Cuddly Cashmere Comfort Wear


There is nothing quite as snuggly as cuddly cashmere comfort wear. I love jumper season and cashmere is my fave fabric of all. It feels so soft and cosy to touch. Everyone should own at least one cashmere jumper. Pure cashmere is a luxury but also a practical choice. A classic staple wardrobe item that is light, comfortable and so so soft.

A sophisticated and timeless look that oozes style and class. It feels great, keeps you snug and warm and looks fantastic. You cannot beat real cashmere and here are some prime examples at very reasonable prices for you!

Ooh la la!

Do you prefer the snuggly jumpers, dresses or cardigans?

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                                          The Cashmere Waffle Square Turtleneck - EverlaneThe Cashmere Waffle Square Turtleneck - Everlane

                                                        The Cashmere Waffle Square Turtleneck $155


The Cashmere Oversized V-Neck - EverlaneThe Cashmere Oversized V-Neck - Everlane

                                                    The Cashmere Oversized V-Neck  $130


                                           The Cashmere Turtleneck Dress - EverlaneThe Cashmere Turtleneck Dress - Everlane


                                                                     The Cashmere Turtleneck Dress  $165

                 The Cashmere Crew - EverlaneThe Cashmere Crew - Everlane

The Cashmere Crew - EverlaneThe Cashmere Crew - Everlane

The Cashmere Crew  $100

The Cashmere Rib Round Crew - EverlaneThe Cashmere Rib Round Crew - Everlane

The Cashmere Rib Round Crew $145


The Cashmere Rib Mockneck - Everlane  The Cashmere Rib Mockneck - Everlane

The Cashmere Crew - Everlane   The Cashmere Crew $100

The Cashmere Rib Boatneck - EverlaneThe Cashmere Rib Boatneck - Everlane


                              The Cashmere Rib Boatneck  $155

                                                The Cashmere Crew Cardigan - EverlaneThe Cashmere Crew Cardigan - Everlane


                                                The Cashmere Square V-Neck Cardigan - Everlane  V-Neck Square pocket cashmere cardi  $150

The Cashmere Square V-Neck Cardigan - Everlane


I don’t know about you but I am absolutely smitten with this lot. I am loving that waffle turtle neck and those cutesy v-necks. The ballerina style open neck is very sophisticated too. 

These are so pretty and feminine. They would get plenty of wear all through autumn and winter, even into spring. The fact that the fabric is soft and light but also warm make these versatile and ideal for that capsule wardrobe. Definitely worth spending a little extra on in my opinion. Slopes off to buy everything…

To be honest, i would rather own one cashmere jumper/cardigan/dress than 3 cheaper versions and they do stand the test of time.

Will you be wrapping yourself up in cashmere this season?

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  1. Fiona O'Donnell
    October 15, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    Would love to hear where these items are available to buy?

    • blognewser
      October 15, 2018 at 9:39 pm

      Hi Fiona, just click on the links in the article and you will be directed to the shop. Thanks!

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