5 Top Casual Dining Spots in Dublin City


By Forever the Wanderer

Here are 5 top casual dining spots in Dublin city –

Over the past few months I have been spending a lot more time in Dublin. During my stay in Dublin with my boyfriend Ryan, we have eaten in so many different restaurants. I want to tell you the top five casual dining spots that I have eaten in over the past few months.

Flanagan’s – O’Connell Street

Flanagan's o'connell st dublin

I absolutely loved this restaurant. Ryan and I went here during a day visit to Dublin. This food was so amazing we almost missed our train home! Flanagan’s has a gorgeous interior. The ambiance is warming and welcoming. As soon as I walked in I knew I was going to enjoy my visit.

The staff were very kind and welcoming. We got seated at a small two person table and were given menus immediately. There was a choice between two menus. We got a beautiful steak dinner and had a cold bottle of Kopparberg to wash it down. After dinner Ryan got a bread and butter pudding and I got some ice-cream and fruit.

La Pizza – O’Connell street

La Pizza Dublin - pizza and beer

We choose this gorgeous pizza restaurant a night when we were supposed to be cooking but we were both lazy. I’m glad we were lazy that night because the pizza was one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten.

The inside looks sort of like your sitting in a canteen but it is absolutely amazing. I got my usual pepperoni pizza and Ryan got a meat feast with jalapenos. He made me take a bite of a jalapeno almost killed me. I hate spicy food.

We also got a bottle of bulmers to go with the meal. I really enjoyed eating here and I will definitely go back when I’m craving pizza again. The good thing is they don’t just serve pizza they have many different dishes to choose from.

Milano – Clarion Quay

Milano casual dining restaurant Dublin - pizza

This restaurant is one of my favourites. The restaurant’s design is absolutely stunning. I loved eating in Milano. When we walked inside we were greeted by friendly, smiling staff members. We were led to our table and handed a huge menu with a ton of dishes to choose from.

I got the classic American pizza which is just plain old pepperoni. Our food arrived very quickly and we enjoyed our gorgeous pizza’s. Yes we had one full pizza each! loved this restaurant and would visit it again and again.

Soma – O’Connell street

Soma dublin casual dining restaurant

If you like the whole hipster atmosphere this place is for you. Soma is run like a cafe but serves food you will find in a restaurant. I got the steak and Ryan got an avocado burger. My steak was really nice and I did enjoy the food there.

The staff were all lovely and seemed to really enjoy working here. The atmosphere was very relaxed. I even seen on of the waiters dance behind the counter to the music playing. It was a really great place to visit.

Brannigan’s bar – Cathedral street

Brannigans bar, dublin

Ryan and I haven’t eaten here but we have visited this bar/restaurant but it serves amazing food. While Ryan and I were having a drink just relaxing we were watching the food being served and the presentation was amazing.

Brannigan’s bar has a gorgeous interior. Anytime I visit the bar I have such a great time. The atmosphere is just so relaxing. You need to visit this bar, have a drink and enjoy a nice meal.

So there you have it. Those are my top 5 casual dining spots in Dublin city. Have you tried any of them? Let us know in the comments.

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