Modern Moroccan Vibe

Image du produit Table gigogne ronde
Zara Moroccan style side tables

A modern take on the traditional Moroccan style.

I have taken a more neutral approach so that this look is easily integrated into most styles of home interiors.

Rich decadence and ambient lighting with comfy rich fabrics set the mood.

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Image du produit Plateau à miroir rond
Zara mirrored plate

Moroccan design rich red and gold cushion1

Tapestry moroccan design2




Image du produit Lanterne métallique avec poignée en jute
Zara metallic lantern
Zara printed Moroccan style rug
moroccan tapestry

Moroccan embossed aquamarine throw4


Zara gold velvet cushion covers 5 Gatsby Gold Oversized Table Lamp6Embellished Ink Fabric Canvas, , large7

 8  Parlane Set of 3 Glass Crackle Ball Lights- White          9   Photophore en métal ajouré doréHousse de coussin en coton bleu à motifs 40x4010

11   Moroccan style rich blue with gold pattern cushion12 &13

14      15 Designers Guild purple crushed velvet patterned cushion  16 Product Details17


I have always had a liking for the Moroccan style interiors with the beautiful decorative patterns and plush fabrics like rich velvet and ornate tapestry. I love the attention to detail and the gorgeous lantern style lighting.

There is definitely something magical and exotic about the whole theme and its very intimate so creates a warm ambience and a cosy feel. I wanted to do something a little different to bring in some more glamour and a contemporary look. 

I decided to try a modern take on the traditional Moroccan design, without going away from all the key elements. These are some items I happened to stumble across online. It is a more mellow and muted version of the usually vibrant colourful style. I think going with the neutral based colours it would be easily matched with most style of house/interiors without being too overboard. I think you can afford to go with all the rich vibrant colours if you already have a colourful scheme such as bohemian or indeed Moroccan but for the sake of giving everyone the option to go with a Moroccan vibe at home, I have compiled my fave neutrals with a few of those gorgeous colour pops.

There are so many fab finds on the internet, it was hard to narrow it down but I have chosen my best picks and all are listed below. 

19 Moroccan patterned cushion                      20
Photophore en verre

     21       Moroccan mosaic chandelier lantern hanging tiers                                                                                                                                                                                                             22                                   23

Product Details

 1. Moroccan design rich red and gold cushion from Amazon $9.69
 2. Prayer rug carpet ( 110 cm x 70 cm ) $19.99 Amazon
 3. Moroccan tapestry – prices start at $27.95 Amazon
 4. Moroccan embossed aquamarine throw $18.99 Amazon
 5. Zara gold velvet cushion covers

8. Parlane Set of 3 Glass Crackle Ball Lights – White – Idealo UK £35

9. Gold photophore from Zara Home

10. 40 x 40 cm blue patterned tassle cushion from Zara Home

11. Fretwork mirror from Graham & Brown UK £100

12. Silver moroccan ceiling light £130 Graham & Brown UK

13. Moroccan patterned blue and gold cushion cover from Amazon $4.50

14. Silver moroccan lamp £100 Graham & Brown UK £100

15. Designers Guild crushed velvet purple patterned cushion cover (bargain!) – Amazon $32

16. Moroccan grey rug from Amazon – prices vary

17. Eonshine velvet bolster cushion from Amazon $26.99

18. Souk tile cardamom wallpaper G& B UK £40 a roll

19. Moroccan patterned cushion

20. Moroccan ceramic base lamp

21. Moroccan mosaic chandelier lantern hanging tiers Amazon $79.99

22. Flameless tea light holders Amazon $17.97

23. Glass photophore EUR 3.99 Maisons du Monde


I hope you like the selection I have chosen and if you would like to know anything more about the items or require any assistance in finding the right product for your chosen scheme, don’t hesitate to ask! I would be more than happy to help. I am off to try out some Moroccan cuisine, yum yum! Chat soon x

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