By Lajjaish

I call it a magical village or rather a town with picture perfect frames .If you ever plan any kind of photoshoot, especially pre-wedding shoot then this is the place. When I visited this village for the first time it directly connected me to my story books of Fairytales. I have visited this town for almost 4 times till now, but its never enough.

Residents home

Whenever I have guests, we always visit this village and feel the same “Magical”. I am sure after seeing some pictures here even you will feel so. This town is also known as “Little Venice” or ” The Venice of Netherlands”. This place consists of only canals and no roads and people staying here have their own small islands so you can imagine how beautiful it would be.

beautiful boat rides


This village is located in Dutch province of Overrijssel.


Picture perfect

There was a group of fugitive or refugees who found this village in around 1230. They were from Mediterranean region. When they arrived there, they first noticed a large mass of goat horns ,that had been left out there due to heavy floods earlier. Due to this the group named the village “Giethoorn” which means “Goat Horns”.

Beautiful homes

Population today is less than 3000 people in the village and most of them have their own small islands.


home of the Residents of the village


Normally people visit it for a day but I would prefer to go and stay for a night to see the magical sunrise in this beautiful village. We can imagine how beautiful the sun rays would look in the canals.


  • Renting a boat and going around the town
  • Renting a Home and bike
  • Relax and enjoy the surrounding
  • Must see – The museum De Oude Aarde, it is the gemstone museum
  • A ceramic shop next to the museum

cutest ceramic shop in the town

beauty of the village Giethoorn


Normally people prefer to go there from Amsterdam , you can go by car which will be approximately 1hr and 30 mins or by railway. There is a train from Schilpol airport and Amsterdam Central Station that have a small halt at the town. I am staying in Antwerp (Belgium) so I always visit this town by car.

Canals of Giethoorn
Beauty of Giethoorn
Blooming flowers in Giethoorn
Beauty of Giethoorn

There are 180 bridges in the whole town.

Bridges in Giethoorn
Bridges in Giethoorn
cutest town
one of my favorite town -Giethoorn

I can just keep writing about it. The images are for sure edited but only contrast ,hue and saturations .Why not to edit it, if it looks more beautiful after that. Well, this is must visit town if you ever visit nearby. This town consists of beautiful gardens, canals and lake.

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