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Even though I’ve been on annual leave from work this past week, it’s actually being a productive one for the blog so I’m well pleased. I’ve been in Ireland spending time with some loved ones in and outside Dublin and just taking a well deserved break away from London and well, the rat race. Eugh! I love London, don’t get me wrong…after all, I chose to live there. But sometimes, it feels like it lacks that deep human connection I get more of when I’m home in Ireland. Everything just seems so mechanical in London whilst in Ireland, people actually tend to care more about building genuine connections. Or perhaps they just do a better job of faking it.🤷‍♀️Anyways, maybe it’s just a case of the grass being greener on the other side. Ok so I have totally digressed so let me try and get back to the intended post for today. 

Today’s look is a dose of double denim with a pop of colour. I’ve been gravitating towards yellow a lot lately. These shoes are my sister’s but I saw them and couldn’t resist. (Thanks Demz😘). I’m probably one of the few people who are still desperately clinging on to what’s left of summer 2017. I mean, I see brands and influencers already talking about AW17 and I’m rolling my eyes, thinking, “can you just take a chill pill”!🙄😏 Now, they’re right to be doing so as the next season is just round the corner but allow me to linger on in this state of denial for as long as I can. Maybe it’ll make the sun come back for a bit. Or maybe not. But a girl can dream, eh!

As with most girls in this corner of the world, when it comes to high street, Zara is the go to for a lot of things especially during sale season. Being the bargain hunter that I am, I particularly stalk Zara towards the end when prices get super slashed. The denim top and the bag were both from the sale. The jeans were gifted to me by a friend as were the earrings from another friend and I absolutely love them. I love pearls (both the fake it till you make it ones faux and the real deal) so the pearl detail on these are a welcomed bonus.

In an age where we’ve all gone skinny jeans crazy, it’s also nice to have a pair that aren’t skinnies. Zara’s description of them online is “straight and vintage style” although I would personally classify them more as mum jeans.

I guess ma’s are vintage, right? Jokes! Either way, you’ll be seeing me in these a lot. 😀 

Is anyone else still summer-crazy like me? I haven’t checked the forecast for the weekend but hoping for some sunshine so I can rock this outfit without adding any layers. Hope you have a pleasant weekend.


Sumbonita the Emerald Lass.xox

Photography by Steven Beatsmith

Denim top:Zara(sold out) SimilarII Jeans with pearls:Zara (sold out) Similar  II Shoes: Zara (sold out) Similar II Basket bag:Zara II Sunglasses:Topshop


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