Design your Own Trainers! Custom Reeboks, Nikes, Adidas, Converse & Vans


Did you know you can design your own trainers online? I recently discovered that lots of big brands have this cool and trendy custom design feature. You choose your colours and style of trainer, then have fun customising them whatever way you like. You can play around with lots of different fabrics, finishes and colour combos and it is easy to do.

A completely authentic design made to order at the tap of a button. Be your own designer and show off your design skills. No one else will have the same and they can be made to match any outfit. You and your bestie or mini me can have matching custom runners. Design your own trainers and stay ahead of the pack!

I designed my own Reebok classics as seen in the main feature pic!

Here is a guide to how it works, you just go online and choose the different colours and finishes –

custom design reeboks

Adidas Gazelles I designed –

Another idea of what can be achieved –

Adidas runners in custom colours and fabrics

Some custom VANS designs from their website –

Some Nike Air Max Classics from the 90’s that I custom designed with NikeID –

Custom Nike air max 90's

Design your own custom Converse chuck tailors –


Custom designed chuck tailors
Wo,nderwoamn converse custom design
The possibilities are endless! 
Custom Nikes
custom nikes
custom designed nikes
Custom design converse-style runner
What do you think? Would you be keen to design your own trainers custom made to your own style and colour preferences? Give it a try yourself and see!
It could be cool for kids to help them express their own unique style. It is quite artistic and creative so it might be fun to try with them.
Another interesting idea would be to have the personalised ones for bridal parties and hen do’s. Bride and bridesmaid matching shoes!
You can have our name or motto, even your business name printed on the VANs and others. Even work uniforms could be interesting. Very cool.
You would never have to worry about anyone stealing your lovely custom trainers if you put your name on them!
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