Recreating Interior Design Schemes from Classic TV Shows (Father Ted!)


There is a recent interior design trend which brings back some fond memories and adds a fun new twist to designing your living room. I was intrigued to see scenes from classic tv shows recreated in various interesting schemes. 

One which really caught my attention was the iconic Father Ted’s living room, which brought back some fond and hilarious memories. In case you haven’t heard of it, Father Ted is a side-splittingly funny series about 3 Irish priests who were sent to an island off Ireland called Craggy Island. Set in the middle of nowhere, the 3 misfit priests live together with their trusty housekeeper Mrs Doyle. It is comic genius and their living room is where most of the shenanigan’s take place.

*Chill insurance have done a clever blog post on how to recreate the drab old living room into something modern and updated, by using on trend interior design schemes to update it.

The trend of updating your living room to mimic your fave classic tv shows has taken off and recently Ikea have begun recreating interior design schemes from series such as Friends, The Simpsons and Stranger Things. I have to say though, Father Ted was my all-time fave series so Chill wins! Plus, I am pretty sure they got there first with the idea…

Here are some pics of their inspiring and stylish recreated schemes from Father Ted’s living room –

6 Imaginitive 3D renders of 2019 design trends updating Father Ted’s living room 

Living Walls Design recreating Father Ted's living room

Living Walls

What a stunning key interior design trend. This botanical foliage brings the outdoors in and looks absolutely amazing on these feature walls. All that fresh leafy green, texture and relaxing natural beauty makes this a beautiful space. The monochrome style with modern sleek furnishings is cool and contemporary. Check out the new and improved coffee machine. Mrs Doyle would not be impressed haha!

Hollywood Glam

Glam interior design scheme recreating Father Ted's living room

This glamorous interior design scheme has the wow factor and brings a luxurious new look to the scheme. The plush rug, gold accents, crystal chandelier and black leather come together well against the pure white backdrop and cool marble. The glamorous look gives an expensive feel with the potted palms bringing in some colour and softening the space. A far cry from the drab and dated Craggy Island parochial house!


Industrial design interior recreating Father Teds living room

Industrial design is still hugely popular and on trend in 2019. The warehouse style with exposed brick, metal furnishings and pipes and abstract art can give that trendy and youthful vibe to your living space. It is modern, yet doesn’t seem to ever go out of style!


Bohemian style interior

This bohemian style interior scheme is colourful, bold and fun. Eclectic is the name of the game here, with some carefully chosen foreign souvenirs, bright multicoloured fabrics and different textures. The bohemian trend is a vintage style resembling the 70’s in terms of furniture with a freedom to decorate with abandon, choosing bric-a-brac, random souvenirs and artwork. A ‘more is more’ approach, as opposed to the less is more minimalist approach. A great fun style to play around with, including plants, books, throws, cushions and rugs galore!

Mid Century

Mid century style

This unimposing and elegant style features wood as a primary texture and incorporates the simplicity of nature. It gives a real sense of calm, relaxation and serenity. The art work brings the feeling of the outdoors into your living room along with the elegant woods and neutral fabrics. Love it!

Modern Country

Modern Country style - father ted living room recreated

This modern country scene is homely and comfortable with a rustic vibe. The mint green is relaxing and the brown leather and wood are classic style. Clusters of photos in black and white give a modern twist and give that homeliness. The neutral fabrics are plush and warm with cosy textures. A stylish and snug living space to enjoy lounging in comfort.

I think Chill have done a fab job recreating Father Ted’s living room and this trend is really catching on! It is fun to try out in your own home. I wonder if Mrs Doyle would approve! Check out the original blog post here and do the quiz to see if you can find the hidden items from Father Ted for the craic! 

Let us know if you manage to find all the hidden objects in the comments so if you get stuck we can give you a hint! 

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*This post is in collaboration with Chill Insurance. All opinions are my own. 

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