Drones are Being used Everywhere!


Drones are becoming increasingly popular, and not just as a hobby. They are being used in many industries and are becoming more and more widespread in their uses.

Here is a run down on the various industry areas they are being used –

Agriculture – drones are bing used to monitor livestock, crop density and health, water and temperature. Heat sensors are used to measure the water temperature. This makes farming more productive for large areas where it is difficult to oversee everything manually. It takes a lot less money to survey with a drone than with manpower, therefore making huge savings in the long run.

Geological surveying – drones can accurately measure land for miles at a way faster pace than humanly possible and with more accuracy due to the superior technology and use of laser measurement. Check out this article to learn more here

Archeology – a drone can easily be sent over the hard to access areas, such as desert and outback and use lasers to scan the area to provide a more detailed three-dimensional map. It is also the most cost-effective method. Read more about it here

drone in sky with camera

Measuring distances by laser

Electromagnetic sensors can be used to identify the location of minerals, oil and natural gas

Drones can have biological sensors to measure air quality as well as checking for micro-organisms and organic compounds

Fire control and tracking is a feature that can be used by the fire department during bush fires. They can measure and map wildfires.

Disaster relief – drones used to deliver medical supplies to areas that are unreachable by humans and also the use of infra-red sensors to detect humans that are stranded or in danger. Read more here

Storm tracking – drones can be sent into hurricanes and tornadoes to detail the weather parameters, without risk to humans. Read about it here

Power lines can be easily checked without danger to humans and are a safer way for electricity companies to perform checks and maintenance

Tall buildings and structures can be scaled and surveyed safely and without harm to humans, at a quicker pace and with more accuracy

Film-making is made less expensive with the use of drones. Aerial footage no longer needs to be taken from expensive machinery such as helicopters. In 2014, FAA issued permits to 6 film studios in order to film sporting events such as skiing and snowboarding at the 2014 Sochi Olympics

Public safety – drones can monitor crowd control, criminal activity and provide accurate detail in crime scenes without disrupting the area in any way. Drug smugglers and migrants can be caught at the borders

Drone in sky with coloured lights

Police drones – can be used to track missing people, assess traffic accidents, take crime scene photos, all very useful and accurate applications

Delivery services – UPS and Amazon are now using drones for home deliveries. The Royal Mail are said to be pursuing the idea. Read more about it here

Supermarket to home deliveries – just order your groceries online or else do your shopping in the supermarket, then have a drone transport them for you to your front door! Check it out! 

Traffic control – drones are being used efficiently to monitor traffic and provide reports of congestion so that road users can take an alternative route, also provided! Yippee, no more traffic chaos, or at least controlled chaos!

Military – Probably the most commonly known use of drones is to provide safety in the military where there are situations a drone can be sent into high risk areas instead of humans. Here is a more detailed review

Phone companies – use drones to monitor and gain better access to phone reception in areas of bad coverage and to improve technology

Construction companies – lots of uses for drones in place of manual labour and surveying. See here

Passenger drones – this is the most exciting one of all! Drones that carry people across the sky 🙂 Dubai has set up a drone taxi service this summer! They’re also very fast. Check it out here!!

Drone pilot courses – in some countries you must possess a license in order to operate a specific type of drone. With the widespread popularity, there needs to be a level of safety, so here are the important details if you are wondering about whether you need one. Note – remote controlled drones used for hobbies not included. See here


Pretty cool eh? What do you think of the use of drones? There are some people who think it is invasive of privacy, others who worry it could be another way for terrorists to attack. Most people seem to agree that they are a safer and advanced option in certain industries. Do you think it is a better way to do business and move forward with technology? Do let us know what your views are in the comments below. We love hearing your feedback.

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