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I happened to purchase Glow Time BB Cream by Jane Iredale and here is my review! I love mineral makeup and have been doing a lot of research online to find the best full coverage mineral makeup for my skin. I have some redness and a few broken red thread veins around my nose so I need a full coverage makeup to camouflage that. I have become more confident without makeup since I have been noticing a reduction in the red marks and general redness of my skin, so for that I am truly delighted. However, I still need to have decent makeup and I have heard rave reviews about the Glow Time BB Cream by Jane Iredale with broad spectrum SPF 25.

I have provided a link to purchase this product below. It is an affiliate link so if you make a purchase through my site, I make a small commission. It is no extra cost to you. Thanks!

Glow Time BB Cream by Jane Iredale in boxBB3 shade Glow Time BB Cream by Jane Iredale

I live in France so the weather is hot here in summer, therefore I always have a factor 30+ sunscreen on my face. To be honest, no matter what the weather is, I would always wear SPF. The sun is the most ageing thing of all so I advise wearing at least factor 30+. Anyway, when I heard that Glow Time BB Cream by Jane Iredale has sunscreen in it I was keen to learn more. Of course, being a BB cream, that is the general assumption but what really drew me in is that this is also considered a full coverage foundation.

A friend of mine had a tube of this foundation and offered for me to try it before buying. I tried it on the side of my cheek and I really was impressed with the level of coverage and it just seemed so nice and light. The only problem was, I didn’t know what shade of foundation would be the most suitable. It turns out the only Jane Iredale stockist in France is in or around Paris, which is a long journey for me so I wasn’t able to get a professional colour match.

I was so interested in trying it for myself after the many online positive reviews, I just decided to take my chances and order the colour nearest to my natural skin tone. I have fair skin with red undertones but it isn’t light, it is a little darker than the pale option. I chanced going for the BB3 shade and ended up just gambling! I knew I wouldn’t have had the time to go and get colour matched at a main distributor so I just went for it.

Glow Time BB Cream by Jane Iredale full coverage foundation

Luckily for me, it seems a great colour match! It arrived today in the post and I was relieved when I tried it. The colour looked a little pale when I swatched it on my hand before. The way it sunk in and blended to the colour of my skin was quite amazing. Originally when I swatched it on my hand it seemed a bit thick and cakey. Within 30 seconds, it had blended almost unnoticeably on my hand. I couldn’t even detect the line of makeup!

I had a shower, primed my skin by cleansing well and moisturising with rosehip seed oil, waited for that to set in and then applied my SPF 30 matte moisturiser. I then applied it with my fingers. I do like applying foundation with my fingers but I prefer using a foundation brush. I didn’t have a clean one on hand as I was washing mine so went ahead and blended with my fingertips. The first thing I noticed was that is seems you only need a small amount. A little goes a long way. Thumbs up to that!

The next thing I noticed was that it is easily buildable. If I noticed an area of redness I could use a little extra foundation to cover it up. I waited til the end of the day to give my verdict as I always wear the foundation for the whole day to determine the quality of staying power. I did notice a little redness showing through on the sides of my nose as well as on my chin. This was easily rectified with a decent stay-in-place concealer.

Swatch of Jane Iredale glow time BB cream on hand

I loved the ‘glow’ it gave me but I definitely need a mineral powder to set it. For oily/combination skin like mine I think it is advisable to use a decent loose mineral powder to lightly dust over the top in order to set it properly. I would definitely consider purchasing the Jane Iredale mineral powder to compliment the Glow Time BB Cream. I find that products work best when custom matched so finishing with a product from the same range would ideally compliment the Glow Time BB Cream, in my opinion.

I will follow up with that review if and when I go ahead with it! I am really happy with the concept, coverage and usage of the Glow Time BB Cream by Jane Iredale. So far so good and it is still looking great tonight after wearing it all day. I touch my face a lot (terrible habit) but it hasn’t affected it much. All in all, I really like this foundation. I would love to try the concealer from the range also, as I’m guessing they are formulated to work together so I think I will consider buying that too.

Jane Iredale glow time bb cream foundation on hand

Bottom line – Glow Time BB Cream by Jane Iredale is mineral, non-toxic, sun protectant and contains antioxidants so it seems to be a great natural option, especially for those of us who need that full coverage. It is hard to find a great coverage natural foundation option but this has really impressed me!

BB cream foundation naturally blended on hand

It seems to glide over any wrinkles and open pores effortlessly, leaving a nice smooth and glowing complexion! It is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and non-comodegenic (doesn’t clog pores). It says to reduce risk of sun exposure to team it up with a factor 15 sunscreen or higher and also to limit sun exposure between the hours of 10AM and 2PM.

There is also a nice powder in the range with SPF which was recommended by my friend called Powder Me SPF and it has a little puff on the lid for easy application. See it here

This Glow Time BB Cream foundation is water-resistant for 40mins and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad spectrum sunscreen.

Label info on Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream foundation

Have you tried Glow Time BB Cream by Jane Iredale or any mineral makeup products from the range? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing your feedback!

For a free colour matching service by sending a photo of your skin, click here

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