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Are you considering visiting or traveling around Europe? There are so many beautiful countries to see and diverse cultures to experience. It might be hard to choose where! Eurail is a train line that covers lots of different countries and doesn’t cost as much as you would expect. When I was finishing college, practically all my friends were going on the train journey around Europe.

It was the cheapest way for a poor student to travel and see the world. I always envied them having the courage and money to go and do it. I was never any good at saving money of course and so I missed my opportunity back then but I always told myself that one day, whatever age I am, I am definitely going on that awesome train trip.

The brilliant thing about the trains operating in so many countries, is that you can pick extra stops wherever you like. If you purchase a Eurail pass, you are entitled to get on and off as you please. Therefore you don’t have to decide when booking where you will stop off and stay. That leaves you with the freedom to explore each area you choose as you go along and spend as long as you like in the place without rushing on a schedule.


The freedom to come and go while exploring different hotspots along the way is so appealing. If you really love a place, you’re welcome to chill there or go visiting the surrounding areas freely. The trains have great views along the way so you’re really getting the best of the scenery at the same time. Unlike flying to your destination, you have the beautiful views all the way along. 

The trains are well-equipped for everything so this way of traveling is great for singles, couples, families and tour groups. For anyone who is afraid of flying the train is a brilliant alternative. There are so many perks of traveling by train as opposed to driving, flying or taking a bus.

  • Not having to drive saves you petrol money, time and takes the stress and tiredness of driving away. You also get to enjoy the views more.
  • As with flying, it will most likely work out cheaper by the time you add everything up including airport taxis and other expenses involved with flying – especially luggage, if you plan on traveling around.
  • Taking a bus can be long and uncomfortable with limited toilet stops. It can mean traffic and regular stopping with the bus driver having to help people with luggage which would be time consuming. 
  • Children under 11 travel free!

With flights and buses, you need to book in advance and it leaves little room for changing your plans. Therefore you are stuck to a specific itinerary for your travels. Another annoying thing with booking nearer the time is that the prices can go up significantly so there isn’t much room for spontaneity. If you have to cancel, you may need to forgo the whole amount of the cost of your ticket. Paying the flight seat full prices for kids is expensive.

Backpackers will love the  experience as it is true backpacker style to roam and be spontaneous and also solo traveller since the trains are good places to meet other people. You can bring a good book and sit back or have a coffee at your leisure. The whole experience is very relaxing. 

Tarragona, Spain

The night train is available for the longer overnight journeys if you need to get from one place to another in a shorter space of time. I personally loved the night train when I took one in Thailand. We started our journey and settled in to our designated seats which had a pullout bed above, then had a few drinks with people we met on the carriage. At a certain time in the night, like 9pm, a worker came along and pulled down the beds so that we could use whenever we got tired. It was really handy and not cramped or anything. Actually the beds were really comfy. You can get into your designated bed at any time and then they turned the lights down like on an aircraft. You sleep and then the next morning, you wake refreshed and near the end of your journey. It is a brilliant way to travel and works out inexpensive as you don’t need to pay for accommodation and get a great nights sleep. Then you can get a nice breakfast on the train and have your morning coffee while taking in the views. By the time you arrive, you’re refreshed and set for the day, unlike when you drive, take the bus or even sometimes a long flight where you can’t sleep. 

There are really so many great benefits of it. Take a train journey to see Europe on the cheap and have the best experience too. Think of all the amazing photo opportunities along the way!


Here are the Eurail options for European travel destinations –

Rome to Florence

High speed train takes 1 hour 30 mins ( seat reservation mandatory )

Regional train takes 3 hours 20 mins ( seat reservation not required )

If you purchase a Eurail pass the only charge is a small reservation fee for the high speed train.

