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If you’re anything resembling a passionate foodie whose craving for fine Belgian chocolate can only be surpassed by your insatiable need to globetrot, then your passport and your belly will love 2018! The world has much in store for the fitness enthusiast, for the traditional gourmet, as well as the culinary culture vulture, as each country has found a way to make a menu of delicious trips to satisfy your travel bug.

A growing number of people have become entranced by the notion of traveling to tease their taste-buds, and the industry has adapted quickly to offer more exciting routes that will be (drumroll, please) to your taste.

French fine cheeses


Could there be a more fitting start than in the birthplace of true gastronomy? This UNESCO city in France is about to receive official recognition as the International City of Gastronomy, finally commemorating its contribution to proper yum. However, this exquisite city is not reserved strictly for those famous French restaurants. Its foodie scene is taking a new shape influenced by the modern hipster culture and a more relaxed, accessible approach to delicacies.

That is why you’ll be welcomed by the rich whiffs of fragrant goodies as soon as you walk down the banks of Rhône, where numerous food stalls await in the St Antoine food market. As a member of the French culinary quartet which includes three more cities, Lyon takes the lead with the nutrition and health as the key theme.

fresh veg at a marché


Once forgotten and underrated for reasons unknown, the capital of Colombia has finally been recognized as the one place where you will actually get to eat an entire rainbow of ingredients. Celebrated for its unparalleled biodiversity and known as the paradise for coffee lovers, Colombia is getting more and more attention in every foodie’s travel book as of this year.

Bring your dance shoes to immerse yourself into the full experience of the city in one of its most beloved restaurants by the name of Andrés Carne de Res, or stick to your favorite hipster eatery such as El Chato. Serving both traditional and contemporary with a cultural twist, these hotspots have become the go-to for many international travelers.

preparing good coffee


In order to move forward, this eclectic city has learned to go back – way back, in fact, so that its modern chefs are now in close contact with sellers, farmers, and other members of their food network, just like in the old days. This has led to a growth in seasonal and locally-sourced food as the main focus of their culinary scene, and Sacramento is proving that sometimes less truly is more, even for your palate.

Since the home country of Sacramento boasts a staggering selection of diverse tastes, you can consult a reliable DMC in California to find the best and the brightest culinary stars in your destination cities. Sacramento alone is brimming with spots that are worthy of every foodie’s attention, including (but not limited to) the Mexican corner called Centro and the homey Canon where their craft beer alone will be deserving of your attention.

bistro counter and food

If there is such a thing as capsule cuisine, then you’ll find it in little, almost fully off the grid nooks such as this Scottish city. With no room for ordinary recipes, Fife has a history of imaginative food prepping even in its smallest of food courts. The coastal city of St Andrews is no longer known solely for the oldest Scottish university, but also for a number of delicious corners that have never yielded to the fast food or chain restaurant frenzy.

When in the region, you cannot miss out on the local traditional wonder dish, the renowned Scottish fish and chips, served best at Cromars – if you don’t believe us, look at their award-winning status from 2016 and 2018. For those with a sweet tooth, the fudgy doughnut by Fisher & Donaldson will have you packing your bags and moving to Scotland immediately.

tasty food on wooden crates

Author’s bioOlivia Jones is  a psychologist, passionate writer, an entrepreneur, a traveler and conscious consumer seeking healthy and sustainable products to incorporate into the lives of her family.

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