Tactics to Help you Launch your Own Side Business


By Dan Jet Elson

Some of us are happy in 9 to 5.

Some of us are happy going in and doing the tasks we are paid for and then leaving.

That is enough.

But for some of us, it’s nothing like that…that is not enough!

We get up at crack of dawn…

We go to bed in the early hours…

Every waking moment is thinking and doing time…

We are entrepreneurs. We are business owners.

But some of us might not yet be at this stage.

Some people might be looking for information on exactly how to get started with a side business.

Hopefully, a side business that not only allows you to afford more of the things you love, for you and perhaps a family you have but also, one day, turns into your main gig. Not just a side business!

The day you quit your 9 to 5.

So, how do you start? How do you actually start to build a side business when 9 to 5 seems to be getting in the way?

In today’s post, These TWO tactics will help launch your own side business. I hope you enjoy it!

Where To Start

It can be difficult. It most certainly will be at first!

What you need to consider is your payment for 9 to 5. The hours you’re working for someone else.

This money will help your side business start and grow, so you don’t want to quit overnight.

You need to understand that 9 to 5 fuels your side business. And, not to even think about quitting UNTIL your side business is making just as much and ideally a little more. And, if that income will continue (read: not a one-off!).

Only then you’re ready to hand that notice in!

If that’s what you actually want to do.

Some people might be happy doing both…

But if you’re actually enjoying, and perhaps even feel passionate about your side business, and putting more of your time and energy into it will likely lead to more money in your pocket, then it’s worth considering, isn’t it?

As scary as it might sound!

Especially as that ultimately means giving up that paycheck.

Then What?

You need to realise that to give up 9 to 5 that means giving up that paycheck you’re so used to getting.

Life and doing what you want to do each and every day is not all about the money, though.

It’s also about the happiness, freedom and each day doing what you want to do.

Not only for the money, not only for that paycheck. But for the other things.

Happiness in 9 to 5 world comes from cash flow – knowing you have the essentials catered for.

Rent. Bills. Food. That sort of thing.

That means you might have to make sacrifices in order to get your side business off the ground.

a business ideas chart with graphs

Moving From Thinking To Doing

How many of us have got stuck moving from thinking to doing?

Getting to this point is about making sacrifices.

It’s tempting but difficult to raise money to pay yourself first…

It’s also a challenge to make the best decisions when you’re stressed, rushing and making mistakes to try and get the money in.

Side business takes time.

It doesn’t, and won’t happen overnight.

No such thing as overnight successes.

That’s just press trying to sell advertising.

It’s hard, hard and even harder work.

And you need to make sure you get our ducks in order before you start down the path.

TWO tactics to launch your own side business

Here are two tactics you can implement from today that will help you get ready to start your own side business:

  1. Cut your expenses.
    • Do this before you even have to. Every pound, dollar, you can. Eating out less can lead to a ton of additional money you really didn’t see before, allowing you to invest in yourself and your side gig from today!
  2. Go find customers.
    • Customers are key whether you’re selling products or services. Provide value up front and then make an agreement. Or find people who will happily pay you in advance because your service or product is so useful that they can’t live without it. Start this now. Understand that once regular, guaranteed money comes in each month that this leads you down the path of a side business, this becomes the business. Customers are required, go find them now.
  3. BONUS: Have an amazing service or product (s).
    • Full stop it has to be amazing. It has to better, or of more value in some way than your competitors. And if your service or product isn’t that useful, go make it better. Also, you want to create your own niche within a niche. Operate in your own smaller niche (read: small for the moment!) where you can use the parent niche players as your allies rather than your competitors.

In Summary

There you have it.

A blueprint. An approach. A strategy you can implement and take forward, today.

Get your ducks in order by cutting your expenses, go find customers and have an amazing service or product (s).

These tactics can help you start a side business, which over time, with the right mix of energy, determination and making your own luck can lead to you quitting your 9 to 5 (if you want to) and running your very own successful business.

And what better time to start than now?

These tactics can help you start today.

I’m hopeful that these two tactics (three with the bonus!) will help take you from thinking to doing. To help you launch a side business!

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