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Embracing the Modern Look by Victoria Lee Home
Mid-century modern design became popular in the middle of the last century.  With noted designers like Charles Eames, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and George Nelson, the trendiest mid-century homeowners clamored to get their hands on the latest styles.  The famed Eames Lounge Chair and Barcelona chair have been replicated many times over the years, most notably by Herman Miller.
Eames chair - herman miller
Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman | Herman Miller
A more updated version of the modern look has homeowners mixing mid-mod pieces with other styles.  Boho chic, traditional, and even French Country to name a few.  The juxtaposition of a clean lined sofa mixed with a chair with a cabriole (curved) leg is a beautiful combination.
When considering going with a modern look, there are a few things to consider.
  • Comfort:  If you are quite tall, you may not want to choose a modern sofa or chair.  They are typically low backed as well as being lower to the ground.  Instead, bring the modern pieces in as the accent tables.
  • Style:  A modern look is typically more simplistic in the design of the pieces.  The supporting details (accessories) are more minimalistic.  It is not necessary to have a lot of accessories or clutter when choosing this look.
  • Budget:  To purchase authentic modern design is often quite expensive.  If you want to collect the authentic pieces, you may be building your room a piece at a time.  There are a lot of retailers who replicate the look at a much more affordable price.
Once you’ve settled on the room you want to do, you can decide if you want to go full-on modern or if you want to try blending that look with some of the other popular styles.

Mid-century modern living room:


Everything is simple with clean lines and solid fabrics.  While this look is monochromatic, you can add pops of color in the pillows and the artwork on the walls.
One of the hottest looks right now is a more bohemian vibe.  Boho Chic blends really well with modern. Utilizing the same clean-lined furniture, Boho Chic incorporates more texture such as macrame plant holders, jute rugs, and fun punches of color and pattern.

Bohemian style dining room:


Boho Mod - the glitter guide
If you are more traditional, you may prefer a more transitional look.  Transitional style is a blend of both modern and traditional styles that are well balanced.  For example, a softer edge on a clean lined sofa, mixed with traditional floral pillows and geometric lamps.

Transitional living room:


For all three of the styles, the foundation goes back to the clean modern lines that emerged in the middle of the last century.  The mid-century look is timeless and can be blended with just about any other style.  Blending styles will give your home a more curated look – meaning it looks like it was pulled together carefully over time.  A well-balanced blend creates warmth and depth to your home.  It’s a look that can be enjoyed for many years to come.
Be sure to join me at Victoria Lee Home for great design tips, tricks, and trends.
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Shop the look:


Conception Studios - etsy mid mod art
Concepcion Studios | Etsy



Mid mod chair _Target



mid-century-expandable-dining-table-o West Elm
West Elm
Disclaimer:  Any products recommended here are done so from my own experience. No goods have been exchanged nor payment offered for mentioning any of the products listed here.  Cover photo credit: Marisa Vitale.

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