The Best Bardot Dresses and Tops for you!


The Best Bardot Dresses and Tops for You by Makeda Bowen of Mystere’s Closet

Original Bardot Trend

Brigitte Bardot is an iconic French actress known for her undeniable sex appeal but she was also responsible for reviving the Victorian trend of off the shoulder dresses. She was so influential that the eponymous Bardot neckline is named after her.

Old photo of a young bridgitte bardot

Let the chic starlet influence your current or future style by wearing one of this seasons most popular trends.

Modern Bardot style

You only have to look at instagram and you’ll see stars like Rihanna, the Hadid’s, Dua Lipa and Jourdan Dunn bedecked in stylish Bardot tops and dresses. As key influencers it’s only rightful that fashion’s IT girls and pop stars are pioneering the Bardot neckline allowing us to take inspiration from them.

Embrace modern Bardot style. It can be edgy, playful, feminine, quirky, casual, sassy or anything that you want it to be.

You can opt for Bardot style in bold colours or pastels to remain on trend or mix a top with a wet look skirt or faux leather trousers to be equally stylish.

Incorporating a Bardot neckline with some of the SS18 key trends will show the world that you truly are a style savvy fashionista.

Bardot tops and dresses are very versatile and can be accessorised with lots of jewellery or be neutral with no jewellery at all.

Your neck and shoulders take the focus especially if you have short hair or decide to wear an up-do or tie it back in a bun or ponytail.

There are literally hundreds of variations of this trend available online or on the High street for you to buy.

Why you should wear Bardot style

The Bardot neckline is extremely flattering as the rest of your ensemble can be modest or revealing depending on your mood, whether it’s a crop top, midi or maxi dress, bodycon or a loose and floaty design you’ll be guaranteed to find your perfect fit.

Bardot dresses are extremely popular at the moment and are great for keeping cool in this glorious summer weather.

Whether you’re a savvy shopper on a budget or a big spender with money to burn there is definitely something for everyone.

8 Bardot Dresses and tops for you!

Pretty Little Thing, Wearall and Little Mistress have some really cute styles that you should definitely check out.

I’ve selected a few styles that you’ll be impressed with.

1. Pretty Little Thing

Click here to see me wearing PLT makeup by Ammana of Kat Von D Wolverhampton > > in that red bardot dress (Photo by Rockin Photographie)

I bought this epic bargain of a dress and can attest that it looks just like the pictures and the material is very thick making it a quality product.

This stunning red dress is great value for £5.00 and is available in a range of sizes from 4-16.

I opted to wear a cute necklace and statement earrings as I wanted to balance my pear shaped figure. The dress is wearable as it doesn’t ride up or fall down.

It’s perfect for a summer day and the vibrant red tone means it can be worn during the day with pumps or at night with heels. I was wearing white converse as I wanted to convey street chic.

2. Wearall

Layla Floral Bardot Layered Bodycon Mini Dress

This gorgeous floral dress will suit most people, the contrast of the plain black and colourful flowers makes it stand out, it’s perfect for those of you who want to add a splash of colour to your summer wardrobe without wearing an entirely bright ensemble .

The price of £24 is reasonable plus you can wear it during the day or as an evening dress.

Don’t forget that floral prints will garner you major fashion kudos as it is one of the key trends for this year. The SS18 catwalks were positively blooming with elaborate floral patterns. Be a fashionista wear flowers this summer.

3. Wearall

Erma Layered Off Shoulder Double Slit Maxi Dress-87959-20
This beautiful double split maxi dress is available in size 12 and you can choose from 3 colours. This dress is amazing and very good value at £21.

It’s stunning and will suit most people, the splits add a bit of sex appeal and won’t make you feel self-conscious.

The colour pink suits most people, wear a pair of red sandals or a bright red bag to rock the seasons most lauded pairing. Seriously pink and red are the colour combination of the year and was highlighted by the style bible Vogue as one of the trends to watch.

4. Wearall

Patsy Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Layered Mini Dress-87981-20
This dress is a quintessential summer dress. The rich vibrant yellow is perfect for the summer. The layered sleeves are slightly retro and definitely evoke the essence of the original Bardot. The shape is stylish but comfortable which makes it great for the warm weather. The deep yellow hue is perfect for a beautiful summer day but also falls into the category of crayola colours another hot trend for this season.

The length is cute as mini dresses are great for tanning .

5. Little Mistress

Midi Dress

This fabulous green flowery midi dress is guaranteed to turn heads without revealing a lot of flesh. Look sophisticated in this stunning dress which is a bargain at £28. It’s extremely stylish and projects and effortlessly cool vibe.

6. Wearall

Bethany Off Shoulder Zip Front Denim Crop Top-88859-20

Wearall are selling this cute baby blue casual Bardot crop top with a zip for £22, it’s versatile as it can be worn with a number of colours and trousers, skirts,leggings, jeans or plain trousers.

Whether you wear it during the day or on a night out you’ll definitely get great value out of this top.

7. Wearall

Anna Off Shoulder Button Embellished Blazer-88974-20

Wearall have a stunning collection of Bardot tops, this beautiful red blazer can be worn as a top and will make others envious of your wonderful sartorial display, this blazer is for those of you after something a little bit different. It’s truly a wonderful design and I’d definitely buy this for myself.

This piece sells out quickly so check to see if your size is available.

8. Little Mistress

Grey Chiffon Maxiclass=

Grab this understated grey maxi dress before it sells out. This dress encapsulates modern Bardot style as it’s chic casual, effortlessly cool and extremely sexy. Dress it up or down either way you’re guaranteed to look hot and stylish.

I’ve been really impressed with Wearall as I hadn’t shopped with them before.

I hope you like these items and enjoy your shopping. You’ll look stunning like Brigitte Bardot. If you want to read more from me here’s my blog 
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Main feature photo by Rockin Photographie

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