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inzpire-brand-connections is a new marketing and advertising group who are putting brands in contact with influencers such as bloggers, vloggers and collaborators all over the world. Sometimes it’s hard to find brands to work for and that is why this group are so helpful. It can be a really time-consuming and often disappointing job to have to try and track down brands who want to work with you. This concept is a huge assistance in your quest. You just enter your details, set up an account and someone else does the leg work for you! 

It couldn’t be easier to join up. All you get asked is what your social media outlets are and your blog link and you are good to go. There are no restrictions as to how many followers you have so that really opens up the door for people who have a smaller following since micro influencers are actually in big demand. It just so happens that the people with less followers can have more personal interactions so that way, smaller companies or local businesses prefer this!!

This is really fantastic news for everyone in the influencer market. Everyone has a chance to get in touch with brands! It used to be a case of brands only working with you if you have a huge following so a lot of people were reluctant to sign up as they wouldn’t expect to hear back. Nowadays things are different. Sure, if you have a large following, you are likely to get more work or higher pay etc. but those people all started somewhere! The key is, the more you work with brands, the better credibility you have with new ones. know this and they are happy to help you on your journey, whatever your following may be. They can connect you with the right brands and also help brands to find you with just the click of a button. You may have some content that is really appealing to a particular brand or style of writing that compliments their concept. Whatever it is, by joining up to the programme ( which is absolutely free, by the way!! ) you will have maximum exposure and as well as advertisement for your blog/vlog.

It is almost too easy. You may think to yourself, its too good to be true or there has to be a catch, but no! It is literally that easy. The best part about it is, once you get an assignment, you get a ranking in the list of influencers and can work your way up in terms of recommendation. The possibilities are endless! Just think of the big picture, your hard work will finally pay off and you can be laughing your way to the bank as well as gaining credibility as an independent influencer. Your writing or video skills will be getting extra publicity when those brands Tweet your blog and other brands will notice you gradually. You could even become an overnight success! 

You can easily manage payments and collaborations on your easy-to-use dashboard. The support is just a click away too. Start sending booking requests now! 

You may have been waiting to be discovered, and they may be waiting to find you. You never sold yourself short when you were younger. Take a deep breath and step into the world of freebies and connections to watch your blog or vlog blossom over time or even explode onto the scene. You never know until you go!!

Join up today here >> Sign me up !! Easy peasy! What are you waiting for? 

Here’s a bit more about the concept and how it works, extracted from the main site – 

We make it easy for brands to discover, connect
and pay influencers to share inspiring stories

Our platform can reach 368,898,000 people

  • Discover


    Use smart filters to search and discover exciting new influencers.
  • Connect


    Create booking requests or send direct messages to connect.
  • Collaborate


    Manage collaborations and payments on your dashboard.
  • Review


    Review each other on your experience after a collaboration is completed.

Connecting influencers and brands


Your story, their audience

  • Browse influencers

  • Manage multiple collaborations

  • Send booking requests

  • Easy and secure payments


Their story, your creativity

  • Get paid doing what you love

  • Exciting brands and products

  • Get discovered

  • You are the storyteller

Go on – do yourself a favour and join today. You won’t regret it! Do let us know how you get on in the comments below how it goes for you. We love your feedback. Good luck!

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