Break the Rules This Winter


By Lashonya Hamilton

Long gone are the days of strict fashion rules of what to wear in the winter. This year we are ditching all the “What Not to Wear in Winter” advice and creating new trends all winter long. If you think about it, why were we ever limiting ourselves in the winter months anyway? If you like the way something looks, wear it! I believe in creating trends not following a rule book of what is a NO and what is a GO at that particular time. There are three rules from the past that we are totally breaking this year and as a result creating some of the greatest trends, and memorable fashion! I am obsessed with winter fashion this year. It is girly, and flirty and all about being cozy AND fabulous. 

Pastels in Winter

I am rejoicing this “What not to Wear in Winter” rule is long gone this year. In fact, blush pink is the color of the season! Soft lavender is a close second. I am so obsessed with pastel colors all year round and am so excited this year we don’t have to wait until Spring to rock these gorgeous soft shades. In my opinion, pastels made a natural progression into winter fashion due to all the lovely earth-tones we love to wear in our sweaters, cashmere and petticoats. Beautiful shades of beige, grey and cream look so great with blush pink and other soft pastels. The incorporation of pastels like blush, lavender and powder blues can make a winter look that much more majestic especially with a blanket of beautiful snow in the background. If you are unsure about how to wear pastels this season I recommend starting with a cute pompom beanie or some pearl embellished or velvet gloves. These are fabulous winter accessories that are effortless to wear. If you are ready to dive in adding pastels to your winter wardrobe blush, lavender and powder blue sweaters are trending in a major way. Some of my favorite ways to style a pastel sweater are with denim, white denim or a skirt and over the knee boots. To top of this trendy look shop for an off the shoulder sweater to add another element of flirty, girly bliss.  Lastly, if you are loving the pastels are much as I am you can even wear them in dresses or skirts! Yes, so exciting right? Pastels are having such a moment right now we can even get that much more flirty. Tips to wear a floral dress or skirt is to pair with a great petticoat or cardigan and/or over the knee boots so you are still warm and cozy! Great news pastels even look great paired with black, so why not wear lovely pastels all winter long? Shop this look and my favorite pastel sweaters at Style In PNW

 White on Bottom

Winter time is so magical with ice crystals, sparkling frost and snow. So, why can’t we incorporate winter white in our bottoms? I threw out the no white after labor day years ago but this winter I am obsessed with my white denim and skirts that I purchased during the summer season. I love white denim with winter outfits so much I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it. Wearing white denim creates the perfect canvas for your colored sweater to really standout. I love white denim with pastel, earth-tone and even jewel-toned sweaters. Basically, any color sweater looks amazing with white denim. Adding white denim to an outfit versus blue denim totally take the outfit to another level. To complete this look, a great boot is essential. White skirts are totally a YES this season as well! So easy to style, just remember to stay cozy with over the knee boots and a great coat! Lastly, in the spirit of saying YES to white this season, white ankle boots are having a major moment right now – in winter! Don’t you love it? Adding a white bottom can make your outfit that much more festive along with other very festive elements we love this time of year. Sparkles, fun prints, faux furs just to name a few. I have pulled together my favorite white bottoms for you to shop right here! For more inspiration visit Shop The Look for my favorite picks of trending fashion. 


Yes, even florals are a YES this winter! So exciting right? Florals are so amazing because they add a feminine and romantic aspect to your winter wardrobe. It is so easy for our winter wardrobes to be consumed by puffy coats and typical black dresses. Florals are the cure for winter blues. They bring so much color and dimension to our winter wardrobes. Anyone else craving a little more color in their winter wardrobe? We all need a little pop of color and a fun print to spice up our closets no matter the time of year. Best practice for wearing this flirty print this winter is sticking to florals with dark backgrounds and cool tones. By choosing a more subtle color palette you can easily pair in with other winter outfit pieces that are usually darker tones like a black faux fur and dark boots. The key to styling fabulous floral dresses or blouses this time of year is to layer and stay warm and cozy. Pair with a leather coat or faux fur vest and tall boots and you will look great and comfortable. Another trend that is so amazing right now is rose embroidery on black. I cannot get enough of rose embroidery on dresses and blouses. This stunning trend was huge leaving 2017 and I think it will be here to stay quite a while. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Which rule you are excited to break this winter season?

Happy Styling,



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  1. Monica
    January 20, 2018 at 5:48 pm

    Such great options you shared! I liked all of the but I fell in love with the pastel dress! It’s so unique and magical!❤

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