Glasses that Help Blind People See!


I watched an episode of Rachael Ray a while back featuring glasses that help blind people see. It was hard to believe that such technology exists and what a fantastic breakthrough it is!

I remember watching it in disbelief, not really expecting it to work properly at first. It was so hard to comprehend that technology has come so far to actually help blind people see their loved ones for the first time!

It was so beautiful to watch. They brought this man on the show to try out the glasses for the first time. They were probably a bit dubious themselves if it would really work.

They first brought in his gorgeous girlfriend and baby and spoke to her about their lives and story. Then they brought in Gene, who has a condition that makes him only able to see shadows and not features.

eSight are the creator of the amazing glasses and they came on the Rachael Ray show to explain the technology behind it. It uses a camera to run the images through a high definition video and repixels the images to put on HD video. This results in clear and typical eyesight vision.

Check out the video and see how emotional it is!

It shows on the big screen what he is seeing through the glasses as he sees his girlfriend and baby including his parents who he spots in the audience.

eSight then gifted him the $15,000 glasses in a wonderful surprise moment just as he thought he would have to memorize their faces. They told him that he would be cooking the Thanksgiving dinner that year.

The founder of eSight was a successful engineer who has 2 blind sisters. In 2006 he decided to set about his mission of building the glasses to help them see.

It took a team of engineers many years of hard work and millions in investments but the results are phenomenal and it is a huge breakthrough.

Here’s another video of 9 year old Ben seeing properly for the time on The Doctors. So cool!

Legally blind people now have the chance to lead normal lives, hold down jobs where they may not have been able before and do all the things we take for granted daily.

Things like reading a book, seeing signs, watching presentations and taking part in sports. The main thing and most importantly being able to see loved ones and feel more confident.

The cost of eSight was originally $15,000 but is now $9,995. Luckily for the many people who are legally blind that can’t afford that much, eSight offer help through sponsors and funding organizations.

There are many different kinds of blindness (including macular degeneration) these can help with. Each pair are tailored to the persons individual needs. The technology is always developing and it is exciting to see how it progresses in time. They are getting more lightweight and better functionality as they go along. The eSight 3 being the latest release.

Check out their site here.

Seeing is believing!

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