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Dot Dash Pay is the latest easy-to-use app that is taking the world by storm. It is a really handy and innovative concept that is catching on fast.

It is being set up in many places so that we the customers can save time and hassle by connecting our phone to a payment machine in order to pay for goods.

It will hopefully reduce queuing time, make shopping less time consuming and aid anyone who is in a rush.

Apart from just shopping, it can be used to pay your restaurant bill, pay for petrol and avoid you having to go to an ATM.

A loyalty program can be set up immediately and easily, therefore helping the customer save in the long run and also encouraging return business to the supplier.

The Startup won a competition back in 2015 at UC Berkeley worth $250,000.

This helped in the development of the software platform and is now finished and starting to gain credit.

Its founders are computer science PhD students who designed the software to accept credit cards, Applepay, Android Pay, Google Wallet and Bitcoin on just about every machine.

With only a small amount of employees (2-10) they are running a huge financial service.

Here is their About Us profile description on Linkdin :

DotDashPay provides a payment platform that enables retailers to connect payments to any customer experience interface.

Innovative retailers are partnering with DotDashPay to bring secure, future-proof, and cutting-edge payment implementations to market faster.

It offers the companies and outlets that use the technology a “Future Proof” and reliable platform due to being so state of the art and ahead of the times.

It claims to avoid the tediousness of checkout queues and also avoids having to even scan an item ever again.

The items would be equipped with RFID tags, while interactive screens and price scanners do the leg work.

Once you have finished your shopping, you simply pay at a designated self-service machine.

With Bluetooth beacon technology, you can also pay for petrol and at the drive-through without having to move and just clicking on a link via your mobile phone.

 Sean Arietta, CEO and founder of DotDashPay met co-founder Joey Mucha, an arcade rental business owner when looking for a new project to fuel his constant drive to build things. He asked Joey Mucha if there was anything in his business he needed help with, involving hardware. He went on to explain that the machines all take cash and that proved to be super cumbersome so he would love to go completely cashless. Not everyone carries cash so it was becoming a problem that it was a coin machine business.
Sean Arietta came up with the idea of making the machines accept credit cards and started delving into that end of things. 
While he was researching the various options and still completing his PhD at UC Berkeley he met the third co-founder in his lab. They had become good friends so he decided to tell him about his side project.
He had a great background in machine learning and they decided to work together and form some analytics.
Eventually all three decided to team up and work on the project together to form a business model.
They came up with the idea and built a core model that could adapt to any machine quickly.
The security involved is bullet-proof.
a loaded wallet in your back pocket
It would save you having to even carry a wallet, therefore reducing the risk of being pickpocketed or robbed.
You may be wondering if this system will reduce staff and therefore create less employment in the industry but I think there will just be more help on the shop floors rather than at the till.
What are your thoughts on this method of payment?

Check it out for yourself here

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