One Day Family Stopover in Singapore (Waterpark Hotel and Changi Airport)


We recently did a family stopover in Singapore and were impressed how family friendly it is. We decided on a waterpark hotel as it wasn’t far from the airport and outside of the main thoroughfare. We were coming back from New Zealand to France and Singapore was our best option price wise as usual. We absolutely love Singapore and have been there a few times now. We were glad to be landing in familiar territory but had already visited the city so we were keen to try downtown. The fact we were arriving in at rush hour was another deciding factor, since it takes a good 45 mins to get through the city at that time of the day. It was quicker to bypass the centre and head downtown. It only takes around 10 mins from the airport.

Here is a map of the Wild Wild Wet Waterpark :

Related image

Click on the pic above if you wish to go there, there are coupon codes. If you stay at the resort, it is free entry.

The accommodation we chose was called D’resort. It is a nature-inspired waterpark integrated hotel with 3.2 hectares of waterpark, rooms, entertainment and over 60 retail shops in a shopping centre opposite. It was surprisingly tranquil as the water park Wild Wild Wet is across the road from the main hotel and wasn’t at all noisy. The shopping centre is beyond that but only a very short walk to both. We had a lovely spacious apartment on 2 levels with a rainforest shower and Egyptian cotton sheets. We did happen to notice a little mould from dampness around some of the features in the bathroom but we couldn’t complain as it was a great spot and everything else was right on par. It basically didn’t bother us at all.

Waterpark at D'resort Singapore

Outside was a lovely big balcony deck with views of the seaside and beachfront area. It was wonderful to see exotic birds perched on the beautiful tree outside. I tried to get a good photo but couldn’t get a decent one. We were completely wrecked after a long day so we went for dinner in the nearby restaurant and grabbed some noodles and snacks for the kids. They had a really cool freshly squeezed orange juice machine where you could watch the oranges go in and get juiced so our 3 year old loved that.

                                 balcony at d'resort   view of greenery from balcony   exotic bird on a tree

They were so well-equipped for kids and we noticed a school group at one stage so a fab family friendly resort, especially with the free entry to the water park. Highly recommend it. It was very nice with little activities such as an eco garden for planting and growing vegetables, renting bikes, indoor play activities, a cinema and more. There really is something for everyone so the parents can relax while the kids are entertained. Most of the entertainment can be enjoyed as a family so a really fun and special place that the kids will love and remember.

Another plus point is that you are right by the sea. Although there is not much beach, there are some really nice small parts of white sand beach where you can chill for an hour or 2. There is also a huge park that is only a short stroll along the front of the hotel. It is a nice relaxing area with lots of decent walks and a river running through it. 

                                                                   child on a wooden swing at d'resort       wall mural at d'resort waterpark hotel

We liked the fact that it was so close to the airport and city, yet felt like being outside of the city. I went for a walk with the two kids next morning while himself slept in. I was glad to go at that time of the day rather than the afternoon. By midday it was too hot for us so we decided to head over to the big shopping centre. The choice of restaurants was brilliant, we were having a hard time choosing. Good complaint! We love the food in Singapore, especially ramen noodles and spicy dishes. We settled on a food court at ground level right opposite the waterpark as it looked nice and it was so good. Very reasonably priced and the staff were brilliant with the kids, they were even taking turns holding them and playing with them. Happy days! There were lots of shops, especially kids toys and souvenirs but we didn’t stay long. Unfortunately we needed to be at the airport in an hour or so but we were glad to be heading to Changi airport as it is the best airport in the world.

 We ordered a taxi at the reception and had our luggage waiting for us in the storage. It was due in 5 mins but actually didn’t arrive for 20 mins so we took some photos and strolled around. We were happy that they only charged us a fraction of the cost due to being late. The taxi we paid for only cost a third of the price we paid to get there so they were very satisfactory. All in all, the service was good, however the receptionist couldn’t recommend a restaurant which we thought was a bit strange. We figured maybe they’re not allowed to recommend any other than the hotels own or else maybe she didn’t know of a good one. The service was great though, we were offered the use of a pram should we need one and also a luggage carrier. Those were only subject to availability but we were able to get them. The luggage carrier had to be returned immediately after use but that was all good. We wheeled our cases on the way back anyway and they weren’t that heavy.

If you are looking for a great family hotel, I recommend it! It is like a children’s paradise. We will definitely go back there when the kids are old enough to enjoy the water park. In fact we’re quite excited to go ourselves, it looks amazing! The whole concept is based around family holidays so it is hugely popular among tourists and natives alike. There are BBQ’s on site for customers use but you need to arrange that in advance I think. Great idea! They even have jungle themed rooms which are fantastic for children but they were quite expensive so we opted out. Next time for sure!

                                     Changi airport interior   feature at Changi    Sculptural art at CHANGI

We arrived at Changi very early for our flight. Since we had to check out of the hotel by 10, we decided to make our way there. We love the airport as there is lots to do and see there. Being early you are allowed to use their early check-in service so we made our way there. Almost everyone in Singapore speaks some English so it is easy to communicate in general. We had a short wait while the kids played along with other kids. Singapore is so child-friendly, you will notice if you go. Everyone smiles at the kids and often chats away which is really friendly and welcoming. They are wonderful people.


