Alcosynth Synthetic Alcohol to Replace Alcohol by 2050


Yes, you read that right! Alcosynth Synthetic Alcohol to Replace Alcohol by 2050!!!!

No more dreaded hangovers for us! We can still go out and get tipsy without the consequences. Not on a school night you say? And why not? Haha this is going to be great! Gone will be the days of pounding morning-after headaches, body aching, dry throat and tongue like a carpet. Woop!

Good riddance to bad hangovers and it is all thanks to Neuroscientist Professor David Nutt from Imperial College London.


Nutt has spent the last 10 years studying how to make an alcohol alternative without the toxins and harmful chemicals. Since then he has created and patented 90 alcosynth synthetic compounds

Right now two of those are being tested for public use. By 2020 they will be released to 100 cocktail bars and he is confident that by 2050 alcosynth will take over the alcohol market completely!

The best thing about it is that you can drink knowing your heart and liver will be undamaged.

Thank you and rejoice, it is all thanks to the Nutty Professor!

cheers with beers

Nutt began working on creating an alcohol alternative in 2005 in order to reduce the serious problem of alcohol harm and withdrawal.

He says ‘Alcohol kills 4 million people a year. I want to stop the carnage.’

Some 88,000 people die on average every year in America alone from alcohol-related conditions.

It is in fact the 4th leading preventable cause of death.He started his research for a replacement to reduce the harmful effects but still give that relaxed, slightly euphoric effect that alcohol brings on.


He says ‘Alcosynth is a partial agonist that can never produce a maximal effect and could never kill you. The drinks industry knows that by 2050 alcohol will be gone completely, but they don’t want to rush into it because they’re making too much money from it.

Nutt can’t divulge too much info about what it consists of or how exactly it works until the intellectual property rights are secured.

He does conclude that in his estimate, alcosynth is around 100 times safer than alcohol.

It changes the way alcohol is broken down and metabolized in the body. It does not produce a compound called acetaldehyde as alcohol does. Acetaldehyde causes hangovers and skin flushing. It can eventually lead to liver disease, cirrhosis, chronic heart disease and actual death. Scary!

hangovers soon to be a thing of the past!

Just as you were thing alcosynth can’t get any better, it is actually nearly calorie-free!

Time to trade your Absinthe for Alcosynth boys n girls!

Yes to a hangover-free life. Time to get social.

Dr Nutt, we salute you!

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Alcosynth synthetic alcohol that is going to take over from alcohol completely. Soon we can drink happily knowing it is healthier, safer and hangover-free!


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