70’s Fashion is making a Comeback!


Seventies fashion is back with a bang and it is so welcome! Fashion in the 70’s was all about individuality. Freedom and personal expression by creating your own identity was the aim of the game. There were no rules and colour was embraced. Disco, glam rock and shiny fabrics were all the rage. Retro items such as bellbottoms, hot pants, mini skirts and hippy clothing were continued into the 70’s and the less wide version of bellbottoms, the Flares were born. Glitter, satin, chainmail and sequins were a popular choice on the club scene, where tunes such as ‘Stayin Alive’ by the Bee Gee’s were belted out. Disco balls made everything shinier so they would glisten in the light. What a great time to be enjoying your youth! ¬†


Models posing in flares
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The 70’s also brought in the casual chic look which consisted of teeshirts, jeans, sweatshirts and runners. The hippie look from the 60’s was still very much ‘stayin alive, and that gave an ethnic mix to the wide range of styles present in the 70’s. Tie-dye shirts, peasant blouses, folk embroidery, ponchos, and more. Frayed jeans, maxi dresses and skirts, as well as ankle length maxi dresses were worn beautifully. The Boho look is really a favourite of mine and it never dates so vintage all the way for me! Indian and Native American patterns were also to be seen.

Kimonos, capes and billowing sleeves are trademark Seventie’s looks. Footwear included knee-high boots, platforms – of course, Birkinstocks, round toe boots, platform sandals, loafers and Mary Janes.

Accessories were surprisingly minimalistic so small leather shoulder bags and thin neck chains or chokers as well as the ever-popular iconic 70’s mood ring were worn. However, the large hoops and OTT earrings were worn regularly and sunglasses were of all shapes and sizes. Turbans were another cool 70’s look.

Afro haired model posing in flares and 70s halter neck
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Gym-wear became fashionable such as the jumpsuit – a classic 70’s look which often makes a comeback. Almost always flared at the ends, sleeveless or bell-sleeved.

Tracksuits, crop-tops, hipsters, low-rise yoga pants, hip-huggers and tube tops were all seen on the streets. Headbands became everyday casual wear.

long haired model posing in red flares and a black low cut choker halter
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Around the mid-seventies, tailored styles became more popular. The clothes were more fitted and styles included fitted dresses, suede blazers and coats, peacoats, palazzo pants, tube dresses, pinstriped trouser suits,  layering and sometimes two blouses worn at once.

Footwear continued similarly and the Wedge heel was introduced. Ankle and platform boots as well as cowboy boots were not uncommon.

Long curly haired model wearing high top jeans and velour low cut halter
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Late 70’s fashion included cowl-neck tops, sundresses, low-cut shirts, velour, robes, designer jeans, loose satin pants, daisy dukes and tennis shorts.

Accessories became more of a feature, such as scarves, gold, belts – either wide or skinny, mules, waist-clinchers and 40’s style hats.

Colour began to fade into earthy tones such as light blue, browns, greys, whites and tan. Less flamboyant than before.

Floral printed hippie dresses were in and the one-piece swimsuit was the popular choice at the time.

Disco style however, was still very much a thing. Disco music was the inspiration behind the iconic 70’s look and it consisted of sequinned, shiny and metallic halter necks, spandex, jersey wrap dresses – Diane Von Furstenburg is associated with the famous dress since 1972 (never went out of fashion). Showing off the body was the name of the game during that time, so the tighter the better! Maxi skirts, evening gowns and side-splits were seen in nightclubs where an anything goes approach was still the theme.

3 models walking side by side wearing flares
Copyright: Ela Image


It is really great to see 70’s comeback and it will be so much fun to play around with so many different styles and daring pieces to choose from. I can’t wait to see it hitting the streets again!

A big thanks to Ela for providing me with this fantastically styled and photographed hot photoshoot of the 70’s style. Check her out on Instagram for more style, hair and makeup inspo.

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