Crafts to Help Increase Mindfulness and Reduce Stress


It is proven that having a therapeutic hobby helps with mindfulness. You can use crafts to help increase mindfulness and reduce stress. A great way to practice mindfulness and de-stress is choosing a pass-time or craft that can help you focus on that, forget about any worries or anxieties and just enjoy being creative. The end result is satisfying and you might even find it to be a wonderful escape from your hectic or routine lifestyle.

Remember when you were a child in school and you enjoyed making things, learning new crafts and enjoying your time? Well there is no need to stop being creative and learning new crafts when you are grown up. I decided to put to together a list of fun crafts to try and help increase mindfulness and reduce stress. Here they are –

Painting stones or rocks. Gather some nice smooth stones/rocks when you are out for a walk. Enjoy collecting your stones while taking a nice relaxing walk, enjoying the scenery, the sound of nature and breathing the fresh air. When you have collected some, take some coloured paints and a brush and start painting! It is so simple really but you can make some cool creations and use them as decorations, put them in a plant bed or else use them as paper weights. It is nice relaxing craft that doesn’t involve any stress.

painted decorative rocks

Colouring in. I recently bought myself an adult colouring book and I have to say it is so relaxing and satisfying to colour in! It is a simple and mindful hobby. I leave the book in my living room and whenever I feel like chilling out, I just pick up my colouring book and start colouring in. It is incredibly relaxing.

Beading. I used to love making beaded jewellery when I was younger and even set up a market one time. It is so therapeutic and it is a great hobby since you can create some beautiful jewellery into the bargain. Even set up a market like I did. Either way, they make great presents for people, very personal. It is fun choosing from all the pretty beads too.

beaded bracelets old wrists holding hands

Knitting. Contrary to popular belief, knitting isn’t just for girls. Nowadays, it is normal to see a man knitting. It is a very relaxing and enjoyable craft. Again, you can produce some lovely items such as scarves, jumpers, gloves and hats. Over time, you will grow to love it. It really is a wonderful craft and perfect to help de-stress.

Scrap-booking. Remember the days when you used to tear pages out of magazines and enjoy cutting around the edges and carefully placing them in a scrap book? There was something very therapeutic about it. Often times when we would do this at school, there would be complete silence in the class room. Everybody seemed engrossed in their work. It is a great relaxing and satisfying thing to do. Just grab some old magazines, a scrap book and some pritt-stick and you can start your theme. 

Painting. Ok this is an obvious one but when was the last time you painted? Like a proper picture? I haven’t painted a proper picture since high school. I always loved painting and art in school, it was my best subject. I have always said I would buy some supplies and start again. Now is the time. Get some decent paints, a good brush and some canvas. If you really enjoy it, why not get a proper easel and set up a space at home? A great way to unwind.

paints, brushes and painting tools

Stencilling. Do you remember the stencil wheels you had when you were a kid? How cool were they? I used to spend hours doodling stencils. They can create some awesome designs with little or no effort. Grab a stencil from a kids toy shop or craft store and play with it to create some designs. You can colour them in afterwards or frame them. 

Planting/gardening. A lovely way to pass the time in peace and de-stress is to get into the garden and plant some pretty shrubs or seeds. The end result is beautiful when they brighten up a garden and give some cheer. It is also quite relaxing to potter around in the garden and increases mindfulness. Re-arrange your plant bed or create a garden feature. A water feature could be nice too. The sound of water is very relaxing. You can even plant indoors if you don’t have a garden. See here.

Baking/cooking. A lovely way to de-stress and enjoy your free time is to bake/cook some yummy food. Find a nice new recipe to try and buy all the ingredients or work around whatever you have in the house. Most cooking and baking goods are readily available anyway. Take your time and de-stress while mixing your ingredients and mindfully creating a yummy recipe. Of course you get to enjoy your cooking/baking afterwards or you can give them away. Check here for some inspiration.

Mosaics. There is something really satisfying about smashing tiles, then re-arranging them to create pretty mosaics. Pick up some cheap tiles or ask at your local tile shop if they have any broken spares and grab a piece of decor you wish to revamp such as a plant pot or frame. Buy the craft tools and adhesive for cutting and sticking the mosaics on. Have fun by crafting lovely pieces and enjoy the relaxing craft that is mosaics.

famous mosaic by Gaudi

Papier maché. This brings me back to my school days of making masks in art class. It was so mindful and helped to de-stress. Years later I used paper maché to make a lamp shade. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest for things to make with papier maché. You could even substitute the crepe paper with lace or doilies for a pretty lamp shade or bowl. It is relaxing and enjoyable.

Revamp old furniture. Find an old piece of furniture and use your imagination to give it a whole new look. You could sand down a wooden desk or chair and repaint or spray, try your hand at découpage or reconstruct it to make it useful. The possibilities are endless and it is a great hobby. De-stress by putting your mind to creating your new piece. Here is one idea.

Make paper flowers/decorations. There are literally hundreds of tutorials on Pinterest to make paper flowers and decorations and there are some really beautiful ones. Check out our Pinterest, there is a whole section on paper flowers! Also DIY projects so check it out and get inspired! Flowers are bound to cheer you up and make you feel relaxed.

paper crafting

So I hope I have inspired you with these crafts to help increase mindfulness and de-stress. They are all easy to do, require no stress and are cheap to try. Even the kids can get involved as it is important for kids to practice mindfulness also. It could be a great way to get the family involved and have fun together.

We all loved doing these crafts as kids in school so it will be fun to go back to and also fun to enjoy with kids. We are all big children at the end of the day!

A great way to get in touch with your inner child and play again. I love the satisfaction of creating something new.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions and do let me know how it goes for you and you have helped increase mindfulness and de-stressed.

It is proven that having a therapeutic hobby you can use crafts to help increase mindfulness and reduce stress. A great way to practice mindfulness and de-stress is choosing a pass-time or craft that can help you focus on that, forget about any worries or anxieties and enjoy being creative. The end result is satisfying

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