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The Lookfantastic Beauty box review

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So, I have been toying with the idea of jumping on the subscription box bandwagon for a while now, but as soon as i came across this one, i knew it was “The One”. The beautiful packaging is so summery and exotic, it just jumped out at me. I knew when I had a sneak peak that the contents didn’t disappoint.

I have been trying to get into the summer vibe lately but it just wasn’t happening so i thought to myself, if I get myself a stash of new beauty products, then I’ll look, feel and smell more like summer. Sometimes all you need is a new scent or a new look to feel brand new again. Like a new chapter, or a season. Any excuse to get my hands on this pretty gift box!


Ok, so im a stay-at-home Mum with 2 babies and I don’t get a chance to do much beautifying or primping. I barely have time for a shower haha! I have to say, I miss trying out new cosmetics and doing a bit of pampering so it was just what I needed. Best part about it? It feels like your birthday when it arrives. The excitement of having little treats arrive at the door in gorgeous packaging is a huge pick-me-up! I now realise what all the fuss is about with these subscription boxes and i can see how they’re addictive!

I’m delighted i chose this one and i know that the products have been chosen carefully. It has a great selection of well-researched products. The Lookfantastic box is curated by a brilliant online shop where they sell practically every good brand name that i can think of, so they definitely have the pick of the crop! I mean check out the previous boxes too, here.

I was like a small child waiting for christmas over the next few days. Sad, i know, but i was so excited for my little present and i was just dying to have new products and little gifts to cheer me up. The whole idea of this carefully designed and prepared gift is actually really special. I know i bought it for myself, but still! Theres something really awesome about knowing its arriving and then opening the lovely packaging to reveal lots of little things to play with. And all for me!!!!

They emailed me to say it was on the way and even included a tracking number, which of course, i checked as I AM the child at christmas, so i knew it had been sent and was on its way. Yippee. They are actually really good for this, as they sent me a text and everything to say its arriving at a certain time in the morning and to reply if its not a good time. Cool! I have never had that service before and it is a fantastic reminder and customer service. Im always forgetting things and sometimes i might be out when something is getting delivered so thumbs up to that!

It arrived as predicted and on time the next morning. I have to say, the packaging is beautiful. Its really something i will keep an re-use, so for me, being conscious of my carbon footprint, that really makes me happy. It’s gorgeous and i can use it for keeping letters or bits n bobs. It will even look lovely on a shelf or displayed somewhere. They are not skimping on packaging, thats for sure. The cardboard is robust and the box is well made. The lovely gold foil just makes it feel luxurious. Love it!

contents displayed in box


1. I had been looking for a miracle hair product for ages since my hair was a frizzy mess up until now. At least, it was before my lovely gift box arrived anyway! I had been researching loads of curly hair products over the last few months and one kept cropping up. It’s MorocconOil. I noticed its packaging straight away. I’m liking the contents of this box, it is brilliant value for money. It is a decent size 75ml tube of hydrating styling cream. It’s even sold in professional salons and claims to eliminate frizz, add definition and shine and conform to styling. It’s infused with Argan oil which i know my hair really benefits from, but without the oiliness. It can be used on wet or dry hair, which really suits me as i usually need to tame my hair a couple of times a day as my mane is extremely unruly and thick with flyaway curls! Very few products actually work for me, so i was pretty sceptical. At the same time, i knew the reviews were good, so i had hope! Well I had to try it out immediately and i loved the scent. It was the exotic summer holidays scent that i was looking for. Nice one. I went to the mirror and couldn’t believe it, there were no frizzy bits and my hair actually looked neat! Happy days. A sigh of relief for me as i genuinely need a good hair product that i can apply quickly before running out the door in the morning.


 2. Factor 50 Mimitika Face cream. Brilliant, this is something i really need as i have ran out of my facial sunscreen and this one has had great reviews. I know this, because i live in France and they’re a French company that having been getting a lot of attention here. Hey, even the president Emmanuel Macron has been advertising for these guys by posing with a tub of their famous suncream. The great thing about this one is that you don’t need another moisturiser. Again, that’s a big plus for me as it’s time saving. Im delighted that the products are practical and useful, so they obviously put a lot of effort into making these boxes practical as well as alluring. Those two don’t always go together but the sophistication here is genius. Luxury and practicality! So glad i found this one.

suncream factor 5O for face

3. Regenerate toothpaste. I hadn’t heard of this one before so i read a bit about it and apparently it uses a ‘patented’ technology to repair enamel as you brush! Now this is something that really has my interest. I shy away from certain toothpastes, ie. whitening ones, as i worry about damaging the enamel, which can wreak havoc on your teeth. Another sigh of relief to find a toothpaste that restores whiteness and actually repairs enamel. Hallelujah. So far so good my friends!

