13 Trusty Travel Items


I recently embarked on a long trip abroad so I decided to share a list of the items I found to be most useful along the way. All of these things made my journey easier, more comfortable and helped make things better along the way. Here are the 13 Trusty Travel Items, in no particular order.

TRTL neck pillow

1. TRTL Neck Pillow. I was a bit confused by the name at first but it’s meant to be pronounced Turtle. This is because it looks like a turtles neck. It is nice and compact so easier to carry than the usual bulky neck pillows on the market. It is extremely comfortable and easy to put on. You wrap it around like a scarf and fasten with Velcro. It can be tight or loose depending on your preference. I found it to be a life saver, it really has great support on the neck. It also holds your head up and stops you from getting the dreaded creak in the neck when you wake. Anyone who tried it agreed that it is worth the €30 price tag. Highly recommended for long haul flights.

Delsey vanity case

2. Delsey Vanity Case. This is a top quality brand and really ideal for transporting all those cosmetics. I have a lot of bits n pieces including some glass bottles and jars so this really protects the contents. It is robust and well padded with lots of handy compartments for securing the cosmetics carefully. It’s a great size too so should hold everything you need easily. Worth spending money on if you are a frequent traveler. This kind of thing lasts forever. Really happy with it and it even has a lock for extra security if you carry expensive items.

Samsonite case

3. Samsonite Case. This case is really fantastic quality and extremely hard wearing. From my experience that is necessary due to the way they get thrown around in transit. The hard case protects everything inside and it is very roomy. There is a separate netted section at the top for separating items. It holds a huge amount so should be fine for any trip. It is lightweight so won’t weigh you down and it is on swivel wheels so that it pushes along easily while standing aswell as on the move. Easy to menouvre and has an extendable handle. It’s bright colour makes it easy to spot on the conveyor belt at the baggage claim. If you travel frequently I recommend buying a great quality one such as this. Keep an eye out or sign up for sales alerts online.

Case logic backpack case logic backpack comfy backpack

4. Case Logic Backpack. This backpack is a great buy. We brought an old Low Alpine fake and it burst at the airport so we ended up having to buy a replacement. We found this one in Singapore airport and it is the best backpack I have ever owned. I love it. It is so comfortable with the padding and structured support. It holds a large amount and has lots of handy compartments and pockets. It was easy to find anything in a hurry and it is designed well. The picture shows all the compartments and it really is top quality and durable. Very happy with it and I’m using it every day on my travels now.

Bose wireless headphones

5. Bose Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones. Pure bliss, these will make your trip a relaxing breeze and you will be delighted you bought them. In general these are just awesome and worth every penny.

Mac book Pro

6. The new and compact MacBook Pro. This is the perfect size for traveling and better than an iPad for many reasons. It is all you need in terms of a computer for traveling anywhere and it’s light as a feather. Fingerprint recognition password technology makes it bulletproof in terms of security and it is easy to take in and out of your bag for security checks. Oodles of storage for all those travel pics and videos.

Go Pro

7. Go Pro camera and video recorder. Perfect for whatever’s happening on your travels that you want on video. It’s waterproof and shockproof so no matter what you get up to it can handle it. Bring it along on water sports, adventure sports, hiking, etc. for great quality video and storing those precious memories and fun times to look back on. It’s really compact, light and easy to carry. Can be used as a stills camera too.

Anker usb Items

8. Anker USB set and carry case. The wires are protected by a fabric rope style cable and come in a handy travel wallet. It is neat and compact with a Velcro holder for the wires.

9. Multi USB charger plug. This comes with adapters for most countries that are easily interchangeable so very handy in general.

Nike’s and flip flops

10. Comfortable Running shoes. NIKE are always a good bet. These ones are like slippers so perfect for traveling and on holidays. A pair of flip flops that can be worn to the beach and also on a night out or anywhere for that matter! Always handy. Comfortable and stylish.


11. A good pair of sunglasses is important. If you are going somewhere sunny that is! Ray Bans are great quality and very durable.

Recaro pram Recaro folding lightweight pram

12. If you are traveling with a baby or young child, I recommend this Recaro pram. It folds up quickly and easily and is really compact and lightweight to carry. It opens simply and clicks into place quickly. It’s ideal for traveling and I highly recommend it. Fab quality, durable and handy in general. Also reasonably priced.

Van Chi nappy bag

13. Another one for a baby or toddler, the Van Chi nappy bag. It is stylish and handy with a change mat, pacifier purse and bottle holder. Just the right size for popping under your seat for all those baby items you need within reach throughout the flight. Lots of pockets to help you organise everything. Can be used as a handbag for hols too. Colour matches everything!

So those are my 13 Trusty Travel Items. They certainly made my journey better and more plain sailing. I hope they are useful for you you decide to try any of them.


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  1. Akshata
    November 20, 2017 at 6:57 am

    Great article. I love to travel and this really helps!

    • blognewser
      November 24, 2017 at 12:27 am

      Thanks, I’m glad it is useful for you on your travels. Bon voyage!

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