One of Spain’s prettiest cities, Seville is no foreigner to foreigners. Unlike Barcelona and Madrid that are swamped with tourists, Seville is definitely on the more local side.

This city is incredibly beautiful and every day that I live here as an expat I fall more and more in love with the city.

Sure not speaking Spanish very well has its downs, but nonetheless, this city has stolen my heart.

I’m extremely big on living life like a local.

Whenever I’ve been to a place and people ask me for my list of must do things in that city, 8/10 recommendations will be the more underground/local things.

No exception here, sure a couple of these things are very touristy and you will see in every travel guide, but the other I hope you visit and enjoy as much as I did.


Royal Alcazar47

The Royal Alcazar Palace, Seville


Probably the most touristy thing on this list, I however still wanted to include The Royal Alcazar Palace, well because it’s absolutely breathtaking!

Come very early, as there will always be a line, and I suggest getting the guided tour for $10 extra, that will allow you to skip the line and learn something about the beautiful palace and gardens.

After the tour and Alcazar go into the gardens and enjoy a glass of vino or a Cerveza in the bar overlooking the gardens.

If the beauty hasn’t convinced you enough to visit this palace, maybe telling you that parts of Game of Thrones were filmed here will? A must visit!

La Alameda, Seville


The not so touristy district of Sevilla called the La Alameda is a must visit. There are a lot of local pubs, parks, and beauty all around, also the perfect spot to people watch.

Toward the end of the night, musicians will come around playing guitar and flamenco dancers will show. Grab some tapas and vino, and enjoy the free show.



Find the best tapas in Seville


TAPAS TAPAS TAPAS are an absolute must when in Spain.

Probably my favorite thing about living here, since I’m such a foodie and I love trying/sharing different foods.

With so many different variations of tapas, how can one get tired of them? I dare you to go to a different tapas restaurant every night you’re in town.

Read my blog about the Top 5 Tapas Restaurants in Sevilla for recommendations on where to go.


Learn Flamenco in Seville


When in Spain you must visit a Flamenco show, that is a given.

But why just go see a flamenco show when you can learn flamenco as well.

Many theaters and bars that have flamenco shows will offer free or very cheap classes after the show.

Grab some friends and enjoy this traditional dance.


La Terraza de EME,Seville


If you didn’t know this about me yet, there are a few things I absolutely love and must do when traveling.

1. Eat copious amounts of local food

2. Pretty much always have a glass of wine in my hand

3. People watch locals, and

4. Find the best views of the city.

La Terraza de EME hits 3/4 of these points. It’s attached to a hotel, so don’t be turned off when entering this beautiful joint.

Have dinner at the downstairs restaurant, though not exactly local food still one of the best meals I’ve had in Sevilla then head on over to my favorite rooftop lounges right upstairs.

Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine while overlooking the famous Gothic Cathedral and one of Sevilla’s best views.


Mercado Lonja del Barranco, Seville


This place is super fun! When coming here make sure you go to the Mercado by the river and not the other one.

What this place is a big building with different vendors inside. There are multiple tapas vendors, a vendor just for jamon, wine, sweets, and anything you can pretty much think of.

After you’ve filled your belly with deliciousness, head outside and enjoy some cocktails on the river. The view of the river is perfect for a romantic date.



The Mushroom (Metropol Parsasol) Seville


Another touristy monument, (though not as touristy as the Alcazar.

Every time I’ve been here there have only a few dozens of people); and not quite sure why people call this the Mushroom, as it looks nothing like one;

This piece of architecture is one of the most intricate and coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Be sure to take the lift up as it is quite high. Once on top, you can see the entire city from a perspective you’ve never seen.

Sit down, relax, and have a glass of wine while people watching from above.


Get lost in the city and smell the orange blossoms

Sevilla has a specific scent to it that’s hard to explain to anyone that hasn’t spent time here.

The entire city smells like orange blossoms, yep I said it, orange blossoms.

Not just in the summer, pretty much all the time! How amazing. So explore the beauty, get lost, and smell the orange blossoms.

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Xoxo Ania Travels 💜


Article by Ania from Ania Travels