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With the past years’ rise in popularity of bloggers, it comes as no surprise that we tend to look up to the most established ones in their field for advice, tips or inspiration. And style bloggers aren’t any different. Growing up, I used to read fashion magazines with my mom, or watch fashion & beauty shows on TV. Then, during my late teens I switched to reading fashion magazines online, and in the past 3-4 years, I started preferring bloggers and Youtubers. And that’s mainly because – and I don’t think I’m just speaking for myself here- they seem more realistic, more relatable and their standards more attainable for everyone, while still keeping that glimmer of glamour in their everyday outfits.


So I discovered some truly remarkable ladies who have served as a source of inspiration, not only because of their beautiful style, but also for their outstanding personalities. You’ll notice how I’m talking about style versus fashion here- and that’s because each of these ladies have an unmistakable style all of their own. They’re much more than the owners of 100 pairs of trendy of stiletto’s or glamazons clad in the latest jumpsuit from the catwalk- their unique qualities and characteristics translate seamlessly into their outer appearance, again proving that style is a reflection of our unique personalities.

Carrie at WishWishWish
















Carrie’s blog is a rich kaleidocope of fashion, beauty, travelling, lifestyle, places to try out in London or just getting out and about, making her blog a rich resource when it comes to authentic style. Her looks are quite varied, and oftentimes punctuated by masculine elements, retro or more boho-rock items, which actually work extremely well with her more feminine pieces. I quite admire her ability to draw a perfect cat eye and her fresh make-up and hair look, but I think it’s her quirky, fun and authentic personality shining through that makes me return to her blog again and again.





Aria at AriadiBari

Aria is an amazing French style blogger who – get this- is also a fashion designer! So there’s a good chance that a lot of the pieces you’re swooning over on her blog are actually made by her. She does some amazing pairings that manage to be at the same time innovative and classic, and which suit her to a T. Plus, she’s the only person ever who made me love a dress over jeans outfit! Check out her blog for a bit of French style savoir-faire, and get some tips on how to turn classic, clean cut pieces into head turners.

Krystal at Thistimetomorrow

I love Krystal’s no-nonsense approach to writing, living and dressing. Her voice as a writer is crystal clear throughout all her posts, making her blog a joy to read- plus, her outfit choices are bold and imaginative, and a lot of times at very affordable prices. And next to the outfit parts, she includes witty, sometimes pensive, sometimes ironic posts on life aspects, such as relationships, memories or life lessons. Everything set with a few good doses of New York city in the background (or the fabulous travel spot du jour). A truly enjoyable read, more than skin deep.

Sonja at RetroSonja

IMG_0300 - 2




Sonja is an Amsterdam blogger writing both in Dutch & English- but way beyond language, her pictures themselves speak volumes! Her outfits often veer towards vintage inspired, feminine and playful, with many surprising but very inspired combinations. Sonja is clearly not afraid of color or patterns, which are coincidentally some of my favorite sartorial elements as well. Her style is extremely versatile, and she transmits happiness and confidence through all of her choices- plus, you can catch some glimpses of the gorgeous city of Amsterdam throughout her posts as well!

And honestly, who wouldn’t love this city?


Claudia at ClaudiaFagadar

EM2_6387 (1).jpg




Claudia is a fellow Romanian blogger who also writes in English and every time I go to her blog, I feel like I just stepped into a fairytale. She has an amazingly feminine and radiant style, from her beautiful curly hair, to her usually natural & rosy makeup and to her beautifully girly outfits. If you’re a lover of dresses, lace, pastels and flower prints, go check her blog out- you can thank me later 🙂 She also shows us glimpses of her beautiful home and of her travels, so it’s a blog well worth following for its multi-dimensional approach.













I hope that you enjoy visiting each of these lovely ladies’ blogs and that you maybe even find some style inspiration. Sometimes, a small push is enough to spark your imagination and creativity, and inspire you to express yourself more through your style. Thanks for reading, and if you have some favorite style bloggers, spread the love and share them with us!


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