Station departure – Roma Termini Firenze SMN (HST)

Station Arrival – Roma Termini Firenze Campo Marte ( RT )

Stopovers at Orvieto and Arezzo


Paris – Rome

High speed train takes 11 hours 15 mins ( seat reservation mandatory )

Depart Paris Gare de Lyon

Arrive Roma (Rome) Termini

Night train and regional train – 20 hours ( seat reservation mandatory for night train )

Depart Paris Austerlitz

Arrive Roma Termini

Stopovers available or else direct journey

Stopovers available via Germany and Austria are Munich and Verona, Innsbruck

Nice in France


Madrid to Barcelona

High speed train 2 hours 45 mins ( seat reservation mandatory )

Depart Madrid Puerta de Atocha

Arrive Barcelona Sants

Regional train takes 8hrs 58 mins ( seat reservation not required )

Depart Madrid Chamartin

Arrive Barcelona Sants

Stopovers available at Zaragoza and Tarragona


Amsterdam to Brussels

High speed train takes 1 hr 50 mins ( seat reservation mandatory )

Depart Amsterdam Centraal

Arrive Brussels (Bruxelles) Midi

Regional train 2hrs 43 mins ( seat reservation not required )

Depart Amsterdam Centraal

Arrive Brussels (Bruxelles) Midi

Stopovers available at Rotterdam and Antwerp, Belgium.


Vienna to Budapest

High speed train 2 hrs 50 mins ( seat reservation mandatory )

Depart Vienna (Wein) Meidling

Arrive Budapest Keleti

Regional train 4 hrs 15 mins ( seat reservation not required )

Depart Vienna (Wein) Hbf

Arrive Vienna Keleti

Stopover available at Hungary – Gyor


Keep in mind that if you buy a Eurail pass you go anywhere or everywhere listed above.

For one country prices start at EUR49

2, 3 or 4 bordering countries from EUR106

Global passes are priced by your destinations so check it out here >>  BROWSE

What a great way to get around. Take a train journey and see Europe on the cheap! 

You can discover over 10,000 destinations using one rail pass and the customer service through them is available in your language. You’re free to travel as you please and there is always help on hand.

Have a browse and see what you think >> BROWSE

Kids under 11 travel free with a Eurail pass. Huge savings!



Here are some discounts available so now is a great time to book!  PROMO 

So excited to go on this train, I literally cannot wait! I always thought those kind of train passes were for students and backpackers but I have 2 kids now and I would be delighted to bring them on a train journey adventure. Like Hogwarts express. The fact that children under 11 are free really makes it accessible for me and my family. I will of course, follow up with blog posts when we finally get to go. So many sights to see, you would be mad not to!

Take a train journey to see Europe on the cheap. Everyone should do this!

Bucket list no. 1

Grab a Lonely planet guide for recommendations on where to go and what to see on your travels. You can compare pricing according to your budget with a guide, with budget, mid price and best places listed! >> BROWSE

Adios Amigos !

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  1. Enda Sheppard
    January 9, 2018 at 11:06 am

    I have saved this page for this summer … will be very useful. Thanks for sharing

    • blognewser
      January 11, 2018 at 9:47 am

      Great, hope you get to go, keep me posted!

  2. Madisyn Jensen
    January 9, 2018 at 11:26 pm

    Great read! I took the train a few times while traveling Europe and it was always a great comfortable option!

    • blognewser
      January 11, 2018 at 9:46 am

      Thanks, good to know. Looking forward to going!

  3. Alphonso
    January 10, 2018 at 2:31 am

    Great idea! If ever/whenever I make it over there I definitely plan to use public transit, and the fact that most of these trips seem to take just a few hours is rrally exiting. I’m sure the train ride itself could be fun as well, especially if you’re travelling with a group. Thanks for the tip!

    • blognewser
      January 11, 2018 at 9:45 am

      Cool, I can’t wait to go myself! Great way to travel. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Monika
    January 11, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    Oh this is awesome!! I had no idea these passes exist… Thanks for bringing it up to my attention!! 🙂

    • blognewser
      January 11, 2018 at 10:27 pm

      No probs, glad you like the post. So cheap!

  5. Heidi
    January 13, 2018 at 1:16 am

    I have heard this as well- traveling by train in Europe is the way to go. I have always wanted to do it!

    • blognewser
      January 13, 2018 at 4:30 am

      Yeah I had forgotten all about it and then I found this company so I have to go now!!

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