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We soon bid adieu to 2017 and there is no better time than now to start planning your goals for the new year. Vision boards are a great way to get your mind right and goal oriented. “What is a vision board?” you ask? Well before the age of Pinterest and other apps, people used to make collages and scrapbooks of their goals. Having a vision board party is a great way to start thinking about your goals. You have other people to hold you accountable and an excuse to meet with your friends!


Before The Party


1.Guest List

writing a guest list for vision board party

A vision board is a visualization of your dreams and goals. At times it can be hard to share these things with people. A vision board party should have guests that you feel absolutely comfortable sharing your goals with. You want to make sure that it is a safe space so that everyone’s board will be a true reflection of their goals. Who is your “tribe”? Write down the name of the first 5 people you thought of. Now think of any of your friends who are down on their luck. Your guest list should consist of people from both of these lists.  


2.Setting & Theme

fall theme pic, leaf, thankful

Now that you have the guest list its time to pick a time and a place for the party. I held my vision board party at my apartment. I haven’t had a girls’ night in my apartment in a while so I figured why not. Depending on how many people you have on your guest list you might want to have it at some else’ home or someplace like a local cafė, community center, etc.



Picking a theme for the vision board party isn’t necessary but it definitely adds to the feel of the event. Themes I would recommend: floral, seasonal, rainbow, etc. These are things I think about when I hear goals and new beginnings. You want to set the mood and guide the night. Think: what kind of atmosphere do you want for your guests? Do you want a happy and festive, cool and calm, reflective, etc?



invitations to soirée of vision board party

Of course you can just send your friends a text message and leave it at that. But I wanted to make this night special so I created invitations online using the website If you have enough time before the event I would recommend mailing handmade recommendations to your guest. Nowadays, people usually just get bills and credit card offers in the mail. How awesome would it be for your guest to get a personalized handwritten invite?



vision board table with supplies

Here are some things you will need for your vision board: magazines, cardstock paper (white and assorted colors), scissors, glue sticks, tape, pen, pencils, and markers. You can also buy stickers and other scrapbooking materials if you want. But it really isn’t needed. The amount of scissors and glue sticks you have is up to you. I would recommend having at least a pair of scissors and glue sticks for every two guests. If you can have one for every guest the better.



The next thing you need to decide is what will you serve. I recommend light refreshments so that the food doesn’t take away from the event. On the menu for my vision party was: a cheese platter, fruit salad, homemade iced tea, sangria, and wine. I left the option to my guest to bring a dish or a snack in addition to what I offered. This was a good idea. I was so busy preparing for the event that I didn’t really have time to eat before the event. One of my guests made chili and we all enjoyed it!


Party Time!

Its finally time to party! Welcome your guests with drink on hand and music playing in the background to set the mood. Once everyone settles in you can start you night. Here is the “agenda” I planned for the night:


Icebreaker Activity


Vision Board Activity

Sharing Time

Vision Board Touch Ups

Gifts & Goodbyes

Icebreaker Activity:

There are plenty of icebreaker activities you can do. Since we knew each other for over 10 years I thought it would have been cool to have each person write something about herself that the other guests didn’t know on an index card. Then we had to match the index card fact with a guest in the room. When you know a person for over ten years it can be hard to come up with a fact. This is a fun way to get everyone ready to pour out her heart and soul.



The next activity I had was to have my guests write four goals on 4 different index cards. Then we shared our goals out loud. It was a great feeling hearing all the amazing things my friends want to accomplish.


Vision Board Activity:

magazine cutouts for vision board

Now that goals were fresh on my guests’ minds it was time to get started on the vision board.  I made a rough sample of a board to show them. You can also pull up sample vision boards on Pinterest to give guests ideas.  You can give your guests up to one hour to create their boards. Once that hour is up have your guests share their board.


salut gifts for vision board party

I wanted the vision board party to be very special so I bought frames for my guest’s boards, little notebook, and pencil. I wanted my guest to have some of the basic tools needed for them to get started on their journey. I also gave them handwritten and personalized Thank You cards. You absolutely do not need to do this to make the vision board party a success. But it’s a nice added touch.


After the vision board party, hang your vision board someplace visible so that you can feel inspired. Don’t forget to ask your guests to send any pictures they may have taken for your memories. I plan on mailing my guests her index card of goals throughout the year. This will serve them as a great reminder and once again, getting anything other than a bill in the mail is pleasant.


Are you ready to plan your very own Vision Board Party? Is there anything I’m missing to make a vision board party? Let me know what other ideas you have to make your vision board awesome!



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