Once we had dropped our cases, we just had our hand luggage so we went off and got a luggage trolly. We just started roaming around looking at all the interesting feature points. They had kids areas with computers to play games and add your photo to the screen of travellers. They had interactive arty things and snazzy shopfronts. We knew there were some kids play areas but decided to leave those until later on when we needed them to keep the kids entertained. There is a butterfly garden that we had on our list of priorities. They even have a cinema!


They actually have a rooftop pool which we went to before on a stopover but we forgot to pack our swimmer in our carry-on bags so couldn’t go this time. It is a great idea if you have spare couple of hours as you can relax on the sun loungers and there is even a bar! We tried to book in to the airport hotel for a few hours but they were fully booked. The customer service staff rang around but you usually need to book those in advance as they book up in advance. We were lucky to get a room previously one time but that was a fluke. We decided to go and see if we could do the free day tour. There is a free tour of the city by bus but unfortunately we hadn’t planned that either and they were also booked up. You need to be there at least 5 hours to avail of it. Although we had the time, the next tour didn’t leave for another 2 hours so we had to forgo the tour. Next time! Best to book online if you can or else go straight there when you arrive to book. We were messing about doing other things so that is probably why we missed it.

                                                                  KIDS PLAY AREA CHANGI    kids playing in the play area

They have cool little pram style trollies for babies so it is great if you have a small child and no pram. We were so happy to have one since we dumped the Trunk ( Childs case on wheels ) as it turned out to be a mini death-trap. Our little one had fallen off it too many times and it was the bane of our lives. Moral of the story – Don’t bring a Trunk on long-haul flights! We had only one pram so needless to say the pram trolly was a life-saver. They’re only available in certain areas though so you can ask a staff member if you can’t find one. The staff are so helpful and friendly, they even come and ask you if they can help you if you’re looking confused! I can see why it is voted best airport year after year.


They had a mini garden with ponds and waterlilies and the biggest Koi carp fish ( like a giant goldfish ) I had ever seen, swimming around. Like an oasis of calm in the middle of the airport. On our way to find the butterfly garden we passed the playground which was spotted immediately by our eagle-eyed 3 year old. Of course, we stopped there for a good half an hour and got chatting to some other parents while running around after our 1 year old. Eventually we got to the butterfly garden but unfortunately we could only see the top level as both were in prams and it was stairs. They loved it and the butterflies were beautiful. They can even land on you but there are plastic chains on the way out to stop you bringing any by accident. The place was done out like a rainforest with an indoor waterfall and lots of foliage. Worth the visit as it is definitely a highlight for anyone.

butterfly on a flower

We found a nice food area where we sat and ate, rested and fed the kids. By some miracle, both fell asleep simultaneously and we decided to go check out the cinema. We figured it was nice and dark there with comfy chairs so thought we would give it a try. We were looking forward to sitting back and relaxing to watch a movie but it wasn’t to be! Our one year old had other ideas! That idea was abandoned but the cinema looked great! It is free entry and you can come and go as you please. There was a decent selection of movies. Right next door there is a classy airport lounge where you can pay to use the shower by the way. They really thought of everything! Himself went one time we were there and said it was a spa like facility but only cost around 10 EUR so not bad if you need to refresh on your stopover. There is of course, a spa too! How nice would that be on your stopover?! I wish… 

Burberry shop and light sculpture

There are loads of fantastic shops of every kind you can think of. It is a very big airport and a great place to shop. The designer stores are really immaculate and I came across the best shopfront I have ever seen in my life there! Louis Vuitton was a giant computer screen with 3D images on it, constantly in motion. See photo.

louis vuitton computer screen shopfront

We bought our little girl some cute converse runners which we noticed were actually exclusive to Changi airport. They were cheaper than buying online. There are a number of food courts where you can try most cuisines so spoilt for choice there too. We were happy to find a nice quiet rest area where we could sit back in comfy chairs. I was kept on my toes by baby but I just brought her for strolls when she woke and that put her back to sleep. I didn’t mind since I was marvelling at all the sculptures and art work around the place. It is amazingly designed and the shops are very luxurious. The time went by quite quickly and we were able to use the trains to get from one area to the next. It takes less than 10mins to get to each different platform so worth seeing the whole airport if you have time. Each area has something of interest.

walkway area  mosaic glass sculpture

You will want to see everything so if you have a long stopover you won’t be bored. We even went early to avail of all the cool stuff and keep the kids entertained. For a one day family stopover in Singapore we were happy with our choice of waterpark hotel and spending time at Changi airport. thankfully we were on a night flight so it was easier to sleep and get the kids sleeping. 

cool mannequin covered in boxes

If you have a 2 day stopover, please check out this recent article as we really enjoyed our 3 day stay in the centre.

You will absolutely LOVE Singapore city and airport!!! 🙂

Singapore one day stopover itinerary with waterpark and Changi airport

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  1. Sandra Black
    April 14, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    We did a 3 day layover on our way to Australia a few years ago and we really enjoyed Singapore, no kids with us and we didn’t didn’t see what you did so looks like we need another trip.

    • blognewser
      April 14, 2018 at 9:34 pm

      Hi Sandra, there is so much to see and do it really is a brilliant city. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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