African Style and “The Dress That Broke the Internet”


African style is distinctly colourful with incredible patterns that are mixed cleverly to create an authentic, fun and stylish combination. There is something so cheerful and happy about the confident loud colours and the playfulness of the pattern mixes. You could never call African style boring, that’s for sure. The women who wear this style exude confidence and self-esteem. They are not afraid to be the centre of attention and stand out from the crowd. The bold accessories are non-conformative and give a sense of exhuberence. Being so colourful, it is easy to match shoes and accessories so again, this can be great fun to play around with.

I remember being completely wowed by a DIY prom dress one student had made and went on to appear on Project Runway Junior as a guest. Her African inspired DIY prom dress went viral after she wore it to prom and she was contacted by fashion agencies afterwards. She wore the dress on to Project Runway Junior as a guest to show just what is possible to achieve when making your own garment.

Check it out here –

African prom dress

Doesn’t she look stunning?! No wonder that dress went viral. I can’t believe she made it herself! The jewellery and hair are on point. She looks like a Goddess. Flawless.

These are some fine examples of gorgeous African fabric prints with their vibrant colours and intricate detail –

African decorative print       African Style Colourful Pattern Mixes

  African fabric - gold peacock design

Colourful mix of African prints

Here are some fabulous examples of African style designs –

African style low cut dress with pattern mix

This tribal influenced dress is stunning and unique. The pattern mix is spot on and the woven waist detail is perfect.

Brightly coloured patterned African dress

This brightly coloured print is vibrant. The high-waisted pocketed midi is amazing! I love the hem and fullness of the skirt. The overall look is outstanding.

The breathtaking Isi Maxi by Ofuure at ~African fashion, Ankara, kitenge, African women dresses, African prints, African men's fashion, Nigerian style, Ghanaian fashion ~DKK
African style shows lots of full skirts with pockets and high waists. This is flattering and exhuberant.
The plain black top really shows it off properly and the necklace brings it all together.
African neckpiece
Example of an African style neckpiece 

Solange Knowles African Style Colourful Pattern Mixes

Here is Solange Knowles (AKA Beyonce’s sister) rocking some African prints on the cover of Elle magazine.

Green African print mini shift dress with a cape

This green African print knee-length shift dress with a cape oozes sophistication and style with that distinct African design.

I recently happened to stumble upon a fantastic African fashion and Art blogger recently who I just had to get in touch with.

Her blog is Eddy’s Journey to Fashion and Art. Follow her on Instagram here @eddytye1. Check out Eddy’s amazing outfits and learn a little more about how she is inspired below.

Let’s talk about the color yellow! Most people are afraid to wear yellow because of how bright the color is and how stand out one can be wearing it! I used to be one of those people until I saw this dress! It was on sale in one the most popular African clothing stores @Grass_fields. Check out these earrings from @bearosetoday (Be A Rose on Facebook)

Dress from @grass_fields
The bracelets are from an Etsy store called Bijoux Minuit. They are made out of beads from a tribe in Kenya and Tanzania known as Masai.

colourful beaded african bracelets

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