Fun Planting Projects with Kids


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Surround your home with pleasant plants and aromas to evoke surprise and happiness.  Add fragrant flowers and plants to make your home smell nice.  Our mind is awakened by the green to remind us of good things at a subconscious level.  How to creatively add a dose of green to your living space?

1. Kokedama, Moss Ball Garden

It would be wonderful to add a dose of green to your living space by creating these moss balls garden (kokedama).  Kokedama is a traditional Japanese plant art in which moss is used as the container to hold the plants. It is a combination of art with science to transform houseplants into dangling aesthetic objects hanging in the bathroom, balcony, porch, or other shady areas. Picture this: It’s a sunny day, and you’re sitting outside on a porch, smelling the green from the moss balls garden. A cool breeze hits your face as you relax for meditation. Take deep breaths with full inhalation and exhalation, feel the sun on your face, tell your body and your mind that everything is ok.

kokedama plants

2. Miniature garden for kids, DIY fairy garden.

Ever feel that your eyes strain from too much screen time? I like to spend the time to make my miniature garden instead.   To my surprise, I enjoy making the miniature garden so much that hardly put it into words.  I make the fairytale via the miniature garden with background and characters.  What sort of story I’m going to create on today? Uhmm… Little teddy meets the lazy cat in the fairy garden.

a mini indoor kids garden    kids fairy indoor garden with ornaments    a mini garden with toys and succulents

3. Mini-farm with fishes, self-cleaning aquatic system.

My kid wants a furry friend to play with him at home.  Don’t get me wrong that I don’t cherish animals.  I just don’t feel the joy to carry a litter box, to walk the dog, find a surprise on the carpet, or clean the dirt and mud all over the house.  My kid feels so much pleasure to watch the fishes glide serenely through the water, and begged me to let him raise the fishes as the pet.  Fishes are beautiful with vibrant color, and they are easier to take care of. But I have no idea about the aquatic system and dislike to clean the fish tank as well. Ever imagine you get a mini-farm that you can grow the plants and raise the fish at the same time.  This is a pest-free desktop aquaponics kit which does not require cleaning the tank or fertilizing the plants. They take care of themselves with each other through self-cleaning and self-fertilizing. It sounds interesting, right?

a fish tank with mini garden on top


4. Growing plants with kids

Planting seeds and watching them grow helps children learn the beauty of patience. Patience is a path to perseverance. Children learn they can’t achieve the desired effect overnight. It takes time and effort same as the plant starts from a seed, then grows to become strong, flowering and blossoming. You gain the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from caring something over time.  

It was hard at first to get my kid growing plants but to my surprise, the funny tools did catch his interest! He is a child, after all!

growing seeds in egg cartons growing seeds in egg shell with funny face self watering plants in cute animal ornament planters licking water from a bowl


Such great fun projects to play with at home with the kids! Let us know if you try any of these in the comments below.

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