4. A full size Hot Makeup Bronzer!! My Gosh, I’m completely in love with this box. It just keeps on giving! I adore bronzer, and this one is a keeper! I contour my chubby cheeks and make myself look thinner. I dust it over my forehead, along the sides of my nose, tip of my chin and along my chest haha. Im a bronzer girl and have it down to a tee. It takes me about 15 seconds to do. Summer needs a darker bronzer for that bronzed beach babe or sultry look. Enhancement at its finest. And pout. Now I’m ready to rock the day. I love makeup!!!

bronzer opened-dark/medium

5. Next up is the little chub stick by Jelly Pong Pong. Never heard of them but i like the sound of them! Bare necessities highlighting pencil. This is a 4-in-1 waterline, illuminator, concealer and base. It says you use it to accent the high points of your face, conceal under eye circles and blemishes and I’m guessing by water liner – line the inside of your lids? Ok, i don’t do any of those things, LOL. I tried it as an eyebrow highlight, you know underneath the curve of the eyebrow but i don’t think it did much for me, possibly because of my skin tone. I never used an eyeliner in that colour to be honest, but I know girls who will love this. Ok so it does work as a concealer over makeup for any blemishes, as I tried it today, so thats good as some concealers don’t work over your foundation. I use it to highlight my lips too and it totally works! I just draw a light line over the top of the lip line, smudge and voila. Sexy!

highlighter pencil

6. Cowshed Toner. This camomile and lavender toner is paraben free and comes in really cute packaging. Its a travel size one so handy to have for going on holidays! I personally love toner and i hate going without it. Especially on holidays where its usually hot, if I’m lucky. Toner is really refreshing and cool on the skin so its great to have a travel size one. Especially for flights where you’re only allowed carry-on luggage as there’s a restriction on liquids. It smells lovely and natural with a hint of summer. Yay! Will be keeping this one for my hols.

cowshed toner    Cowshed toner bottle ingredients etc.

7. Imideen beauty shot. Because beauty comes from the inside and we all know it! A shot that enhances your natural beauty instead of giving you a hangover. Nice replacement! 

Imideen beauty shot ingredients

It was great fun trying out my new products and i kept thinking to myself, wow, i can’t wait till the next one! More goodies to play with. I just love the whole concept of the subscription box. I mean, what’s not to love?! Self care at its very finest. Try all the best products for a fraction of the price and keep up to date with the trending cosmetics. All the while, enjoying the experience of surprise goodies. Keep them coming! I used to hate buying a full size product only to realise its not what i expected or it didn’t work for me. Obviously not every product works for everyone and so doing it this way, is a no-brainer. Anything that doesn’t suit you, you can give away to someone who will love it. This is really clever and no money-wasting.

You won’t believe what happened next. Two days later, i received another text and an email to say my package would be there. I thought, oh no they have probably doubled my order by accident or something. Next morning the doorbell rang and i got my package but it was a smaller one so naturally i was intrigued. I opened it immediately and it was a gorgeous eyeshadow that looked expensive and a really nice big size. To my absolute delight, it was my favourite colour!!!! I literally couldn’t believe my luck! And there was more. A lovely new eyeshadow brush. Perfect! It made my day. We were going out to lunch that day and i got to use all my brand new products. I felt like a million dollars..

8. The Mellow brand eyeshadow is a lovely subtle coloured, highly pigmented light golden shimmer. It is designed and developed in New Zealand and is free from parabens. Its a really generous size and i love the packaging. Here’s how it looks!

                          closeup of brush

9. The gorgeous and hand-cut super soft bristle brush gives a perfect finish. The eyeshadow brush is by Look Good Feel Better (LFGB) which is the only worldwide cancer charity providing practical support for women and teenagers struggling with the visible effects of their cancer treatment. For over 20 years this programme has helped people face cancer with confidence. By purchasing this product you will enable LFGB to extend its free skincare make-up workshops across the UK. Bespoke Europe Ltd will donate 12% of the wholesale price to LGFB, registered charity no. 1031728. The annual donation will be a guaranteed minimum of £30,000. “You can’t underestimate the positive power of make-up” LGFB beneficiary.


Ladies, everyone deserves one of these boxes in their life. I am absolutely in love with this subscription box. That is why i wrote this review and signed up with them. I think I’m a lifer!!!!

magazine included with box

10. And if that is not enough, i received a mini Elle magazine which ultimately sealed the deal. I basically miss magazines! I haven’t owned one for a few years as they’re only available in French here in France, obviously. I have been known to drive to the airport just to get an English one but those days are gone since i don’t even have time with my 2 babies. Hats off to the amazing people who came up with the idea to add a magazine into the box. Mwa! I love you.

I have to say I’m feeling much better in myself recently and i think its because I’m making more of an effort with my appearance. The real me is coming back and I’m not gonna be the sloppy Mum in pyjamas all summer. I’m gonna have my monthly reminder that I’m fabulous and if i feel like being sloppy Mum, that is fine too cos I know I can transform like wonder woman in minutes. Woohoo!!

Check it out for yourself. You deserve it! Ps its cheap as chips! Ps if you want the July box you had best hurry!!! >> Transport me to the land of beauty box paradise


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