks have been particularly hard.
Of course, there is sure cosiness about Autumn, and I know some people jump with joy when Pumpkin Spiced Latte season begins.  Then you have bonfire night, cosy nights-in with your favourite programs or books, hot chocolate and comfort food
However, I could not help but feel a little bit under the weather and lacked the enthusiasm for all those autumnal vibes.  Last year we did quite a lot of season-themed crafting, hunted for acorns and conquers.  This year I found it hard to get up and go for some reason.
That’s how I came up with an idea for this post.  I decided the other day that unless I make some changes, the winter blues will take over.


As we naturally spend more time indoors during winter months, I like my surroundings to be cosier and inviting.  In the summer I concentrate on the garden and the kitchen/dining as that’s where we mostly spend our time.  In winter months my focus shifts to the living room and the bedroom.
We have just refreshed the walls to a soft grey colour, and I will be adding some warm yellow or orange accessories, such as pillows, a couple of throws and blankets to brighten the space a little.  Some new plants will also make the room look fresher.
Lastly, what would autumn and winter be without candles? I already have some Woodwick candleswhich give out amazing smell as well as crackle noise which sounds like a log fire. Very cosy…


It is all well and good to be cosy indoors, and I would love to hibernate throughout winter months. It is also essential to get out and make the most of the daylight.  Having two little boys, who need to burn some energy during the day is enough for me to get out and go but I know that if it weren’t for them, I would probably be a hermit during winter.  I love warmth too much.
We still go out to our favourite places locally for a short bike/scooter ride (weather permitting), walk or just visit a local playground for a quick charge around.   A lot of cities open an ice-rink around this time of the year – perfect family day out.
And of course, nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate or lemon tea after being out in the cold.


Over the years my wardrobe has shrunk.  I also started to put away seasonal clothes away and only keep the items which are suitable for a given season.  It is an excellent chance to get rid of things which are worn, you want to give away or maybe sell on eBay, as well as make a list of what you need for an upcoming Autumn / Winter time.
This time of the year I am also very excited about loungewear.  Hands up if you are the person who gets home and jumps straight into their cosy PJ’s.  In winter, when I am around the house I live in my PJ’s and slippers – comfort and cosiness are a priority!!


It’s all too easy to come home, do your chores, have dinner and park in front of TV binging on Netflix – believe me I know!  I am partial to a good crime drama.  Last year I set up this blog as a hobby.  I wanted to write, learn something new and blogging was an obvious choice.  Setting up a blog is very easy.  Once you know what you want your blog to be about there is a whole host of things to learn, starting from setting up themes, social accounts, managing social media to promoting what you write – it all kept me very busy.  This also made me realise that I lost passion for my current career path and potentially want to do something completely different.  You never know where your little hobby may lead you.
I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.  I certainly do more of that in autumn/winter than summer months.  Baking is easy, cheap and if you have little ones you can involve them as well.
Eat the season! This is the time when slow cookers come in full force and our family embrace soups, crumbles, stews and curries.  I love collecting recipes and then trying them out depending on the season.  I already have a folder full of what I would like to cook this winter.
Other things that can make those longer evening more interesting are crocheting, knitting, learning a new language (perfect to use on holiday next year, even if it is few phrases!), taking up Yoga, Pilates or starting a new workout plan – You Tube is full of fitness videos and you can choose whichever activity suits you.


Summers are usually busy spending time outdoors.  Recently I took advantage of a slowdown and took out all of the board games and puzzles we accumulated over the years.  My youngest is now 2,5 years old so he can get involved and some of the Orchard Games are perfect for him.  Also, winter evenings are great for movie nights, so we try to have one now and then.


Planning something to look forward to, doing research and even plotting next year holiday always makes me a little bit excited.  I need to be careful though as I tend to double book and my advice is not to get too carried away and avoid over-committing and subsequently feeling overwhelmed at everything you want to do.  We tend to focus on one big holiday next year, which gives us plenty of time to research the place, things we want to see & do.  Then we usually break it down to half – term holidays and Christmas break when we can go and visit some places and people we don’t get to see that often.


With our life being constantly busy I forget to make time for self-care and making sure I re-charge the batteries.  This is how the idea for this post originated.  I felt so overwhelmed running from one place to another, looking after everyone else that at some point I forgot about myself.  I guess this is where I caught this winter blues.  I am now determined more than ever
to carve out some “me time” and make sure I relax.
I will make sure that I have a nice luxurious bath once in a while, take more than five minutes to do my nails, sit with a face mask on while reading a book I was meant to read during summer holidays and have an early night.  It’s not much but some of those things put a smile on my face, don’t cost the earth and make me feel a lot better about myself.
What do you do to cope with the winter blues?  Please do share them in the comments below! 
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