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Rooftop gardens are a great way to enjoy outdoor living when you have no garden. Here are some stunning examples of what you can create. You don’t need a huge area and it can transform your lifestyle and create a sanctuary of calm. You will in most cases, need planning permission if you are overlooking anyone elses space so do check with your local planning organisation before going ahead. You see a lot of these cropping up all over the place nowadays and they look great!


I have been checking online for some inspiration for a rooftop garden. You really don’t need a lot of space to create one. If you have a balcony then you can still create a mini garden. It should be a relaxing space to enjoy.

Here are some of my top finds for creating your rooftop garden or balcony garden –

2 Jardinières2 Jardinières 39 EURO
Arrosoir, acier inoxydable - 1,1LWatering Can 15 EURO 
3 Outils de jardinage Gardening Utensils 17 EURO 
2 Lanternes
2 Lanterns 75 EURO 
Barbecue à charbon - 58*67
Portable BBQ 99 EURO
Barbecue à charbon - 47*70
Small round portable BBQ 59 EURO
a rooftop garden
Chapiteau de jardin - 300*300
Canopy 300 x 300 549 EURO
Chaise longue - L191
Chaise Longue 199 EURO
Chaise à bascule
Rocking chair 169 EURO
2 Lanternes

2 Lanternes 49 EURO

Canapé d’angle et 1 table basse de jardin
Outdoor Suite and table 1449 EURO
Exterior Light 100cm 149 EURO
Exterior Light 99 EURO
Fauteuil d'extérieur ZADIE, gris - L75
Outdoor chair 139 EURO 
Couverture d'été pour garden IGLOO, crème - Ø360
Couverture d'été pour garden IGLOO, crème - Ø360
Bain de soleil, blanc - L192
Chaise longue on wheels 75 EURO
6 Sets de table TIWI, coton - 34*45
6 Cotton table mats 39 EURO
Paillasson RUSTIC TREE - 40*70
Metal floor mat Rustic Tree 15 EURO
Galette de chaise NIZZA, gris anthracite - 40*40
Outdoor seat cushion 9 EURO
Salon de jardin PALERMO bois d'acaccia - naturel et beige
Outdoor suite 399 EURO
Chaise d'extérieur MERIDA, naturel et noir
Exterior chair 69 EURO
7 Lanternes - L25
7 Lanterns 29 EURO
Table à manger de jardin avec 4 chaises
Dining Set 110 x 70 199 EURO
Coussin - 45*45
Outdoor cushion 27 EURO
3 Suspensions LED - H16
3 Suspension LED Lights 55 EURO
All listed items from Westwing Home and Leisure 
So many gorgeous things available out there and a lot of these items are on sale at the moment so it is a good time to buy. You will be hopefully sitting in your own rooftop garden by the time the summer weather hits! I hope I have inspired you to create a serene sanctuary wherever you are. If you’re lucky enough to have garden space, I hope these have put you in the spring clean gardening mood. You can do magic with the right decor!
Potted trees and plants are easy to look after and also vertical herb gardens as the don’t take up too much space. You can also consider fake grass, outdoor rugs, troughs, lanterns, flower boxes and hanging baskets. Check out the Kokedama Japanese plant art and fun planting projects for kids here. There are so many possibilities! 
If you’re looking for more outdoor living ideas and inspiration, check out this recent post


Happy Gardening 🙂

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