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Shop like a pro on a dime by Gigi from Dress Them Up

There is a common myth that has been going on around the fashion world
for as I long remember that you have to be wealthy to be a
fashionista. Let me tell you, that is simply not true! Contrary to
popular belief you can still rock the hottest trends and styles
without breaking your wallet. In this post, I’m going to show you how.

 Thrift Shop by Rusty Clark
Image by
Rusty Clark

Consignment Shops and Thrift stores

shops and thrift stores
are fabulous places to shop if you are on

a budget. I know, that for some people might be put off wearing things
second-hand, but you can some great stuff at unbelievable cheap
prices. I know for a fact, that I have found some great items at both
consignment and thrift stores. And if you are an environmentally
conscious person, a consignment or a thrift shop is a great way to
help reduce pollution and waste.

Shopping 2

Out of Season

Most people don’t have the money to buy a totally new wardrobe every
season. I know I don’t! So if you are on a budget like I am, then the
first thing you really need to get your head around is that
it’s perfectly okay to buy things out of season!
. Out of

season items are often on clearance, especially when it’s around this
time of year when you are transitioning from one season to another.

Also, fashion tends to go in cycles. If one trend is out fashion now,
best believe in the next few years it will be back in fashion. So
don’t be so quick to throw out of season clothing. And when it comes
to out of season clothing, look for clothing staples such as a good
coat, a quality pair of jeans, or a blazer. Those items will last for
a long time, and that means spending less money in the long run!



I know a lot of people scoff at eBay,
but oh my god I wish I started using eBay sooner. I have found so many
great deals on that site. I am currently writing from a laptop that I
bought on eBay. I just recently bought two pairs of shoes in size 11
on eBay. I recommend that you use to filter the listings by Price: low
to highest to find the best deals. Also, I suggest that you pay
attention to shipping time and where an item is shipping from.

You might get free shipping, but it might take WEEKS to get here if
it’s shipping from somewhere like China. Also don’t be afraid to bid,
but beware once you win an auction you are obligated to buy it. So
pick your bids carefully. You can read more about eBay here.



Honey is an extension/add-on for Chrome
and Firefox
that will automatically apply coupon codes to hundreds of online

stores and shops. I can’t believe to tell you how helpful and
convenient this is when I’m shopping. I don’t have to go through tons
of coupon sites. It just inserts coupons automatically. Which I don’t
need to tell you that it saves you a lot of time and money.


Sales, Sales, Sales!

My mother and I are Queens of cruising for sales. However, now that I
have a brood of children to take care of, I seriously don’t have the
time to track when my favorite stores go on sales. Thankfully, someone
thought up Sales Trackers to track when stores go on sales.

My favorite one is Polyvore.
Polyvore has been my go to when it comes to blogging about Fashion,
but you can also use Polyvore to track when the items you like go on
sale. Just like the item and Polyvore will notify by email when that
item goes on sale. Another favorite tracker of mine is Shoptagr. You can browse for items,
tagged them, and save that item. It’s just that easy. To get started,
watch this super
helpful tutoria



Yes, you heard right you can indeed rent designer items not unlike how
you would use Netflix. Renting designer items is not a new concept,
but it’s gotten even easier with the internet and apps. One of the
most popular services to use is
Style Lend
. It’s a company based out of New York City and it’s
only really not that expensive to use.

These are my tips to be a Fashionista on a budget. I really hope that
you found this post useful and if you love this post please check out
my site Dress Them Up, or to hit
me up on my
, Twitter,
Instagram, or Pinterest accounts.

If you have any tips to add, do let us know in the comments below!

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