20 Stress Relief Tips for Overwhelmed Mums and Dads


Let’s face it, Mums and Dads have a lot on their plate. It is hard juggling everything and having no time to yourself. Working outside and inside the home while being there for everyone all the time is hard work. Sometimes we get stressed out and frustrated and that is normal. When it becomes overwhelming, we need to take a little time out for ourselves. It is important to look after number one in order to be fully present at home with the family.

If you don’t take any time for yourself you may start feeling frustrated, annoyed, angry and unappreciated. Like you need an escape! No need to feel bad about it, everyone needs some time to relax, breathe and not have to sort out everyone else before yourself. Certain times of the year are more stressful than others, like when the kids are off school, so much to prepare over Christmas and any other times when your time is in demand from the kids and family. It is hard to get any break when you are always having to meet the needs of others.

This is why I have put together a list of tips for overwhelmed Mums and Dads to help you de-stress.

Here are some easy to implement tips that can relax you and help you unwind and chill out.

Arrange someone to mind the little one/s and or take it in turns to mind the kids/ arrange a playdate for them.

Then choose one or 2 of the following… 

1. Have a nice stroll alone somewhere relaxing. Turn your phone on silent and just enjoy your free time without rushing back.

2. Go somewhere relaxing for lunch or dinner or even a picnic. Bring a good book if you are alone.

de-stress tips

3. Go to the cinema by yourself. Pick a movie you will enjoy and grab some yummy food.

4. Go to the seaside and read a book or magazine. Have a swim and you will feel fantastic.


5. Go to your fave coffee shop and read the paper. Have a nice cake while you’re at it.

6. Forget about the housework and get a cleaner in! Do something fun instead.

relax and de-stress

7. Find a quiet place somewhere private and meditate. Check out the Headspace app for free guided meditation.

8. Go for a scenic drive and listen to your fave tunes in the car.

9. Go for some retail therapy at a nice quiet shopping area.

10. Visit friends and enjoy a good laugh with them.

relaxing tips

11. Go out for a few drinks and chill out.

12. Buy wine and cheese and once the kids are in bed have a nice night in.

13. Meal prep in advance to avoid cooking or order takeaway and enjoy your time instead.

14. Wear the kids out during the day with activities and then bed early for them so you can watch tv alone.

15. Arrange a weekend away. Hint for birthday or Christmas presents. 

relaxation tips

16. If you go on holidays with the kids, go to a hotel with a kids club/babysitting service so you can chill.

17. Arrange a BBQ with other Mums and Dads so the kids can play together and parents can relax.

18. Arrange a spa day. Other great gifts to hint for! Pamperish!

19. Take up a hobby or join a group which gives you time out.

20. Invest in some noise cancellation headphones and listen to chill out music in peace!

relax with wireless headphones

Does this sound relaxing to you? I used to think going to the shop for milk was like a trip to the spa. No joke.

I never had any time to myself as my partner was working all the time and I have 2 babies under 3.

I felt very overwhelmed and severely stressed having no time to myself or at least without the babies.

I realise now that it is so important to get that time out and make it a priority.

Since I started having a little free time, even 30 minutes, I feel great! Really refreshed and feeling so much better.

I hope this list can help you. The first step is realizing that you’re entitled to a little me-time 🙂

Best of luck my friends, you’re not alone x

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