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Floating Wheelchairs by WaterWheels!

Info from their website – 

WaterWheels® is a floating beach wheelchair which enables people with disabilities to access soft terrains (sand, grass, snow, gravel, etc.)

Thanks to its floating armrests and oversized wheels, users of WaterWheels® can also safely float in water. The safety harness of the WaterWheels® secures its passengers when moving from sand to water.

The disabled community can now enjoy the beach, ocean, lakes, waterparks & pools with the reliability & comfort of WaterWheels®.WaterWheels® is composed of 6 different parts: the frame, 2 armrests and 3 big wheels, and is easily assembled and disassembled in less than a minute without any tools! WaterWheels® is perfect for all wheelchair users and those with special needs.

They lean back so that they float, just like you float in the water on your back. Fantastic!!!


Self-Drive Lidar Sensor Wheelchairs

MIT researcher Daniela Rus began working on this project after visiting a retirement community. While there, she noticed there weren’t enough staff members on hand to help everyone in a wheelchair. She realised the need to solve a problem and help people to move freely and easily without the need for assistance from a staff member.


Similarly engineered with the same principles as the self drive car, they are equipped with three Lidar sensors.

 Check out my recent blog post on self-drive cars here

The wheelchairs are tested in the area where they will be navigating before being programmed and they use sensors to build a map of the area.

The sensors are able to pick up moving objects and obstacles that may appear in the way also.

It needs to be developed further before hospitals will accept them but there have been interests from hospitals in Singapore and Boston so far.

Ms Rus says “it is very close to being useable” with a bit more engineering and obstacles to overcome.


The NEWS concept wheelchair design is one of the latest breakthroughs in technology. It turns any standard wheelchair into an electric one.

It is to make an electric wheelchair option available to those who cannot afford a full electric one.


Segway technology is now being put to use to make wheelchairs work through balance.

Five gyroscopic sensors are used to keep the wheelchair working and upright. 


The All Mountain Wheelchair

Designed by Francisco Lupin, the all mountain wheelchair combines the qualities of a common wheelchair with the agility and engineering to go just about anywhere. Going to the beach, on a hike and competing in sporting events will be a breeze.

This all-terrain wheelchair is awesome!


HXC BMX Sport Wheelchair

Designed for BMX Motocross, this gives competitors and athletes optimum control to perform stunts and reach a higher level of achievement. 


Brain controlled wheelchairs.


This invention is designed to allow severely paralyzed people to have independence and freedom. Researchers at the Singapore Republic Polytechnic School of Engineering have designed an app that works with the iPhone. The wheelchair user wears a specialized headset that interprets brain signals and responds to the users thoughts. Wheelchair users will focus and think of an action or object, such as moving towards something, the app senses the brain activity and moves the wheelchair towards the object. This is some exciting technology!

In case you missed it before, check out this article on a similar concept app.

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