10 Things to do When the Kids are Back to School


After a hectic summer, I have to say i breathed a sigh of relief once my 3 year old went back to play school! It is hard to get things done when your attention is in constant demand and even though it is a little strange and a bit quiet around the house, it is a break. Another milestone was that my 18 month old started in the crèche for the first time ever. I will admit that was a bit heart-wrenching but again, it gives me a break to finally do all the things i have been putting off for so long.

Both are settling in nicely so i can relax, thankfully. I decided to do a blog post on all the things to do once the kids are back to school, for anyone in a similar situation. It can be really difficult to get any free time, time to yourself or even just to do the regular household chores when you have kids at home all day. The things we often take for granted such as self-care, fitness and leisure take a backseat when we need to focus on the little ones. 

So now that they are back to school, here are some things to do –

1 Meditate. It is a simple practice but it genuinely helps improve your mood. It is something i would never have the chance to do while the kids are at home, since you need complete silence. Chance would be a fine thing! So i will be taking time out every morning after the school run to relax, unwind and clear my head by meditating!

yoga pose

2 Get fit. Another thing I really missed out on while the kids were home was general exercise. I got out for walk and that but I was unable to train or even go on the exercise bike. I missed the energy and the buzz you get from that fitness and I think i will consider going running in the mornings now too.

3 Read. I have been wanting to read a good book for ages and I even have one waiting for me, written by a friend so I cannot wait to enjoy a peaceful hour or two reading in comfort. I love the idea of curling up with a book and a nice cuppa. It is good for the soul and beats watching tv any day.

4 De-clutter. I have been dying to de-clutter the house for ages as i find it very therapeutic. It has been in the back of my mind all along so I will be de-cluttering slowly, room by room at my own pace. This is something i couldn’t achieve while the kids were home all summer so now is the time.

5 Painting. There are quite a few unfinished paint jobs that need doing and even little touch-ups that have been driving me mad looking at. Finally I have the chance to do so as that is one impossible task with the kids around. It will be great to do the little odd-jobs around the house at last.

a clean de-cluttered home

6 Organise the wardrobes. This is literally perfect timing for the seasonal wardrobe clear out. Both mine and the kids need a huge overhaul as the colder weather approaches (dare i say it). It will be good to have some organisation instead of the usual haphazard chaos of our current wardrobes. Seriously in need of a clear out. This time i will be arranging tops, trousers, teeshirts, cardigans and jumpers in separate sections to save myself the struggle in the mornings.

7 Beauty Treatments. Ahh lovely, I have missed having the time to do some pampering. I will be regularly donning a face mask and nail varnish. Those little pick-me-ups do you the world of good and it will be nice to finally have time again. It is so difficult to manage with small children around.

girls drinking coffee

8 Coffee mornings. I am especially looking forward to having some me-time with my friends. Coffee mornings are quite difficult to manage with small kids since they never want to sit still! I can’t sit down so the coffee morns took a backseat this summer. Really looking forward to attending those again, I need it!

9 Browsing the shops. This is something I didn’t really expect to take for granted but actually a bit of retail therapy never went astray. Being a stay-at-home mum I practically live in pyjamas and tracksuits so I look forward to the novelty of browsing the latest fashions and makeup. Just because I can!

a shopping centre

10 Writing. I love writing and for me it is very therapeutic. It is never a chore and I genuinely enjoy it. However, sometimes it can be difficult to arrange while the kids are demanding my attention or indeed, the computer. I often had to wait till they were asleep to manage it before so I am writing at my own relaxed pace now. Bliss!

So those are my top 10 things to do when the kids are back to school. Do you have any things you have to catch up on that you can’t normally achieve when the kids are home?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Liberty Henwick
    October 16, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    Yes to all of those things!! Although I’m pretty bad at the exercise and the painting jobs always get left til last. The only other thing I’d add to that list is the guilty pleasure of eating my lunch in front of what I want to watch on Nexflix without little bodies either wanting to sit on my lap or wanting a different channel.

    • blognewser
      October 24, 2018 at 11:01 am

      Yeah its the little things like watching Netflix in peace and eating alone haha

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