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I have found my new favourite face mask and I am so happy to be spreading the word about it! It is Face Theory’s pink clay AHA mask. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to try it. I love clay masks as they are the best kind of mask for my skin. I have combination skin which can be prone to the odd blemish so I always use a clay mask to help draw out impurities and balance my skin tone.

Face Theory Pink clay AHA mask in potFace Theory Pink clay mask on hand

I had been hearing great reports about pink clay recently and was eager to try it for myself. I already use a French green clay mask so this one really appealed to me. I will just start by saying, I am a massive Face Theory fan ever since trying their Regencalm retinol serum and glycolic acid cleanser which I wrote about here.

The pink clay AHA face mask has kaolin clay, vitamin C, lactic acid and crushed walnut shells. It feels lovely and light, almost like a whipped body butter rather than the usual heavy clay feel. It actually feels really luxurious and it comes in the cutest packaging, which I love. The jar is re-usable so that is going to be handy for making my own products as it is dark glass so helps to keep the ingredients fresher for longer. The crushed walnut shell is really very gentle and works perfectly to exfoliate dead skin cells. It is easy to apply with no mess and feels smooth and creamy going on. You only need a thin layer as a little goes a long way. Once that is one, you just  relax for 10 minutes or so, then rinse it off with warm water. The rich oils really replenish tired skin. There is organic argan oil and jojoba for hydration and the pink French clay draws out impurities. The lactic acid helps improve cell turnover and the vitamin C brightens the complexion so this mask continues working even after you remove it. My skin felt fabulous after using it and I felt as though it gave a thorough deep clean.

pink clay mask spread on hand

I also introduced the new CeraQuench Renewal Cream to my skin care routine. This is formulated for combination or dehydrated skin. It is a ceramide cream which I had never tried before. It smoothens and reduces wrinkles. So far I am so impressed with the reduction in wrinkles from using Face Theory’s glycolic acid cleanser and retinol serum and I am confident this will work well with those. It says you will notice a difference in 30 days but I have only been using this a week so I will report back on that. I really enjoy using the product. It is a rich cream and you can use it sparingly. It comes in a handy pump bottle so you can use a small amount, then massage it into the skin using circular motions. It absorbs so well, like magic.

A lot of rich creams tend to be greasy so I normally don’t use them but this is like nothing I have tried before. It seems to just sink in and leave the skin hydrated but without any residue. Amazing! It has argan, jojoba and roseship oil, all of which I love and are proven to nourish the skin. It contains vitamin C, ferulic acid and vitamin E. It even has retinol and hyaluronic acid in there! All the oils are organic so you are getting the best quality ingredients. Here is a bit more about the science of the formation from the Face Theory website – Ceraquench contains 2% ceramides and the technology we use has been proven to increase cutaneous elasticity by 25% and decrease microwrinkles by 22% (after 30 days). Formulated to repair and renew the epidermal barrier, it’s got a high-strength dose of ceramides along with co-enzyme q10.

CeraQuench cermaide cream

So far, I have noticed my skin transforming. Here is what I am using –

Morning routine –

Face Theory glycolic acid cleanser

CeraQuench renewal cream

Factor 50 SPF

Evening routine –

Cleanser/makeup remover

Regenecalm retinol serum

I have been using my Clarisonic dupe from Lidl (facial cleansing brush) which I mentioned in this post. It gives a really polished finish and I notice less visible pores afterwards so I try and use that twice a week or whenever I have time. I use it with my glycolic exfoliating cleanser from Face Theory in the morning. Then I massage in the CeraQuench renewal cream. This feels divine as it is very comforting to apply. It is a little bit of therapeutic pampering for my morning routine and sets me off on a good foot. I will let that sink in and then apply my SPF. If you are planning on using glycolic acid in the morning or during the day, you will need to invest in a good quality sunscreen. You should be wearing sunscreen every day anyway but especially if you are using glycolic acid or retinol daily.

At night my routine is very simple now. I just cleanse my skin and make sure there are no traces of makeup if I have been wearing any. Then I apply a couple of drops of the Regenecalm and rub it in all over my face. Don’t be afraid of using it on the delicate eye area where any fine lines are, as you want to focus on reducing wrinkles. I don’t actually follow up with a moisturiser or night cream afterwards. It is surprisingly moisturising and I am delighted about that. My previous experiences with retinol dried my skin out terribly so this is a product I highly recommend.


Face Theory are really a fantastic brand. They don’t use any parabens, SLS, SLES or sulphates in their products and they are vegan and cruelty free. They focus on using top quality, organic and natural ingredients and combine those with actives like retinol, stabilized vitamin C and hyaluronic acid for outstanding results.

I hope you get a chance to try some of these products out, or anything from their range for that matter! They give a full 365 day refund to anyone who is unhappy with their purchase, even after a year of use!! I have never heard of such a guarantee before but it goes to show how great the products really are. You can be confident that you are going to love the products and if not, no hard feelings! This is an excerpt from their website –

If for some reason you’re not completely happy with a facetheory purchase and don’t notice any visible improvement in your skin within 365 days – just return your products for a free replacement or refund – no questions asked.

Go on, treat yourself! Your skin will love you for it 😉

If you want to try the range, here is a 20% OFF COUPON to use >> COUPON CODE

Do you have any questions you would like to ask me about skin care? Don’t hesitate to reach out, you can email me via the contact form in the about page or else drop me a comment below.

Have you tried any Face Theory products yet? Do tell! I love hearing your feedback 🙂



Face theory pink clay mask and CerQuench cream

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