DIY Nautical Themed Bathroom


A bathroom is the ideal place to have a Nautical theme and there are loads of ways to make your own unique hideaway a sanctuary. The best part about it is that you can make a lot of the decor by hand! Rope is a great material to work with and that is a big Nautical feature so I got many ideas for DIY projects involving rope, glue and cheap bits n pieces that you may have lying around or can buy on the cheap from any store. It is quite a rough and ready style so nothing has to be perfect. That makes it ideal for craft projects. Here are some items you will need –

A good length or spool of rope (depending on how many of the items you are making and what)

A glue gun (ideal) and a large tube of glue

A hack saw

Some rubber gloves

A large sheet of plastic to save the floor/table 

Some driftwood


Sand (dry)

Hurricane glass vases

A few picture frames (same sizes)


A drill for rope sized holes

A round framed mirror

A shoebox

A bucket 

Rope mirror

Starting with the classic rope mirror. All you need is a round mirror. You can get one with a frame and glue the rope to the frame directly. If you want to make it wider than the frame, you can glue the rope to the top of the last rope. Cut the rope a top the exact length by marking them with a marker once you reel it around. Once cut – with the hack saw at the correct length, use masking tape to attach the ends. Once finished use the twine to cover the masking tape with. Just wrap it around and tie at the back of each individual length. Don the rubber gloves for any glueing. Place the lengths one on top of the other and then glue them onto the frame and or attach to the ropes with glue. Finally, make a little rope tie hook for the top as a decoration. I advise using the hook on the back of the mirror to actually hang it, for safety and ease of use. Done!

Rope toilet roll holder

Next up is the toilet roll holder. A double ended hook is best for this one. Attach the hook to the wall and simply wrap the rope around it, as above. Then tie the rope through the toilet roll. Just tie the rope and untie to change the roll. Simple!

Rope mat

Rope mat

Make a round floor mat by rolling the rope flat, to the desired size and glueing it together along the insides of the rope. So simple and looks great!

Driftwood shelves with rope

The next item to make is a beautiful driftwood hanging shelf. If you can find some long pieces, perfect. You need to drill the holes for the rope at the ends and make them straight. Once you have drilled the holes, thread that rope (doubled) through it and knot it at the length you choose. Do the same on the other side. Finally tie the ends if the rope at the bottom and cut the rope with the hacksaw. Voila!

Rope basket

An easy to make rubbish bin can be crafted by wrapping the rope around a plastic bucket carefully. Use the glue gun as you go along and glue the rope to the bucket. Cut the end piece of rope at an angle so that’s neat and glue it down to finish. Too easy!

Rope box

You can do the same concept with a box for your face cloths or cosmetics. Just grab an old shoebox and line the inside with fabric. Glue down any excess fabric over the sides. Wrap the rope around carefully and finish at the back same as before with the angle cut facing down. Glue the rope to the shoebox and that’s it! 

Rope frames

For a nice feature, you can decorate a wall with some picture frames hanging on some rope. Choose Nautical photos or pictures like boats and seaside to display and then grab a length of rope to hang. Apply a hook to the wall and sling the rope over it. Make it the correct length to hold the picture frames and then mark where you want the top of each frame to hang with a marker. Remove the rope and then use hot glue to apply the rope to the back of the frames , lined up with your markings. Wait for that to dry and it’s  good to go!


For a pretty decoration, fill a hurricane glass with sand up to a third full. Throw in some shells around the sides and place a candle in a glass tumbler in the middle.

Towel holder rope

For a cool towel rail you can attach a couple of hooks in a line, the length of your choice for holding towels. Then just drape the rope along and tie around the hooks. Cut the end and it is as simple as that!

Crates storage

Crates are a great storage idea for the marine theme and are really cheap or sometimes free if you’re lucky. Ask your local off license or wine shop. They are so versatile  and can be painted white and stenciled with blue paint for effect.



Lastly, a large shell can be used as a pretty soap holder if you have one.

So I hope you like these ideas and if you do try any of them let me know.

Your bathroom will be ship shape in no time matey! 

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