Monochrome Optical Fashion Illusions


Optical Fashion Illusions

By Punto di Stil

Of course pastels are spring’s favourites, but black and white is a classic and, besides class and elegance, this colour mix can also offer significant advantages if consciously used. If you are looking for practical ideas to help you brighten and gear up your professional attire or simply improve your physical appearance while still working out for that perfect body we all sought for, here are some nice options to try this spring.


Optical designs are a thing this season and I have searched for some beautiful and useful clothing items able to help us easily underline our feminine traits without spending a fortune. Here’s what I’ve found:


This elegant pencil dress can turn a boyish body shape lacking curves into a feminine goddess in no time thanks to the playful yet refined striped design: 

If you want to seem taller and enjoy a slimming effect at the same time, you can always count on a two-toned dress with light colors at the center and dark shades on the hips – it doesn’t have to be stretch; lightweight fabrics also work wonders: 

You can get the most of your hourglass body shape or add some movement to a rectangular body shape, if you try a longuette dress with a simple cut and some curvy patterns thoughtfully placed on the front side: 

In case you would rather hide some generous hips or a rather skinny body lacking curves, choose to draw the attention towards the upper part of your body by means of a catchy pattern or some optical contrasts such as the black inserts on this white blazer: 

A sophisticated yet simple way to elongate your body line is going for vertical lines and sleeveless tops such as the one below: 

Fringes are always an excellent choice in case you are looking for more length, flexibility and movement while hiding some extra weight you haven’t lost yet:

It might be too early for us to think of swimsuits but if you are one of the lucky owners of a beautiful bosom just perfect to show off this summer but you are not yet sure you can lose the excess you accumulated last winter, you’d better bet on this one just to play it safe and avoid last minute panic: 

Have you noticed how simple details can do the trick? Are you aware of your flaws and strengths? What kind of aspects do you usually consider when you choose your clothes?


Tubino_Black and white dress_Ralph Lauren

Abito con frange / Fringe dress: Bonprix

Blazer / White jacket: Relish

Costume intero / Swimsuit: Bonprix

Top / Sleeveless top: Rinascimento

Tubino / Black and white dress: Ralph Lauren

Vestito estivo / Summer dress: Wallis

Vestito longuette / Pencil dress: Amazon


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