How to Give Yourself a Much Needed Break


Are you feeling overworked and unappreciated? Maybe you just need a little rest. Here are some ideas on how to give yourself a much needed break! If you can’t afford an actual holiday then there are plenty of ways to give yourself a break that don’t have to cost the earth and don’t even require much effort to organise. Sometime we just need some indulgence through simple pleasures in order to feel right again. We just need a break to focus on the good things in life every so often. The more regular the better. Life is for living after all! Go on, treat yourself…

1 Go to your fave restaurant or coffee shop. Order the expensive option you have been wanting to try. Let loose and indulge in some yummy comfort food and drinks. Bring along some good friends, family or go solo. Either way just enjoy good food and surroundings. Take your time and savour every moment. You deserve it!

a yummy dinner                                                                                     a yummy drink

2 Go shopping for a new outfit and have fun trying on some glamorous clothes. Go where you genuinely enjoy shopping, whether it is the mall or a charity shop. Doesn’t matter once you are enjoying yourself. You can bring a friend for company or really take your time alone. Don’t rush, just browse and choose carefully. Make this an experience you remember by picking the right outfit and arrange a night out in advance. Dress up to the nines and get your hair done while you’re at it. It is guilt free once you know you are worth it! Give yourself a much needed break my friend. A bit of retail therapy never went astray.

3 Go on a day trip somewhere new. Have a look online and find a cute place to visit for the day or even a couple of days. Why not? Arrange getting the train or bus so that you don’t have to drive. Make it a day to remember. Bring your camera and do the touristy thing, even if it is still close to home. Visit the local information centre for advice on the best activities or sights to see. Sit back, relax and breathe in the holiday vibes. YOLO.

4 Arrange a cocktail night at home. Have your friends around and get everyone to bring a bottle. Have fun printing off some cocktail recipes or get a book on how to make cocktails. Stock up on fruits and buy a cocktail set and some straws and stirrers. Enjoy making and trying new cocktail recipes and old classics with your pals or for a great date night in.

a cocktail

5 Turn your phone off and resist the urge to go online and check emails. Insist on some me-time and just focus on enjoying your time with no one to answer to. Get a babysitter if you have kids and just do what you love. Some examples are – a spa day (yes please!), a manicure/pedicure, a facial, a day at the beach sunbathing, a day out with friends, a night out with your partner. Anything that you feel will do you good. It is all about feeling great and relaxing without a care in the world.

6 Stop listening to negativity and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Smile at strangers, spark up a chat with a stranger at the park, make new friends. Join a club such as a walking club, sports club, board games club, sewing club, whatever takes your fancy. Meeting new people and having a hobby is fun and uplifting. Find your tribe and enjoy your free time with them. There are lots of these groups and meet-ups if you just look around on local notice boards, info centres and online. It could be the making of you. You could consider doing a course in your line of interest?

7 Make a list of your fave movies and download them to watch for a fun day or night in. If movies aren’t your thing then maybe make a list of your fave books and join a book club or just enjoy your free time reading. Get some nice pillows and comfy blankets and create a cosy corner in your home or a book nook for chilling out. Make popcorn or jut get in your fave munchies for a binge-fest. You are worth it! Even if it seems indulgent. It is supposed to be.

8 Have a pamper night at home. Invite friends over or enjoy your own company. Works either way! Have some nice face packs, foot scrubs, hair masks and manicure kits to go the whole hog. Fluffy bathrobes and slippers are a big plus! Listen to some calming music, make a nice foot spa and have some hot towels at the ready. Light some scented candles and you are all set. 

9 Go to the countryside and pick a WiFi free zone. Go for a picnic in the unspoilt surroundings and pack some tasty cheeses, fine wine, baguette, parma ham, olives, stuffed peppers or anything that takes your fancy. Go all out and indulge in some fine dining, enjoying the true beauty of nature. Best check the weather forecast ahead of time but you are still bound to find an old bar or cafe somewhere in case!

a woman in a field chewing a daisy

10 Go to the cinema. Arrange to go with a friend, your partner or alone. I never thought of going to the cinema alone until a good few years ago while living in New Zealand I was staying in a city alone and was pondering things to do. I said to myself, why wouldn’t I go to the cinema alone? It’s not like you have a conversation anyway! Going to the cinema alone became a firm fave pastime of mine afterwards as I often travelled solo. Enjoy yourself and buy some yummy treats while you’re at it! 

11 Get a massage. You can get some great deals online nowadays so it doesn’t have to cost the earth. If it is some pure relaxation and tension-easing escapism you need, then book yourself in. It should be completely guilt-free as it is a simple self care practice. An enjoyable and revitalising experience. Just forget about the world and enjoy the ultimate self care ritual as it is supposed to be. Bliss!

Are any of these taking your fancy? Save this list for when you need a break. Now you know how to give yourself a much needed break. Carpe diem.

Take care of yourself!

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Are you feeling overworked and unappreciated? Maybe you just need a little rest. Here are some ideas on how to give yourself a much needed break!

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  1. paul murphy
    August 17, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    All great tips! People should take heed of them! nice post and nice pics! 🙂

    • blognewser
      August 19, 2018 at 10:10 am

      Thanks Paul, nice of you to comment and glad u like the post 🙂

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